WASTEWATER Fairforest WWTP Expansion and Upgrade Spartanburg South Carolina

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Fairforest WWTP Expansion and Upgrade
Spartanburg, South Carolina
Jordan, Jones & Goulding (JJG) is assisting the Spartanburg
Sanitary Sewer District (SSSD) to implement a $77 million
program to expand and upgrade its wastewater management.
At the conclusion of the program, the Lawson Fork and the
Fairforest WWTPs will be consolidated into a single
treatment plant, and the treated effluent will be discharged
into the Pacolet River.
To accommodate SSSD’s schedule needs the project is being
implemented as seven construction contracts. The first
contract consisted of immediate odor control measures for
the Fairforest WWTP. The investigation, design,
construction, and start-up were completed on time within a
one-year period. This project has solved the odor problem.
A subsequent contract added solids dewatering systems and
changed the facilities for solids handling. This also reduced
odors. The major expansion of the plant is now underway.
The improvements include a new headworks with odor
control, an aeration basin, retro-fit of fine bubble diffusers in
an existing aeration basin, an aeration blower building, two
new final clarifiers, and a return sludge pumping station.
New solids storage tanks are being constructed, and a stand-
by generator is being installed.

                                                                    Date of Service
                                                                    January 2004

                                                                    Estimated Construction Cost

                                                                    Spartanburg Sanitary Sewer District
                                                                    200 Commerce Street
                                                                    Spartanburg, SC 29304

                                                                                   Jordan, Jones & Goulding

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