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Computer Trends and Prospects
1, on Survey and Analysis of the employment situation
The twenty-first century information age, information technology sweeping through
the world of production and way of life to mankind has brought profound changes, the
information industry to promote the country's economic development has
become the dominant industries. Information industry as a knowledge-intensive,
technology-intensive industries, the key to its rapid development, a large number of
people engaged in IT innovation. Number, structure and quality of IT personnel is
supporting the development of IT industry, a country's IT human resource,
IT personnel training and the use of state determines the level of IT industry
development and potential. So it can be said, IT industry, competition is competition
for talent, a high level of IT personnel training and team building is to big and strong
IT industry, a prerequisite. United States, India and Ireland, the development of
information industry is the best example.

1, the status of China's IT industry
On China, it, IT industry has experienced over the past 5 years, 29% annual growth
rate for the same period three times the national GDP growth rate of GDP growth has
been further enhanced the role of economic growth in China rising contribution . In
2003, China's IT industry-wide sales revenue of 1.88 trillion yuan, the
industrial added value of 400 billion yuan, total profit and tax of 100 billion yuan, IT
products export 142.1 billion U.S. dollars. . IT industry accounts for 12.3% share of
the national industry, accounting for 9.1% of GDP, to become the first large industry.
Although China's software industry is still in the growth stage, its market
potential is far from being tapped, but in 2005 the overall size of China's
software market is still reached 90.7 billion yuan, grew by 33%, and its sales of
software and systems integration 1600 billion software export 2 billion U.S. dollars,
the best in history. Expected around 2010, China's software industry will
enter a mature stage.
Period of time in the future, China will use a major opportunity for the international
industrial transfer, gather resources, a breakthrough core technology constraints in
integrated circuits, software, computer and information processing, modern mobile
communication, information security, information services and systems integration
technology to enhance innovation and promote the upgrading of IT products, to
promote IT in China by the IT power to a power change, and thus promote the process
of national economy to promote industrialization of information, find a new path of
2, IT training and reserve personnel is the trend
Either direction from the big talk, or from small angle, high-quality IT training and
reserve personnel are very important.
 ?Ministry of Education, Ministry of Information Industry, National Defense
Committee, and the Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Health jointly issued by
five ministries and the recent application of numerical control technology, computer
application and software technology, automobile use and maintenance, nursing and
other fields of human resources needs of the four conditions. Demand for qualified
personnel in the computer 1 million per year! The departments concerned, the current
level of computer application in China in the initial stage, the existing computer and
information technology facilities and resources are not well developed and used, than
in developed countries down by 10 - 20 years. But China's information
technology is constantly developing, the current software revenue 25 times a decade
ago, is expected to scale the software industry in 2007 will reach 258 billion yuan.
With the growing size of China's software industry, software professionals
structural contradictions are more apparent.
Although the global IT industry bubble burst (in particular 03/04 years) led to the
impact of slowing demand for IT talent, combined with our increased efforts on the
software, training of personnel, especially with the 35 model software colleges started
recruiting students and community Running strength training institutions to increase,
the supply of software talents in China increased number, to a certain extent,
improved the situation of shortage of software talents in China, so that eased the
situation of short supply. But on the whole, our software professionals are still not out
of long-standing "big gap, structural imbalances, demand"
situation, talent shortage and the unreasonable structure coexist. Ministry of
Education report on the shortage of personnel, software, employing nearly 60 million,
of which about 34 million professionals (including senior personnel 4 million people,
20 million mid-level professionals, the primary talent 10 million). Personnel structure
was small at both ends the middle of the olive structure, that is, high-end software
professionals, including system analysts, project technical director, etc., and low-end
talent, such as software programmers coding such as in basic software development, a
serious shortage of personnel, The intermediate (side) and Surplus.
According to international experience, the software professionals of high, medium,
initial ratio should be 1:4:7. Personnel structure in accordance with a reasonable
proportion is estimated that the end of 2006, our country needs highly talented
software 8 million, 31 million mid-level software professionals, the primary software
professionals 50 people, plus businesses, communities, organizations, schools, etc.,
the initial estimates, the national demand for professionals in computer applications
will increase by one million every year, but the domestic academic education can only
provide 5-6 million people.

Second, the income of China's IT industry
According to survey relevant institutions, in the IT industry, the monthly salary of the
yuan, occupies a smaller proportion; monthly salary in 5000-8000 dollars,
communication equipment and mobile phone manufacturing industry accounted for
14.3%, accounting for 11.25% of computer hardware industry, computer software
industry accounted for 48.75%, Internet and e-commerce industry, electronics and
microelectronics industry, telecom operators and service sectors accounted for 25.6%;
monthly salary in 3000-5000 dollars, communication equipment and mobile phone
manufacturing 9.7%, the computer hardware industry accounted for 16.8%,
accounting for 46.5% of the computer software industry, Internet and e-commerce
industry, electronics and microelectronics industry, telecom operators and service
sectors accounted for 27%; monthly salary range is 3,000 yuan, communication
equipment and mobile phone manufacturing industry accounted for 4.7% , the
computer hardware industry accounted for 26.7%, 35.3% Computer software industry,
Internet and e-commerce industry, electronics and microelectronics industry, telecom
operators and service sectors accounted for 33.2%.

1, IT industry are paid the industry
The survey data is from May 7, 2005 to April 18, 2006 by a well-known Internet
collection, respondents focused on Beijing (26%) and Shanghai (17%), Shenzhen
(6%), Guangzhou (5%), and Tianjin and other cities. Results show that, IT industry
(including     electronic.     Microelectronics      technology.     The    Internet.    E
telecommunications. Telecommunication industry and computer industry), the
average annual salary of 48,337 yuan.
View from the specific position, IT industry, the same average annual salary of each
job rather lead is still well-paid profession. In the IT industry, the major annual salary
ranking jobs, technology, management positions paid confront, including project
management, followed by category management and R & D category.
Example of project management positions, IT industry sectors than the overall
average annual salary average salary higher than the 27.72%; facility management
positions is higher than the 23.48%.
Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing is a city of IT salaries. Shanghai IT industry of which the
highest salary, average salary reached 58,907 yuan, the Shenzhen followed for 58,886
yuan, Beijing Third, to 55,608 yuan. Then followed Hangzhou, Chengdu, Nanjing,
Guangzhou and Suzhou.

2, is to determine the qualifications and experience of IT people pay the biggest
factors in the situation
Academic point of view, the basic higher education or higher average annual salary
trends, MBA average salary reached 88,721 yuan, approaching 9 million, more than
Dr. ranking; Dr. Secondly, to 83,341 yuan; start from third place followed by Master
77,580 yuan; undergraduate 53,361 yuan; tertiary 33,727 yuan; tertiary 20,697 yuan.
From work experience, salary and experience meet the same proportion to the
principle of accumulation, the work of 3 years and 5 years respectively to achieve a
leap in salary. Work 1-year average annual wages for 36,380 yuan; 3 years to 53,987
yuan; 5 years reached 69,300 yuan; 10-15 years can reach 74,074 yuan.
In addition, the current salary level of domestic IT companies there is still a gap
compared with the foreign companies, foreign companies working in the pay of
employees in China is still a sign of education and experience, but also mark the
industry's high salaries. However, the first into China with the only
difference is, at present foreign IT companies have a better understanding of
China's pay level, pay to become more rational. Similarly, the Chinese IT
enterprises has accelerated the pace of internationalization, in pay, but also gradually
to the International line. Now the gap is gradually narrowed between the two.
Three, salaries rose steadily gains promising R & D jobs
The present condition, both at home and environment, and international trends, the
demand for IT professionals Du showed increased, but ChinaHR ( of
professional expert analysis, IT industry's overall salary is expected to
significantly improve during the year does not appear , would increase by about 8%
Another part of this year's IT market is extremely hot. According to a ( statistics, this year, part-time IT market grew more
than 126 percent last year. The current IT industry requirements for part-time
personnel have been accounted for 25% of the part-time around the market, demand
for part-time ranks number one. And because part-time work generally short-term
projects such as the form, IT salaries have gone up part-time employees.
Although 2005 was a good IT job, but wages have not experienced significant growth.
Overall, in the IT industry, many segments of the industry, so that different segments
of the industry, the salary levels vary considerably, showing a level of polarization
state of Enthusiasm. As the highlight of which R & D manpower shortage,
and as technology makes the development of enterprises have increased spending on
R & D is expected class and technology R & D category staff
remuneration will exceed Project Management staff, a senior software
engineer's annual salary will be in the 11 million or so; In addition, by
stimulating the development of IC chip industry, systems engineers and hardware
engineers will also increase the salaries, the future of this area's worth of
senior technical personnel will also rise; the Internet to employees in the recovery of
the same salary welcome warmer.

4, change brings new opportunities, competition and create new space
IT industry is very fast due to technical upgrading, and therefore changes in the
industry can bring many new career opportunities, and competitive market, but also
keep the industry to create new space for development.
3G, chip, Internet, games have become the IT job market in 2005 the key word, hold
the large number of career opportunities. In addition, new business models will lead
to new job creation, but because of manpower shortage, which has become a highly
paid job gathering place. Currently, games and technical personnel, payment platform
planning, E-mail products operating officer, senior technical staff instant
communications products, wireless and other emerging media planners paid jobs are
very prosperous situation. Game-technical staff, for example, the current game
industry talent gap is as high as 60 million, a marketing manager's annual
salary of the game has reached 260,000, while a good game designer's
annual salary of 30 million.
2005 out of a number of IT job highlights, such as the demand for network security
professionals, game personnel, software test engineers, researchers, etc., salaries
would be relatively high. Take the online gaming talent, the most lacking in game
design, development, and programmers, as long as they have at least 2 years relevant
work experience, grasp the C or C + + programming, familiar with the Win32/VC + +
development platform or Lunix / Unix development platform, familiar with the TCP /
IP, Socket programming or MySQL, Oracle database, and can have a good
object-oriented design, analysis, specification of programming style, personal works,
and good reading ability in English and technical information such personnel are
generally yuan monthly salary , as "Jinling" family. In addition,
the game planners, artists, etc. is also a selling job. Experienced planners can achieve
on a monthly salary of 10,000 yuan, while the senior art if the design speed and high
quality, the highest monthly salary can reach 2-3 million, while the wages of the
general art to remain at 4000-5000 yuan.
As the saying goes: "days the birds to fly high, wide sea with
diving", IT industry, as China's largest industry, its potential is
enormous. In the employment situation is better, talent gap is large enough, to become
a IT person, every job seeker is only with their knowledge and ability to work hard
and create a world!