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Computer Network Technology Fundamentals and Applications 2nd Edition


									Computer Network Technology Fundamentals and Applications 2nd Edition
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This book introduces more comprehensive basic knowledge of computer networks,
network architecture, networking technology, network engineering design, network
security and other basic theoretical knowledge, and on this basis, the network
introduced the whole process of application development projects as well as the
typical Internet applications environment and a system development and application,
reflects the fat tails of the new support network technologies and trends. Book easy to
understand, step by step, and the development of methods for the establishment and
use of computer networks play the role of information and guidance.
This book is the end of it for many years, "computer network"
compiled teaching experience, and with the combination of theory and practice
thinking organizations to prepare, especially for vocational teaching computer science,
can be used as the basis of non-computer professional teaching computer materials.
For all involved in computer network engineering, network management and
application development and technical personnel have some value.
Extract, and illustrations
Chapter 1 Fundamentals of Computer Network
Computer networks are the product of mankind enters the information age.
Information storage and processing involved in computer technology, which involves
the dissemination of information communication technology. Since 1968, the U.S.
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency developed under the ARPA computer
network in operation since the construction of computer networks around the world
has been rapid development, particularly the rapid development of Internet
technology on human society had a profound impact. In one country, the level of
development of computer networks has become a national technical standard measure
of social informatization level and one of the signs.
Computer Network on our lives has a huge impact, that in the end what is computer
network? And how to develop the computer network is up? A complete network
system from which parts? Computer networks is how to transmit information? This
chapter the concept of computer networks, composition, classification, function and
structure, communications and other basic knowledge are introduced.
1.1 The development of computer networks, the concept and development
Computer network technology to geographically dispersed computer applications to
connect together and form a powerful computer network, so as to achieve resource
sharing, distributed processing, and communicate with each other such purposes. At
present, computer network technology in a period of vigorous development, a wide
range of network technology is to achieve the above purpose, to meet the increasing
user demand for web application development.
1.1.1 the development of computer network
The first computer network can be traced back to the 20th century 50's, but
until the 20th century, mid 70s, network technology has developed rapidly began to
form the prototype of the modern computer network and infrastructure. History of
computer networks is not long, but rapid development, the development process can
be broadly summarized as three stages: stage for the end of the computer system to
communication-based computer communication network stage, the main LAN and
Internet stage of the standardization of network support environment.
... ...

Chapter 1 Fundamentals of Computer Network
1.1 The development of computer networks and the concept of
1.2 computer network functions, composition and classification
1.3 The topology of computer networks and transmission media
1.4 Data Communication Basics
1.5 LAN and WAN
1.6 Exercises
Chapter 2 network architecture and network standards
2.1 Network Architecture
2.2 TCP / IP model
2.3 LAN standard-IEEE802.X
2.4 Ethernet and Fast Ethernet
2.5 Other Local Area Network
2.6 Exercises
Chapter 3 Computer Networking Technology
3.1 Network Interconnection Overview
3.2 Network Interconnection Devices
3.3 Public Transport Network
3.4 Exercises
Chapter 4 Network Planning and Design
4.1 Overview of computer network system integration
4.2 Network Planning and Design
4.3 Cabling System Design
4.4 network system set up and use
4.5 Exercises
Chapter 5 Windows2000 Server Management
5.1 network operating system
5.2 Windows 2000 Server installation
5.3 Active Directory Services
5.4 File and Disk Management
5.5 Network Management
5.6 Exercises
Chapter 6 Using Windows 2000 networking services
6.1 IIS Service
6.2 DNS Service
6.3 DHCP service
6.4 e-mail server
6.5 Streaming Media Services
6.6 Exercises
Chapter 7 Network Security Management
7.1 Network Security Overview
7.2 Windows 2000 Server to provide network security management tools
7.3 Computer Network Virus and Prevention
7.4 hacker attacks and prevention
7.5 Exercises
Chapter 8, Internet and Intranet technology
8.1 Internet Overview
8.2 Internet Connection
8.3 Internet Applications
8.4 Internet Development
8.5 Intranet
8.6 Exercises
Chapter 9, the network set up joint training firm
9.1 Network Planning and Design
9.2 Network Hardware Connection
9.3 network operating system installation and configuration
9.4 server installation and configuration of various types
9.5 Network Management
9.6 Exercises

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