Vendor Pay - Approve Batch by sxl19665


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                          Approving Vendor Payments - Batching and Paying
                          You have a group of invoices from vendors for assistance under one or more programs in the MIS system, and you're ready to pay them.
                          In the MIS the payments are "Pending." The staff doing it obligated the amount it appeared to be, and now you have the invoice.
   Open this              The following describes how you:
    screen -                       1. Approve each payment, changing the amount if necessary
 bottom screen                     2. Batch payments together, by Vendor
     under                         3. Print a report for the Fiscal department that shows which vendors to pay how much, and for whom. (If that's your procedure)
  "Programs"                       4. Record in the MIS the payment date, total amount, and check number for each batch.
                                                                                                                                                                  Page 1 of 2
                                                                                                 Enter the client's name (or just click
                                         In "Program" field, select the program
                                                                                                 "Search" if you want to display all clients            Click "Search."
     Listing                                 in the drop-down list from which
                                                                                                 enrolled in that program.)
                                                  payment will be made..

                                                   Proceed to the Vendor and                          Select client record. (If more                          Record of Client's
                                                       Payments screen.                              than one use SSA# to identify                           enrollment appears.
                                                                                                              correct client.

  Vendor and                                                Select the vendor payment that is Pending for                                                "Approval
   Payments                                                             this client in grid at top.                                                      Status" to

                                    Repeat until all invoices
                                    ready for payment have                                       Select the "Decision               Enter the "Approved Amount" that you
                                     been approved. Then                    Click                Date" from the drop-
                                                                           "Save"                                                   propose to actually pay. (No $ sign.)
                                       proceed to "Batch                                           down calendar.
                                       Process" screen.

                                                                                                                                                                   All approved
                                                                                                                                                                 payments to the
Batch Process                         Select a "Program"                        Select a Vendor from the drop-down                                               selected Vendor
                                        with approved                             list. (Only those with approved                                                appear in upper
                                       invoices to pay.                                 payments will appear.)                                                           left

                                                                Click Right Arrow to move                           Click on the button with the red
                                                                   group to "Prepare for                             "S" to select all records in the
                                                                      Batching" grid.                                     "Transactions" grid.

                               Verify Count and Sum are                              Click
                               correct; Ensure Consent is                                                    Batched Records disappear from grid.
                                 set to "Organization."

                                    Repeat for additional vendors paid by the selected program, then repeat for additional programs with approved payments to vendors.
 If "No" all of this is
done after payment
has been made. If                 Does your agency print out a                 Yes                    On Menu Bar, click on                              In new window that
 "Yes" you print as                report of payments to be                                           "Report" and then on                                appears, click on
    described, and                made, and give to the Fiscal                                           "Management                                     "Vendor Payment
finish batches after               department for payment?                                                 Report."                                           Status"

                                            In new window set Start                           In "Program" select either the                                Click "View
                                               and End dates, and                            program whose batches you're                                 Report" in upper
                                              select your Agency.                            processing, or select "%" for all.                                 right.

                                                                                                                                       (Goes to Page 2)
                                                                                                Approving and Batching Vendor Payments - Page 2 of 2

                      Report is                                                                                                 A PDF window
                   generated but is               In the drop-down showing                          Click the word               opens with a
                     not ready to                 "Select a Format" choose                         "Export" to the             printable format.
                         print.                     "Acrobat (PDF) File".                                right.

                                                          Give the report
                        Click on the                       to the Fiscal                When Payment has been made, and you have the
                       "Print" icon to                       Dept. for                   pay dates, and check numbers you're ready to
                      print the report.                      payment.                          complete the batches in the MIS.

                        In lower left select a                       Click             Uncompleted Batches             Select a Batch
Batch Process      "Program" and a "Vendor" for                     "Filter"           for that Vendor appear          you're ready to
                     which payment was made                                                     below.                   complete.

                Click Right Arrow to move to "Prepare                           Enter the              Enter the
                    for Fiscal Update" grid. You can                        "Check Number"          "Check Amount"                Select the
                  complete multiple batches at once, if                       that paid the           (No $ sign.)              "Check Date"
                 they were all paid by the same check.                           batch.

                     Click the                  Repeat for additional batches that have
                     "Update"                   been paid, and are ready to be updated
                      button.                                 in the MIS.

                                                           By completing and updating the batches, the
                                                           payment information on each client's Vendor
                                                           Payment screen is completed automatically.

                                                                                                                                     Revised 7-10-06
                                 Accessing Management Reports
                                (What are they - Where are they - What can they tell me?)
                                                                                                                                             Page 1 of 2
   There are a number of reports available, designed to serve the standard reporting needs Missouri CAPs are accustomed to.
  These reports, along with others we are not yet prepared to use, are found by clicking on "Report" in the menu bar at the top of the
MIS screen. In the dropdown you choose "Management Report." This is available regardless of which screen you're on, except the
"Home" screen where it won't work.

Clicking on "Management Reports" connects you to the Report Server with an Internet Explorer window, and lists the available reports.

Reports 4 through 10 involve Program setup with the "4caster" which we haven't yet done, so those reports are not currently available.
Some of the reports are equivalent to reports we now have from other systems. Others will require more explanation.
            Service Use Report By Participant: In the IASystem this is the "Billed Files" report. By selecting "CARF Billing" it will
            XXXXXxcreate a report of all clients billed for CARF, alphabetically by last name, with the billing amount and the total for
            XXXXXxthe date range selected. It lists each member billed rather than the HOH and how many in the HH who were
            XXXXXxbilled. By selecting different parameters, it can also report other billing lists by client, for any program the MIS
            CSBG Section G: The current version includes a listing below it of all the client data included in the report - for testing purposes.
                     Another version consisting only of the report will soon be included in the list.
            Missouri OCS Form 216: In the Energy Tracker this is called "Exhibit E." In the State Contract it's now called "Exhibit C".
            Missouri OCS Form 210: In the Energy Tracker this is called "Assisted Household Report." In the State Contract it is
            XXXXXXcalled the "LHIEAP Household Report." We report it on an Excel file from the State called "hhsrptst.xls."
            Vendor Payment Status: In the Energy Tracker this is called the "Request for Payment" report. It shows vendor
            XXXXXXpayments to be made, grouped by vendor, and is given to the fiscal department to make payments to vendors.

                                                                                                                     Accessing Management Reports, Pg. 2

Other reports are not replacements but provide for different kinds of information.

          Service Use Report By Contract_Grant: This report is similar to the Participant version explained above, but will report number of
                   clients billed and the total billed for various contracts, and services within contracts. It gives a client count, but doesn't list names.
                       This will be especially useful for things like ECIP contracts because the report shows the amount paid, the amount
                   obligated by staff that hasn't been paid yet, and how much of the contract is remaining. When all ECIP is being done in
                   the MIS, it can provide accurate information on the status of spending/obligating funds, in real time.

          Batch Report: Both vendor payments, and billing of contracts like CSBG are batched in groups of clients being paid for, or billed for as
                   billable services are provided. This report will show batches by contract and batch number, or vendor and batch number,
                   listing the clients, the company or contract, and the amount per client, as well as the total for each batch.

          Unbatched Approved Transactions: This report shows transactions, (obligations that will be paid to a vendor, or client services that
                  will be billed to a contract like CSBG), that have been approved, but haven't yet been batched for payment or
                  billing. It shows the client name, application date, approved date, and the amount of the transaction per client,
                  and it displays by program involved, with each program starting a new page.

          Unpaid Batches: This report is similar to the Batch Report, but shows transactions that have been batched for payment or billing, but
                  haven't yet been processed.

Specifics on the flow of setting up reports follows.
           They assume you've located the report you want.

NOTE: Client Application reports are now referenced in the Task Oriented Flow Charts file dated 7-13-06 or later.

                                                                                                                                           Created 7-13-06
                         Setting Up, Running and Printing Reports
     All Management Reports open to a screen with choices to be made in a section at the top, which define the report you want to run.
              The number and type of choices vary depending on the report you have selected.
              All of them start with a date range, and will likely default to a period you don't want.

Service Use Report By Participant: (This example would produce a CARF Billing Report

  Set Start date. Can be specific to time of day.                                           Set End Date / time of day.

                                                          Most fields default to "%" which means "All"
                                           Often it is not necessary to change that depending on what you want in                   Program Category
           Select your
                                                                           the report.                                                   leave %
                                                                      You can experiment.
                                                          "Agency" does need to be selected always.

         Contract Number, leave %                                       County, leave %                                       Program Component, leave %

          Program, Choose "CARF
                                                                       Activity, leave %                                          Case Worker, leave %

         An unlabeled field just            The report will be generated - in this case all the CARF clients billed
       above the report, and on                                  for the date range selected.                                       Click "View Report"
        the right says "Select a                      There is another step in getting it ready to print.                          button in upper right.
                Format."                     Often you won't see all the data on a report until you do the next

                                                                                                                       This starts a PDF
     Choose "Acrobat PDF File"                                Click on the word "Export"                                window that will
       from the drop-down list.                                    next to that field.                                display the report in
                                                                                                                         printable form.

     There are many possible variations on this report.
               Selecting a County will show the clients served, or billed for that County (based on client residence)
               Selecting a Case Worker will show you the clients served or billed by that staff person.
               Selecting the CSBG Contract, and leaving the rest as "%" will show all the clients billed for each billable part of the
                          contract, the total for each billable part, and the total CSBG Billing for the date range.
               Selecting the ECIP Summer Contract will display all the clients with paid or obligated vendor payments, and the amount. At the
                          end it will show the total paid, the total obligated, and the amount remaining in the contract. And if you set the
                          end-date to today, at the time you're running the report, the amount remaining will be up to the minute.
                          If you assign a fixed amount to different counties, or workers, selecting those will give you the amount that has been
                          obligated, and that has been paid, done by that worker, or in that county, or both if you select both..

     As you can see, this will be an extremely useful report with uses far beyond showing the CARF clients billed. You are encouraged to experiment.

     All of the Management Reports are set up, generated, exported to PDF, and printed in the same fashion.
                The number of selection criteria vary from report to report. You may find you select criteria that inadvertently result in nothing
                        on the report. In this case you've probably selected too many, or conflicting criteria in setting it up. On the other hand
                        you may have selected a date range when none of that activity took place - Winter ECIP in August for example.

                 In the Selection fields you always choose your agency, and it will be the only one you can choose
                 The Percent sign always means all the criteria in that drop-down list - like "County = %" means all your Counties.
                 "Select" in one of the fields means you must select something, even if it is the percent sign, or you'll get an error about it.

     As you get more of your Agency's data in the MIS, experiment with the reports. You may want to select very narrow criteria for a period of time
               where you know that the answer should be, and verify for yourself that it is reporting accurately.
     So Study the report explanations on the previous page, and see what you can do.                                                  Created 7-13-06

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