Title Resistance, Escapism, and Negotiation in the Midst of by fca58339


									Title: Resistance, Escapism, and Negotiation in the Midst of a Violent and
Turbulent Home: The Critical Eye of Colombian Heavy Metal Music, 1980-
Author: Giovanni Hortua
Affiliation: University of California, Irvine.

Abstract: Rock music is a revolutionary global phenomenon. Scholars have used
rock music to study its effects on socio-political and cultural settings. Since its
arrival in Latin America during 1960s, rock music was embraced by some,
detested by others, and heavily critiqued by authoritarian sectors of society. In
Colombia, with the formation of other rock genres during the 1970s and 1980s,
heavy metal exhibited an opportunity for youths to musically express angst
against the amount of violence prevalent in the nation. Bands such as Kraken,
Ekhymosis, Masacre, Blasfemia, and Neurosis blend social and political critique
with metal music. My work, building on studies on the transnational influence of
rock music, focuses on Colombian heavy metal music. Using fanzines,
periodicals, personal interviews, music lyrics, and legal documents, I argue that
heavy metal music allowed Colombian youths to confront and cope with a 1980s
filled with escalating violence and sociopolitical instability.

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