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REN is not only a businessman, it is extremely important to present the
"social symbol."
When the central government resorted to the strongest in the history of the
"417 Real Estate New Deal", those who are dissatisfied with
price pressure, government regulation of those who have gaps in the crowd could not
wait to wait REN's latest remarks, like waiting for the same horn assembly.
Because everyone knows this, REN who have a variety of labels, but also very easy to
tear vague. Sometimes he can criticize government regulation, it also supports the
discipline of ancient pigeon; he seems interested economics of liberalism, but once
the downward economic cycle, housing prices tight, he would shout themselves
hoarse called "bailout"; he played with a variety of data to
refute those who question the intuition, called on people to respect reason, but he is
interested in picking their own data, he can condemn the Academy of Social Sciences
report unprofessional, but convinced to adopt the "price increase of 1.5 %
"of the Bureau of Statistics figures.
In short, REN, with only one kind of label is never off, that is, "house
prices rose on the eternal," he repeatedly proved that housing prices are
reasonable, logical, inevitable, trends and "no bubble." When
home prices fell during the financial crisis, he is "dead on the bank
first," "Government Dabu Wan bullet theory" and
"economic collapse" theory to urge the government actions. If
you do not touch the core of Ren Zhiqiang label, then the REN's a lot of
words very people feel he is an ally of a free economy, his criticism of government
control and in-depth insights. Once touched on the high price of dissent,
REN's economic logic will automatically "split."
For example, the REN as "any guns," the famous speech he said
"only build houses for the rich", I had the honor and hear the
scene. I think this speech is cold even though the "cannon", a
linguistic ambiguity and destructive, but his logic is strong and difficult to refute, he
clearly expressed the "only have the purchasing power of people is the
effective demand" ( real estate is a luxury he did, the customer is rich), but
can not produce much revenue stream of the population on the property rights of
desire can only be considered as a "request", it is not a demand,
which is why the Government was to "Home Ownership" to
"own their homes." However, in 2007, China already has the
scale of the real estate bubble, house prices are so high income earners feel the
pressure, he threw out the "first line of real estate price is not high, still
rising for 20 years" remarks, he was based in China a large population of
urbanization, that is, he will not be those who "needs" of
migrant workers, salary increase far less than the price of the practitioners have long
classified as a small white-collar workers and so the purchasing power of the crowd,
his economic logic has been "contradiction" and
"chaos" - just because house prices started to decline at that
time, Ren Zhiqiang can not stand this phenomenon.
REN that the main reason home prices are "short supply", the
local government control of land, manufacturing shortage situation, resulting in
astronomical land, together with various taxes and fees, taking away a huge part of the
real estate industry profits. REN criticism of the government action is worthy of
appreciative, because he revealed the real "big banker, big
players." But he's collective land transactions of civil hate,
house property for his exaggeration, "inflammatory" and
criticized that the farmers should not be eligible to own land appreciation, his
demolition of the excesses and not agree. With normal logic, civil spontaneous acts of
land supply should be encouraged, the need for a mechanism for sharing style to
complete the coordination of interests, but Ren Zhiqiang adhere to the
"nationalization of all land must be after the first - by local governments
impose low prices , then the auction - is the lawful residential land. "
REN analysis of the paradigm in home prices is always a
"shortage" because of his Huayuan company has not bid to
block. He even called for, land prices are determined, if the Government can cut land,
then prices will naturally down. Please note, REN analysis paradigm in housing
demand will always be infinite (he has hundreds of millions of migrant workers as is
the purchasing power of the people of), then we would be very strange - if housing
demand is infinitely strong in doubt, even if the premium costs down in strong
demand, chief real estate development will be price cuts will do little to sell a penny?
Nothing but the interests of land fall entirely into the pockets of property developers.
In fact, the REN is held in a cost economics, "bread flour more
expensive." The cost of one expensive vegetables in the desert, choose a
city to buy, the price of vegetables will not be astronomical, but by the general
competition of vegetable (vegetable fields from non-desert). High cost does not mean
prices will inevitably high, on the contrary desert vegetables out of this model will be
eliminated. Because of the food needs of the city is stable, demand determine the
price, the price determine the cost, if cost than high prices, then this model
spontaneously get out in the competition. That is, determine the premium price rather
than premium rate decision. Therefore, the expansion of land supply, improving
supply is important, while controlling excessive demand is also very important. Then,
the "4.17 real estate New Deal" on the speculative demand
unprecedented severe blow is correct, it tries to peel off those who do not normal,
gambling-type demand, while increasing the supply of housing with
"match", which draws on the Chinese Government repeated
control "the more stressed the more up," summed up the lessons
after the cycle, is now the question is whether strong control stick and not give up
The most interesting is that REN 2005 as "most people who want to be
beaten" into 2009, the "real man" is just the process
of rapid enlargement process of the real estate bubble. Monetary policy in the
government led to excessive inflation expectations, forcing more people have joined
the camp of mortgage debt, after the government on the property's
"rescue" has reinforced the "house prices do not fall
of the myth", more people to join the bubble mean more people to a tragic
love bubble. The rational claim to, but the economic logic of the REN is a microcosm
of the fracture, he symbolizes a kind of "help me is that the market is not
conducive to me is the plan" business philosophy, but also suggests a
broader range of "little people about the legal system it bullying, bullying
little people began to tell it the rule of law, "the power of philosophy is
f philosophy is