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									Cloud computing
Cloud computing

When the study why the significance of the 3G, that "cloud
computing" IT term became popular in the cloud the interpretation of web
pages, Bill Gates and his wife, handsome picture posted with next, I now regret that
personal blog is shielded MSN However, according to Bill Gates and I do not know,
"old friend", MSN Buzhi Yu blocked my blog. But the specific
issues that link in the chain, I'm not sure, as I was detained in the same
class fees do not know that a specific central and local experts to study the spiritual
control of Mingling issued after the deduction of the lesson time fee, but the problem
is not sent.

Cloud computing is a kind of GOOOGLE IT operations as a way to be fashionable to
be speculation, I do not know this concept is specific on what is the value of computer
operations, but the basic approach is to distributed network management operations
and change to intensive management, as tube evolution to integrated circuits, such a
way that software, platform, hardware can be cheap and integrated management, the
concept and then stock, IT as fashionable.

An emerging technology is a revolution, a new kind of management is also a
revolutionary. Tomorrow, "Zhu Rongji A reporter asked," Please
excuse me for the offensive against Mr. Zhu, Mr. Zhu as prime minister is a very
"in" the Prime Minister, was of age, Mr. Zhu is the older
generation, but why Mr. Zhu Zongli unusual personal charm ? ! This is not only the
individual temperament and determination, more important is that Mr
Chu's innate inner intelligence and ability, a former prime minister of
engineering economics is not a professional, but the engineering agile and flexible
mathematical thinking can understand the principles of economic efficiency,
Therefore, there is such a foundation to manage the economy, the kind of sensitivity
that Mr Chu's talent show so well. Perhaps the director or dean of Beijing
University of Economics, professor of economics called to manage the economy, may
manage the mess, and Nobel Prize winner Management Fund also administers the
mess, like on the economics, knowledge is a problem, devise strategies , vertical and
horizontal opening or closing, coordinate, that is another matter. In fact, the then
outstanding student in his former manager in the engineering science there is no lack,
there is the manager of economics majors in college, but still can not keep up with the
times, it is important that the management is not the reason, of reality, the
development of sensitivity, making management take a very passive.

The day before yesterday night to see "My long march" this
movie, why Mao quite capable of? In fact, Long is the near escape the fighting, but
overall there is a commander of Mao Zedong as the courage and the ability to reverse
the situation of the war, when the Red Army from Ruijin to Wayaobao time, only the
remaining one million people, but Mao Zedong said: a manifesto, a manifesto, is
planter, Long Pangu first back, ... ... This is a dangerous experience for the future of
the team is still difficult, so the whole team encouraged the development and stability
are indispensable, this power is a tangible intangible. From Zunyi to the Snowy
Mountains, from Liupanshan to Wayaobao, the kind of confidence and power of Mao
Zedong on the development team is essential. Many years later, we study? Learning
spirit. Do not learn behind, do not study the "slogan Little Red
Book" as fashionable, do not study people who politicized the whole
person, but to learn a "superhuman" strength of spirit to come
hard. Leaders may have a lot in front of trendy things, but why the reference to draw
on the back of the leaders fail to sour aliasing? Reason itself is not that kind of ability,
learning is a mere copycat. This is the crux of the problem.

Referred to a mistake here, comrades, this one is the leadership of Shanghai, Chen
Liangyu, former comrades, this man deserves we criticize mistakes, such as
corruption and style, of course, Zhengzai labor re-education, but less shortcomings
and errors, this man dominate Shanghai time in economic management is basically
the very modern sense, such as real estate market, real estate in Shanghai at that time
was still very meaning of a certain model, while for the World Expo in Shanghai,
when Mr. Chen, speaking in fluent when reading English words of welcome, the kind
of learning a language proficiency show that Mr. Chen is not lagging behind the
conservative leadership, it would be wrong in the Chen misjudge the situation, the
loss of an indecent act and careful of, or Mr. Chen in promoting scientific
development still very active leadership.

Cloud computing is a high-end technology for the time being not an objective
evaluation of its real meaning, learning an advanced progressive thinking on the ideas
of great significance. Our unit is not very high level throughout the culture, you need
to be kissing that slip to meet the tastes of the people led to management, Chinese
management is that "manage a very stupid question," the kind
of management approach, if the management is very smart Good is the problem, chief
of more than ability principals how to do? Is not a substitute, but was suppressed or
withdrawn position, how do you feel pressure to make heads? Therefore, some are not
academic ability, low line of no moral character is very good at ingratiation led the
market, which is bad money driving out good money for principle. Ministers have
said that China CITIC technological progress and quality issues are important, in fact,
that Chinese products have already passed the process of low-quality reproduction,
made in China is not synonymous with inferior products, China's economic
problem management is a key link, in addition to market and capital and other factors
are also important.

Flat out do not patients do not advocate there to accept interns fraught, but yesterday
there interns. Busy day schedule tasks, the result did not come today, people
altogether, most likely to help other teachers as a casual laborer odd jobs Getting Rid
of, Dangran I manage well the task is mainly students, Qi Ci is write, Dan Bu Yi Xie
Ren so impatient to write Jingji Xue : in the end, what truth? So, in units of coercion
and interference ratio is a must, this is personal intuition, therefore, the previous
conflict, complex.

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