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John Bates Clark Award (John Bates Clark Medal) commonly known as the
"Little Nobel Prize", named by the American Economic
Association, is the Nobel Prize in economics than economists outside another
important honor.
John Bates Clark Award from the American Economic Association in 1947, founder
of the American Economic Association, the Association's third president,
the famous economist John Bates Clark (1847-1938) 100th anniversary established.
Purpose of commemorating John Bates Clark's marginal productivity
theory and the proposed production depletion theory, and consider the needs rooted in
marginal utility theory. This award established in 1947, once every two years selected,
selected basic qualifications to teach in American universities, scholars under the age
of 40.
Previous winners
Since the first issue in 1947 since the end of 2007, in addition to not award in 1953,
the total award of 30 th, there have been 30 U.S. economists won the award. They are:
1947: Paul Samuelson (Paul A. Samuelson)
1949: 肯尼思博尔 D (Kenneth E. Boulding)
1951: Milton Friedman (Milton Friedman)
1953: No selection
1955: James Tobin (James Tobin)
1957: 肯尼思阿罗 (Kenneth J. Arrow)
1959: Lawrence R. Klein (Lawrence R. Klein)
1961: Robert Solow (Robert M. Solow)
1963: Hendrik Houthakker (Hendrik S. Houthakker)
1965: 兹维格里利 Brooks (Zvi Griliches)
1967: Gary Becker (Gary S. Becker)
1969: 马克内洛夫 (Marc L. Nerlove)
1971: Dale Jorgenson (Dale W. Jorgenson)
1973: 弗兰克林费希 Hill (Franklin M. Fisher)
1975: Daniel McFadden (Daniel McFadden)
1977: Martin Feldstein (Martin Feldstein)
1979: Joseph Stiglitz (Joseph E. Stiglitz)
1981: Michael Spence (A. Mchael Spence)
1983: James J. Heckman (James J. Heckman)
1985: Jerry Houseman (Jerry A. Hausman)
1987: Sanford Grossman (Sanford J. Grossman)
1989: 戴维克雷普斯 (David Kreps)
1991: Paul Krugman (Paul R. Krugman)
1993: Lawrence Summers (Lawrence H. Summers)
1995: Daiweikade (David Card)
1997: Kevin Murphy (Kevin M. Murphy)
1999: 安德鲁施莱弗 (Andrei Shleifer)
2001: Matthew Rabin (Matthew Rabin)
2003: Steven Levitt (Steven Levitt)
2005: Dai Long 埃斯莫格卢 (Daron Acemoglu)
2007: Susan Ethiopia (Susan Athey)
Comments on Clark Awards
Clark Medal is considered an important indicator of the Nobel Prize, received the
Medal of academics, usually caused by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences,
Nobel Prize selection committee's attention. Over the past 26 Clark Medal
winners, a total of nine received the Nobel Prize for economics, the ratio of up to 1 / 3.
Not only that, as John Bates Clark Award presentation object is limited to the young
economist, and Nobel Prize presentation often have a senior economist, therefore, in
the previous 约翰贝茨克 Lack winner being awarded the Nobel Prize economist are
only likely to come from the John Bates Clark Award winner early into. In fact, all
nine John Bates Clark Award and Nobel Prize winners from 1983, double the previous
18 John Bates Clark award winner being. Or, before 1983, won the John Bates Clark
Prize Nobel Prize as high as 1 / 2. Also worth mentioning is that, as John Bates Clark
Award of the presentation object is also confined to the U.S. economist, is a
coincidence that the first John Bates Clark Award winner Paul Samuelson has just
won the Nobel Prize is the first American economist.