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?China International Capital Corporation Limited (hereinafter referred to as
"CICC") is a famous financial institutions and large companies
Investment with the strategic partnership between the international investment
banking firm.
CICC is the first joint venture investment bank, for domestic enterprises, institutions
investment banking at home and abroad
Service. CICC's shareholders are China Construction Bank, Morgan
Stanley International, China National Investment
Guarantee Corporation, the Singapore Government Investment Corporation and the
Hong Kong Mingly. China International Capital Corporation, headquartered in
Beijing, 1997
Incorporated in Hong Kong branches. Set up in Pudong, Shanghai offices of CICC.
CICC has a registered capital
100 million U.S. dollars.
CICC competing with other investment banks. CICC's distinguishes itself
Help of its international operational experience and deep understanding of the local
business environment, the advantages of good faith to meet customer needs for high
Volume, there is the spirit of the original, world-class financial services. CICC is
committed to developing long-term customer relationships, through
Through joint unremitting efforts, continue to create opportunities to meet the
domestic and international capital markets, new challenges.
- The support of shareholders to bring in domestic and international capital markets
CICC's shareholders, the operation of international capital markets
experience, the China Construction Bank and China's economic and
Investment Guarantee Corporation for the implementation of projects in gold
companies throughout all of China's network of support and speed up the
review of government departments
Grant to provide advice, Morgan Stanley to bring the group CICC professional global
capital markets
Experience and extensive distribution network of securities, and make the payment
the company's customers to enjoy the Morgan Stanley global sub-
Branch agencies to provide the support, the Government of Singapore Investment
Corporation and the Hong Kong group of fame with strong economic strength
, They provide a lot of gold direct investment management experience, and together
with CICC choose direct investment opportunities
Will conduct joint venture, CICC's shareholders, the unique composition of
the portfolio of businesses provide an ideal support structure.
- Keep in close contact with the Government
King's business in one of the purposes: to introduce international advanced
technology investment bank in China's economic development and
Financial reform to play an important role in promoting. China International Capital
Corporation and all levels of government departments to establish a good relationship,
Held in close contact. For national economic policy deep understanding to ensure the
money provided by the company for customers
Financial advisory services to adapt to the overall needs of national economic
development, and in line with national economic policy orientation.

- Innovative high-quality professional services experts
CICC has a team of national and international team of financial experts, of which
95% of local employees, they
From international and domestic high-level companies and organizations with
innovative spirit and business capacity, according to the customer's need to
design a variety of
High-quality financial products, industry and market analysis to help customers in a
short period of time to enter the domestic and international capital market
Field of investment and development goals.
- Committed to developing long-term customer relationships, the interests of
customers first by providing first-class investment bank
Service, the gold company is committed to developing long-term customer
relationships, the customer's interests first, as China's first
Investment banking joint venture, CICC has unique advantages to help customers
achieve their goals.
Since its inception in gold has been more active in the market. CICC gone through a
five-year history, has always caused
Force in achieving its inception goal - become a leading investment bank, to promote
China's SOE reform
CICC undertaken major projects:
June 2000 - China Unicom Co., Ltd.: Initial release, Hong Kong, New York, both the
stock exchange; financing amount
5.65 billion U.S. dollars our company as Joint Global Coordinators, Joint
bookkeeping manager, co-lead underwriter, co-sponsor

April 2000 - Bloomberg: initial release, NASDAQ listing; financing of 68 million U.S.
dollars as a joint company
I lead underwriter
April 2000 - PetroChina Company Limited: First Issue, Hong Kong, New York, both
the stock exchange;
?The amount of 2.89 billion U.S. dollars financing the company as Joint Global
Coordinators, Joint bookkeeping manager, co-lead underwriters, together
November 1999 - China Telecom (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.: New Issuance, New York,
Hong Kong listing, financing
2 billion U.S. dollars as co-lead underwriters for the company, joint book-managers
August 1999 - Tsinghua Unisplendour Corporation Limited: Initial Public Offering,
the Shenzhen Stock Exchange; financing 4
.7 Billion yuan as the lead underwriters for the company
October 1997 - China Telecom (Hong Kong) Limited: Initial release, Hong Kong and
New York stock exchange; financing 4
220 million U.S. dollars our company as Joint Global Coordinators, bookkeeping
manager, underwriter

Job Category
  ?Recruitment of undergraduate students graduating

   Undergraduates graduating as an analyst to join the CICC. Here, they can have
extensive contacts with investment banks
All aspects of the industry for the future development of the cause lay a good
foundation. We welcome the talented, innovative and refined
God's people to join in the gold company.
Analysts usually work in the gold company two to three years, and institutions of
higher learning at home and abroad for further studies MBA or Master of Science
Bit. CICC to encourage them to apply for graduate students, and welcome them to
re-apply after obtaining a master's degree back to the public
   Graduate recruitment of fresh graduates

   Graduate students can be fresh as a manager to join the CICC. Gold companies in
the various departments in the company managers are not
Can be missing key members. Whether in the investment banking division to analyze
and evaluate, or investment adviser to do the Department of Investment Services
, Is engaged in the sales department to sell or trade transactions work, or doing
research analysis, the company will be recognized each
Managerial potential.
 ?Whether as analyst or manager, as long as you have intelligence, good interpersonal
communication skills, analytical ability, English
The level of good work ethic high, it can be successful in the gold company.

 ?Recruitment Intern
 ?CICC for one year after graduating undergraduate and graduate recruiting summer
interns. Students participate in summer internship
Not only get valuable first-hand experience, and get first-class in China, and
first-class financial company
Professionals the opportunity to work.
  ?We expect the candidates to interns in the classroom have performed extremely
well - not only academic excellence, and should have a strong
Leadership skills and interpersonal ability.
  ?CICC is also the domestic and international recruitment of graduating MBA
students in summer internships. Summer interns are not CICC
Integral part of, they will work with senior managers to work together.

 ?Campus recruitment procedure
 ?CICC will participate in recruitment. CICC's recruitment from the
autumn, when the gold company will introduce the recruitment team
CICC in the cause of development. If you are interested in gold, attend job fairs to
recruit members of the group
Understanding in a variety of career opportunities for the development, listening to
them talk about their choices in the gold company had in mind.
 ?Complete the application form and submit a curriculum vitae. After recruitment,
please fill out the application form and submit a resume, cover letter,
Copies of transcripts and degree.

 ?Participate in an English test. Candidates through resume screening will participate
in oral and written English. English language test, may

 ?Interview. The first round of interviews late fall or early winter is usually in the
College or held in the CICC. The second round of interviews in
Gold companies. Gold companies to participate in the interview, and corporate
departments can, at all levels of professional face to face
Undergraduate and other work experience does not necessarily
Master of gold in the most attractive students:
1. Post associate, to the VP as long as 4 years. All lines of foreign investment can only
analyst to VP to 7 years
2. Gold project, in particular, many large projects is very stable. Such as Agricultural
Bank of China CITIC listed the past two years, the oil company CNOOC there are
many large cattle return to the domestic stock market, are no doubt easily capture the
gold. Other outsiders with no license A shares,
UBS has only just received, Goldman Sachs Gao Hua basic domestic business is its
luster, can only rely on our side. So, if in the country to do business, learn something,
sure to go gold. Switch to another course in the future, said
3. Or salary, although the basic salary is not high in gold, but the dividend is amazing,
so taxes are less, get fewer hands is absolutely better than outsiders, and even higher
CITIC deep background, gaining momentum, snatching the gold of the many projects
The next big project is estimated that the two have equal shares of domestic
The two do not trip overseas projects
Also in bonds, CITIC is the absolute boss

In terms of revenues, now a lot less gold than CITIC, after all, state-owned enterprises
Should increase the future, but certainly can not keep up in the gold
Equal shares of the bar has now been
A shares are now accounted for a little bit of CITIC has excellent
H shares would depend on how transformation of Citic capital of CITIC
Treatment indeed have weaknesses, but also particularly fast progress of the
Last year a major project CITIC analyst made a 50w of the bonus
CITIC's profit-sharing ratio should be the top domestic brokerages, and
only people on each project more
Average, not more than cicc

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