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Chuan Tai Industrial humidifier


									Chuan Tai Industrial humidifier
Chuan Tai Industrial humidifier into the wet film And ultrasonic humidifier humidifier
Wet film humidifier Model: CJ-35E CJ-3S CJ-6S CJ-9S CJ-12S
Features and functions:
Main features:
1. All computer LCD display, 5% humidity precision control, free to set
2. 5 compressor, no media, pollution-free green products
3. Foot casters, easy to move freely
4. Plastic shell, streamline design, elegant appearance
5. Randomly displays the current humidity at a glance
6. Simple, dry alarm
7. Automatic water supply, water level control
8. By external rotor fan, super quiet operation
9. With clean air, beauty features
Main features:
Humidification strong, non-white fog phenomenon of imported plant wet film
Clean air by automatic digital computer control of LCD backlight
Showed two steps of humidity 1-99% arbitrary wind speed, wet
Play area, all with independent control of Panasonic solenoid valve, safety
Reliable equipment storage tanks with double-float test, precision and stability
Electronic detection, leakage protection and fault alarm function
Designed with humanization total hours of work and manual mode
Automatically change the water feature, stainless steel water tank recently, mold,
Durable, with ventilation mode, indoor air circulation, humidification
After the air without calcium and magnesium. Use a wide range: in the electronic
Workshops, book culture, education, cigarette shops and warehouses, cold
Bank, power equipment, leather products and oil products, the printing system
Products, audio-visual products, telecommunications equipment, goods warehouses,
Products, pharmaceutical storage, underground engineering.
Ultrasonic humidifier Model: ZS-06Z ZS-10Z ZS-20Z ZS-30Z ZS-40Z
Features and functions:
◆ Zs Series Ultrasonic industrial humidifier wall hanging for the design, equipment,
stainless steel box the whole table
Surface spray, beautiful appearance, practical, easy to install. ZS Series Ultrasonic
industrial humidifier, with standard
Associate to the outlet, and overflow discharge switch, which automatically supply
water to the nozzle, automatic water level. ZS Series
Ultrasonic industrial humidifier according to different models, divided into three
control methods:
(1) manual switch control method (model of no letters), the user can own needs single
Or more to work independently, but also multiple combination of centralized control;
(2) Digital timing controller automatic cycle control (later models with the letter
"S" that), automatic cycle control
Cycle, from one minute to 99 hours, any set working hours and stop time, even after
setting the
Continued to work without staff duties;
(3) Digital control and humidity control, (type the letter after "Z"
said), humidity controller control
System could range from 1% RH-100% RH arbitrary control precision ± 5% RH, time,
equipment can work in settings automatically without staff duties.
◆ ZS Series Ultrasonic industrial humidifier output pipeline, according to users need
to place a reasonable layout of humidification control
Line, uniformly distributed population out of the fog, the pipeline connection between
the need to seal. ZS Series Ultrasonic industrial humidifier, internal adoption
Spray with integrated components, and with absolute protection, the resulting fog
particle diameter is only 1-10μm, teeth
Uniform particles, which can be a long time suspended in the air. ZS series of
industrial ultrasonic humidifier, mist-free work
Mechanical drive, no noise, no pollution, fog, high efficiency, low failure rate, low
energy consumption is high,
Reliable, practical ultrasonic industrial humidification equipment.
◆ Chuan Tai Series Ultrasonic industrial humidifier, standard with Φ110mm PVC
pipe to use, can be widely applied
In the following sectors:
1, the textile industry: textile humidity control, to eliminate static and dust.
2, paper industry: Paper of the humidity control, to eliminate static and dust.
3, computer rooms: computer room for all kinds of humidity control and eliminate
static electricity.
4, the electronics industry: semiconductor components factory, LCD factories, PCB
factory, IC test factory for humidity control
System and eliminate static electricity.
5, coating industries: automotive painting, spray plants of various types of humidity
control, to eliminate static and dust.
6, the plastics industry: plastic molding factory, plastic products manufacturer of
humidity control and static.
7, the printing industry: plastic printing, fine printing, special printing of humidity
control and static.
8, laboratory: types of quality inspection, testing, analysis, laboratory environment
9, the tobacco industry: tobacco processing, production of humidity control and dust.
10, HVAC industry: central air conditioning system to increase the humidity and
eliminate static electricity.
11, Fresh Storage: Fruit thinning products, humidity preservation and humidity
12, the food industry: dry, dehydrated, frozen food revival, preservation.
13, growing industry: large-scale planting and breeding plant fungi, flowers, tropical
plants and soilless culture such as used for humidity control.
14, aquaculture: livestock, birds, insects and other large-scale farming, breeding,
hatching and disinfection for moisture.
15, artificial landscape: tropical artificial rain forest, film, exhibitions mimic natural
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