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Christian (Nestorian, but also in temperature can be taught)
Song former Nestorian (Christian Nestorius sent)
Quanzhou Yuan Wen also be taught in
Christianity spread in the spring after the Opium War is again Xiamen
("Nanjing Treaty", "Treaty of Whampoa",
"Treaty of Tianjin", "Beijing Treaty."
Access to Xiamen.)
Presbyterian Association (enter Anhai. Into the Quanzhou. To the Mainland.
Quanzhou area will basically be the elders of the Christian Association of control.)
Society of London
USA and the United States to the United States Association (U.S. Methodist Episcopal
Church, Reformed Church in the United States)
Other Christian factions (U.S. Anritsu Gan Church [Anglican]. Christian Seventh-day
Adventists. Christian meeting place.)
Christianity and traditional Chinese culture differences
Song former Nestorian
Quanzhou ancient Christian factions, with Nestorius sent (Nestorian Christians) and
the Catholic St. Francis will send (Francicans Mission).
Nestorius called Nestorian faction came to China, one of the Christian factions,
founded in Syrian Nestorius's. Nestorianism in the middle of the eighth
century Tang heavily before introduction of Quanzhou, just not popular.
Tang Huichang five years (845 years), Takemune suppression of Buddhism, which
has victimized Christian, Christianity was forbidden, but not eliminated.
To the North Song Taiping rejuvenating period (976-984), the Nestorian monks and
friars leader sent six people to the Chinese view, tended to eliminate waste throughout
the church.
Quanzhou Yuan Wen also be taught in
Yuan rise of Nestorianism before the troops by the Mongols from Syria and Persia
once again came to China, renamed as "also may be warm in
Wen Yuan's also where can the Pope is not a religion, with large mains in
the East since the implementation of the Pope say in the appointment of bishops and
bishops throughout the total.
Quanzhou is also found in the earliest dating to warm to teach monument, is the
former Yuan Yuan Landmarks years (two years Jing-Yan Song, Yuan Yuan 14 years in
1277) the first month, "Wong's 12 Day care Little Mother
"to        its"      second     parent     so    deceased      mother
"," Kuo Juta Ru, Ru Chen 10 too "buried tombstone
engraved characters established that early Yuan Song in Quanzhou has also taught
communication can be warm.
Quanzhou Yuan Wen also be taught in very popular, the diocese established in
Quanzhou, "Kanrei Quanzhou Road" and "tube
leading south Zhu Lu."
Have been unearthed in the Yuan Dynasty also can teach all kinds of warm stone,
gravestone dozens of parties. The tombstone, carving some Syrian dialect word
spelling in Central Asia, and some doped into Mongolian, and some local dialects
Uighur word spelling, while others were carved two rows Pagba Mongolia Chinese
characters spelling.
If one character's tombstone spelling Pagba text, audio and read as: Kaj san
Zeu jen ko tshi uin mu (open Shan Yan-Ke child goes tomb), tombstones stand
"Tai four Xinhai" (1311), may be Mongols or Semu pretending
surnames, or believe also in Han Chinese can be taught tomb stele temperature.
Another example is two dollars Dade (1298), also can warm believers in Fujian
province (Sheng Zhi Quanzhou) Pingzhang conduct of public affairs width Liji Si
(George) of the tombstone.
There are religious professionals and religious officials of the tombstones, such as
"waiter kept Ke Cheng Long", "Dade Huang
Kung," Yuan Dade Decade (1306) "Kanrei Quanzhou Road,
also in charge of instructors can be warm and Abbot Xing Ming Temple Wu,
"Wong Hing years (in 1313) of the" pipe leading south Zhu Lu
Ming Jiao, Qin education, etc ... ... West Raymon. " As well as many
ordinary Catholics tombstones.
In 2003, Jinjiang City, New chomchon pool Zhen Yuan dynasty Nestorian unearthed a
stone, then moved to Quanzhou South Building Museum.
The quality of the stone for the diabase, rectangular. Top of a stone relief angels,
streamers flying, holding the sacred objects, sacred objects on a lotus cross. Bottom
line of strange carved stone incised 22 words, seems to Syriac. Text is quite well
preserved, very clear, much better than the current stored in the Quanzhou Maritime
Museum of the 8 characters carved the Yuan dynasty Nestorian Syrian stone.
Black can benefit by the University of Sydney, Australia Research Centre Manichean
Chinese scholar Professor Liu Nanjiang, Hualien University of New England,
Australia Prof Shi, University of Sydney lecturer added code to Spring Mountain that
when the main identification, that the stone was inscribed by the Syrian mixed paper
and write the Uighur made. Initial translated: "In the Father, the Son of
Heaven and the name of the Holy Spirit, believers (also where available temperature)
to Philip Wang Fu ... ... Alexander the Great in calendar 1629 (AD 1318), the calendar
is ... ..."
Inscription in the reign of Alexander the same time the Chinese calendar and there
may be first seen in the Chinese Nestorian Alexandria calendar stone. Alexandria
calendar calendar as early as AD 311, according to projections, Alexander is the 1629
calendar Ren Yuan Yu Li uplift love Bada Yuanyou five years.
But with the demise of the Yuan Dynasty, Quanzhou Christianity has declined.
Christianity spread in the spring after the Opium War is again Xiamen
Quanzhou Modern Christianity spread again, is in the Opium War (1840, see
Historical and network "Opium War and
Quanzhou") after the treaty as unequal access.
"Nanjing Treaty", "Treaty of Whampoa",
"Treaty of Tianjin", "Beijing Treaty"
Qing dynasty, two years (1842) in August, the Qing government of China and the
United Kingdom signed the first unequal treaty - the "Treaty of
Nanking." Western Christianity in Britain will "Nanjing
Treaty" known as the Mission in China, "turning
point", Christian took the opportunity to gain access.
Church in France from the first "Treaty of Whampoa."
"History of Qing Dynasty Chi 3 French diplomatic relations,"
saying: "(Qing) Daoguang twenty-five years (1845), Xu (France) to open a
church mission, is still confined to the sea, cut into the mainland."
Later, the United Kingdom for eight years in the Qing Xianfeng (1858) introduce a
"Treaty of Tianjin" Fifty six, including the eighth, 11, 12, 13 the
provisions of paragraph is about the church. If Diba Kuan: Jesus Catholic Church,
former Education cum good way to treat others as yourself, since the mission after
learning where scholars had no one to protect its law-abiding, the official shall be
banned moment resistance. 12th paragraph: British people in the population and local
desires to rent land to build housing, set up storehouse, chapel, hospital, tomb applied
to both the public price to do so, to put down meeting, not blackmail each other.
Britain and France in the Taiping Rebellion, the Qing Ting Lesuo opportunity. French
priest, Guangxi kill the horse events, launched the "Second Opium
War," after the war made "Beijing Treaty", by virtue
of this treaty, to expand the church influence in China.
Enter Xiamen
The first to spring a regional missionary Society of the United States to teach elegant
to serve the Reformed Pastor. Daoguang two years (1842), the British occupation of
Xiamen, the Ya-Li first arrived in Xiamen to serve, Gulangyu, immediately the
hospitality of the British officers. His two-year mission in Xiamen, Daoguang 20
years (1844), Ya enable management in Xiamen, a "New Street
Reformed Church in America is growing so rapidly Education Association, and other
churches not far behind, they rush to send missionaries to Xiamen activities. Society
of London twenty-four years in Daoguang (1844) Rev. John Paisch Medtronic
missionary from Malacca to Xiamen. Daoguang three years (1850), the Presbyterian
Association of Jacob, also come to Xiamen. Xianfeng six years (1856), British
Association of Presbyterian pastor Dujia De sent to the Senate in Xiamen in charge.
Xianfeng four years (1854), British Association of Presbyterian pastor send another
letter to Ha Yan.
Tongzhi three years (1864), the United Kingdom and the United States division of the
Church, "to Xiamen and attached to (He Shan, Tongan) and Zhang Xixi
jurisdiction over the area, owned by the U.S. Association to Zhang Nanxi jurisdiction
north of the area and Anhai various land by the British Association. "Thus,
Quanzhou area therefore abandoned the scope of the British mission.
Christianity in Quanzhou mainly Presbyterian Association, London Association,
Association of American and the United States to the United States, the United States
sent four Anritsu Gan church.
Presbyterian Association
Presbyterian Association of incoming Quanzhou earliest and most powerful.
Into Anhai
Six years of the Qing Xianfeng (1856), British Association of Presbyterian pastor Du
Jiade that the geographical location of Jinjiang County Anhai very important (in
Xiamen, the Northern Territory, as Xing, Spring, John thoroughfare, Taiwanese
foreign trade has always been an important port, see the Quanzhou History Net "ancient port of Quanzhou Anhai Kong"),
ignoring China's sovereignty and "limited to the sea, cut into the
mainland," the treaty, personally take from Xiamen, "Gospel
Ship" to Anhai mission. This is Christianity in the beginning of the
government of Quanzhou.
However, Anhai people do not welcome him, on his arrival strongly attacked. Lease
before the ban were to Dizhai, then ban and pastor preacher friends, finally blowing
sand and stone-throwing, to no place, had returned to Xiamen.
Dujia De missionary positions in order to establish Anhai again for some sophisticated
planning and preparation, after eight years of Emperor Xianfeng (1858) again take the
"Gospel Ship" to Anhai, salt of the German secret Huang
residential lease for the auditorium, but more times by the people Anhai destroyed. Du
Jiade in turn sermon Church moved from the salt of the German Cai Xuan Tan Palace
home after a private school, which also angered Anhai gentry class and the public.
Du Jiade to expand its forces to stand firm in the ancient 10 year July 24 (Gregorian
calendar September 9, 1861), with small favors to win over Zheng Shuang, Cheng
Tan brothers and four hobo join the church full of their helper. Thus, not only to look
down on people Anhai Church, but Du Jiade himself more hatred.
One day, Du Jiade street activities, a group of children trailing the subject of ridicule,
Dujia De Laoxiuchengnu, suddenly turned on children, "angrily denounced
by the", causing a panic rushed to a child, was seriously injured. Has
caused the surrounding residents angry, someone shouted: "aboriginal
ghosts murder," and brings together a crowd from. Dujia De
Xianshibumiao, hastily taken refuge by the church hall. But the angry crowd rushed
into the hall, "the priest pulled together, the stone kill people for the death
of their discard." In fact, Du Jiade not dead, just temporarily unconscious.
Cai house owner was dragged into the house to rescue him.
Dujia De woke up, that is called Shuang Cheng disguise for him, hiding in the
"Gospel Ship", the escape Xiamen. Du Jiade back to Xiamen,
immediately report to the British consul in Xiamen, the British consul Bo Weilin rage,
decided to send a gunboat to Anhai repression. On the other hand, he pressed hard for
the British consul on the Fujian Province in the pressure suppression by the Qing
Government to come forward.
Tongzhi first year (1862), reported the British Association of the British Association
of approval of the elders, the formal establishment of Choan the General Assembly. In
order to relieve the local people for the Church of the guard, entered the meeting
Taiwanese church doctrine 8, in which as much "kick the
opium" 1.
Tongzhi two years in June (the Gregorian calendar in July 1863), the Department of
Fujian Coastal Patrol Quan Yong Zhou Kai military taotai intimidation coercion in the
British Consul, the published notices stand carved stone, is strictly prohibited Anhai
against foreign religions, "officials and the public persons, not was blocked,
"" dare not follow if, upon servants to take the case, given that
severely punished by law, must not wide margin. "
Into the Quanzhou
Tongzhi two years, Du Jiade to Quanzhou from Hoi Mei Street, south of the bridge
outside the mission. Tongzhi three years (1864), Du Jiade brings Hoi Tan Cheng
followers Apartments until the end of cinema as a boarding bridge, sunrise sermon,
very few believers.
Tongzhi four years (1865), Quanzhou only Anhai a church, a church of 30 people
(according to the Quanzhou region Presbyterian Association of notebook statistical
material). This re-enter the Quanzhou City in Dujia De, line five Ling, Cheng Tan was
robbed, Du Jiade to five Fort Street ditches Tiancian hostel accommodation, repeated
stoning man, avoid too free. Even so, the elders of the Christian Association of the
British forces in the progressive development of Quanzhou City.
Tongzhi five years (1866), Du Jiade third time into the city. At this time the situation
in more moderate activity entered Quanzhou Street, then change the new Huashan
activities in South street. Local people to rise up against, blindly to please the British
Imperial prefect of Quanzhou, once a notice against the people "looting
destroyed the church."
Tongzhi six years (1867), the Presbyterian pastor John would send more missionaries
to Quanzhou and the establishment of churches, set up a "Church of Christ
in Quanzhou, Fujian Assembly District will be" the "Fujian
Quanzhou Presbyterian."
Church of England insatiable. Guangxu first year (1875), Association of Christian
Presbyterian Church will be established in Quanzhou. Thus, the Presbyterian
Association has Anhai, Quanzhou, two churches, a Christian 143 (Quanzhou region,
according to the Presbyterian Association of notebook statistical material).
Guangxu years (1876) Association of Christian Presbyterian Church in Quanzhou a
building to be purchased for the auditorium Jingting Lane, Imperial Gong was once
(see Historical and network "Quanzhou List Gong was
once"), the number of such city gentleman Ten people from the opposition
that they are building towers in this, Quanzhou City, feng shui injury. Jinjiang county
still arrested asked the owners, the church dropped.
Guangxu (1877), Quanzhou Huashan gentry new churches around the South Street
house four stores, one single church. Dark gentleman that owners raise prices, the
church refused to pay public funds to pad determined by gentry, to allow the church
building in the new South Street Chapel Huashan antipodes (see Historical and
network "Quanzhou temple Springs Christian Church
South" ). The church issue, it made a statement.
The development of the Mainland
Since then, the Presbyterian Association continued along the coast to Jinjiang, Nanan,
Anxi, Wing Chun, Tak Development.
Guangxu four years (1878), the British Association of Presbyterian missionaries
stationed in Nam Xi Chen a name in the United States to the Missionaries of Anxi
County. Anxi county magistrate was not permitted into the city, preaching in Sin Yuen
team had a "sermon by." Christianity spread this Anxi,
Quanzhou church is governed.
Guangxu five years (1879), Association of Christian Presbyterian Church in setting up
a justice Anhai Sook, soon named Kevin English primary school, as the government
of Quanzhou is the first religious schools.
Kuang Hsu six years (1880), founder of the Presbyterian Association Dujia De Nan
Fung state church school.
Dynasty (1881 years) the beginning of the British Association of School Presbyterian
missionaries, doctors Yen Osake missionary from Xiamen to Quanzhou practice, the
establishment of facilities in the South Street New Huashan Hospital sermon
Department. The following year, to scale, even in Quanzhou, Hui Li, Lane purchased
land founded the World Hospital (now the Second Affiliated Hospital of Fujian
Medical University, the predecessor), Yen for the president. This is the Western
medical technology introduced the beginning of Quanzhou.
Guangxu years (1886), British Association of Presbyterian missionaries sent from
Quanzhou to Yongchun Wuli street preaching; Chen declared that South Street Chapel
became the first pastor of Quanzhou, Quanzhou, this is the beginning of Christian