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Christ and Mao Zedong


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									Christ and Mao Zedong
  ?(Quoted text users) Christ and Mao Zedong
December 25 is the Christian Christmas, on December 26th is the birthday of Mao
Zedong, the founder of the People's Republic Day.
Since December 24 of "Silent Night" until December 25
Christmas, many Chinese people warm, the extent of their blind fanaticism no less a
devout Christian. Even before a long time, many Chinese people are already in place,
and even impatient. In contrast, Dec. 26, in addition to other publicity media,
China's streets were almost deserted chilling.
What is more, when it was proposed to Mao Zedong's birthday as
Christmas in China (Leaving aside whether this proposal is necessary), the Internet
has ushered in an abuse.
In recent years, attacks, slanders Mao Zedong, so abuse is not the voice of its potential
small. This is not a strange phenomenon, because any one of history's great
men have been scolded possible, even inevitable, but was scolded and how uncertain
the extent of it. But the strange thing is that these people who abuse Mao, most are not
living in the era of Mao Zedong, Mao's policy of not even being
suppressed any person, nor had been Mao Zedong as a "paper
tiger" of the imperialists, but despite their Some live in Mao Zedong
founded the country has not experienced the era of Mao Zedong and even do not
know why for so many people as a group of callow things. But rather is a group of
people that put a holiday spin in full swing in Western Christianity, and I dare say,
many of them know Christ better than Mao Zedong's more (because they
do not understand Mao Zedong). In addition to ignorance, or ignorance.
I am deeply ignorant of contemporary Chinese youth feel ashamed.
But then again, it was attacked, has never been gods and saints as evaluation criteria.
Christ was crucified is not it? After the catastrophe of Confucius is not it? The real
sense, not on behalf of the God of all mankind, and only God on behalf of a group of
people. To know how you represent the type of person.
In my personal view that Christ and Mao Zedong in common: both to Masterpieces,
Feelings of suffering to save the world. The difference is: the former through the
baptism of the spirit, put aside earthly injustice and strife, the ideal rise to virtual
heaven ("Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world. My country in
the case of this world, my servants would fight, so I might not be delivered to the
Jews. but My kingdom is not of this world. "(" New Testament
John 18:36 ") is taking the religion of the road; the latter is directly through
the real the means to revolution or political manner hitu establish the ideal kingdom in
the earth, regardless of the outcome of this behavior, because the results have been
important, it is important that the moral significance of this act. the former should
eventually become a universal beliefs, which will become vested (and blind obedience,
especially those who blindly follow) the object of attack. Christ in his death, become
unable to protest the suffering of the people's spiritual support, as well as
the rulers to shelter reality contradiction, and thus the means to maintain the current
rule and the flag. Mao Zedong, China's not so much in his future as a
political symbol, as that will become the symbol of moral or ideological symbols exist,
not so much as an individual politician's face appears, it is better that is, as
a spirit of the times, social ideals and national dignity emerged. However, Christ is
God, is reportedly in front of him, but Mao was God?
"God" exist? This is not a question worth pursuing. At least by
theology, metaphysics is transformed into ethical issues, and is ultimately an ethical
Then again, religion and politics this is quite different, but I am not here stylistic
models, not a researcher, I would just like to say, in almost all the great figures in the
personality are connected, if at the time of Christ China's hard to say no as
Mao Zedong, and Mao Zedong at that time does not become a Christian in Israel too.
and a sense that religion is the kingdom's political, but politics is secular
religion. regardless of religious leaders or political leaders as long as he lives the good
of the people at heart, all from the interests of the people, the people put him in the
presence of God, regardless of whether he is good at making mistakes ---- forgive
people, but the people is the most unforgivable! -
However, the ruling class is no God, they only voice, or the use of God. Because they
do not need the spirit of virtual reality confrontation, they only need to use real
weapons on the line. Were the rulers (now called vulnerable groups) is different, to
face the reality of injustice and helplessness, the inability to change the Realm of real
existence, they can only be in the hands of the pillars of the spirit of virtual reality to
contend      with,     chat    send     the    mind       catharsis    and     consolation,
"God" created this way. As long as this does not eliminate
injustice in the world one day, God will never leave this world back to his place to be.
Mao Zedong on the one hand, while breaking existing myths, creating myths. Because
Mao Zedong was the savior of the people. His life is standing on the oppressed (now
called "vulnerable groups") side, to this point, only that, he even
put aside all principles and laws of the expense. He's great in this, his error
is also here. Whether he's as in practice, at the political level is successful
or failed, but in the spiritual level, this point is beyond dispute. This alone is
Therefore, as the Chinese people, whether you are after a few zero, you can oppose
Mao, like a gentleman equally opposed to Mao Zedong, Peng, as we also respect as
opposed to Mao Zedong, Mao Zedong, but you can not not respect - not to mention
slander and abuse it - otherwise, you do not deserve a Chinese, this is not negotiable.
However, tear down the statue's often not his enemy, but had to be
redeemed those ignorant fanatics.

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