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									Chinese officials on the robbery robbery
   "You see, or China is good, we can travel at public expense."
Tour sent a such a foreign feeling, if not "the United States Inter-American
Group" careless, the Chinese official might be less a scandal.
   At 21 o'clock on the November 21, Shanghai netizens "evil
spirits 2009" car at the subway station and found a seat near the pink
reusable shopping bags, the above also bow. Opened it, inside is Wenzhou, Zhejiang,
Jiangxi Xinyu officials, and officials in Jiangsu Zhangjiagang wife went to a detailed
list of North American mission. "The first feeling is very angry, very naked,
and that is going abroad, but do not point to duty." "Evil spirits
2009" that can not "make life a tax paid by the delegation laid
to waste," has decided to content published on the Internet, the public
In fact, government officials investigated by the name of tourism real, unspoken rules
that already well known in China, of rules on a cost hundreds of billions of dollars a
year in recent years, more frequently, "famous" overseas.
   Connected into an international laughing stock
   In the online "demons and monsters 2009" published list, this
year in April, 11 officials of Xinyu City Human Resources mission of the trip purpose
of the original as: "study from the government in support technical skills
training and new industry talent training and selection of areas experience.
"in the journey, visit the project did not see any, but the 14 days onward,
more than 10 cities in the whole North American travel arrangements: to visit the
White House to see the United States the Statue of Liberty, take the Hollywood
Boulevard ... ...
   China's official delegation in 2007 to become an international scandal,
the news still is fresh in my memory: chief deputy procurator-general of Anhui
Province Xu Ain forged invitations to go abroad, was dismissed Central Discipline
Inspection Commission. 2006 November 20, Xu Ai rate of a 10 "official
mission" airport arrival in Helsinki, Finland, was found held by the Finnish
Ministry of Justice, Department of counterfeit invitations, a pedestrian was
immediately refused entry. Finnish news agency quoted the then head of the Helsinki
Border Piipponen as saying: "I do not know how the Chinese authorities
see these things, but if someone in Finland to play this game, then this would be their
last (business) travel. "
Xu Ai for the experience, then some of the domestic foreign-related tourism industry
told the media: "This was an accident," "travel
intermediary too professional." In fact, using a forged letter of invitation to
meet some of the foreign affairs department for approval to travel abroad at public
expense is to achieve one of the usual tricks.
   Abroad under the pretense variety of "training" some Chinese
officials sometimes become a cover abroad.
   According to the Overseas Training Department of Foreign Experts Bureau data for
2007, overseas training of Chinese officials are now involved in more than 30
countries and regions. Of course, there is something really training, but in many false
training. In addition to the United States, Singapore is an important base for training
Chinese officials. Back in the 80's, Hebei Province dispatched cadres to
learn from Singapore. Singapore, one insider told the "International Herald
Tribune", the regular training bases in Singapore and Nanyang
Technological University and National University of Singapore, Chinese officials to
learn more urban-based, and now, "Many private schools are also invited
to participate in training and sometimes just a pretext. "
   Xinyu, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Wenzhou, "going abroad" incident
came to light, December 1, China's State Bureau of Overseas Training
Division informed of its terms of reference in the United States training mission on
Wenzhou's findings, claiming that the investigation found that Northwest
University of approval to the national audit agencies to provide a false training
schedule - Northwestern University issued an invitation for the delegations and the
schedule are in line with national regulations training arrangements, but in fact will be
reduced to 3 days training course, travel by 3 cities increased to 8. Also used as cover
investment. Chinese living in Japan for many years told the media persons Yu policy,
"International Herald Tribune," she met in Japan, many of these
"investment group." Johannesburg, South Africa, the Chinese
capital, Li (pseudonym), told the "International Herald Tribune,"
a delegation to South Africa eight days, usually taking half a day and
"make it look good." "Open a forum with local
overseas Chinese, the idea of holding investment will, to the tens of millions of China
said the contract signed, the other time to play." In addition, the
"academic conference" is also used by some Chinese officials,
one large ones. "Some of them rose to the rank of provincial civic
associations are in the name of the person in charge to New Zealand, as non-official
nature, there is more freedom to go easy." New Zealand Chinese Capital
City (a pseudonym) said.
   Casino, Rolex, LV
   As officials in foreign countries play the content, not just for historical sites, as well
as casinos and red-light district. Xinyu City in the seventh day of the delegation went
to North America, arranged to "inspect" the Las Vegas. Travel
very attractive presentation: "This is the world's largest casino,
the casino gorgeous, brilliant architecture, breathtaking. Large cabaret interface makes
integration into the casino among the prosperity and peacefulness." In the
end of this passage , travel agents recommend: "to reach the hotel stay in
Las Vegas, may at their own expense to enjoy the famous Las Vegas casino dance
performances or to a small test their skills."
One with the Chinese delegation had many contacts in the Chinese would not be
surprising: "In the U.S., casinos and entertainment red light district are all
legitimate, because there is no country, so to see if there is also quite
normal." Buying luxury goods also be "normal",
however. In South Africa, some Chinese officials, is the favorite to buy diamonds.
"In the domestic one carat to seven or eight million yuan, in South Africa
as long as half the price." Li said. According to statistics, in South Africa,
Chinese officials in the average cost of 50,000 to 60,000 yuan, the Chinese delegation
to spend a year in South Africa at least 50 million yuan of public funds. Johannesburg
criminals run rampant in the streets, generous and even the Chinese delegation targets
for robbers. October 20, 2006 evening, the CPPCC delegation of Hunan Province,
Hunan Province, Hubei Province, news and cultural missions and NPC delegation to
dinner in a Chinese restaurant in Johannesburg, he suddenly was close to 10 armed
men in the robbery, a total loss of 31 members nearly 50 million yuan.
   Lin Shao-Jie (a pseudonym) is a Chinese local government civil service agencies.
Early last year, he and his recommendation of several colleagues, adding to the city
organization's "mission to Europe." In the 12-day
"study tour", he and the rest of more than 20 members of the
major "investigation" of the 11 countries in Europe, in her spare
time, mainly in European countries the size of the shuttle stores. "Some
people are very rich indeed, after the Swiss, they first buy 23 Rolex watches, that is
sent back to his family. Through Amsterdam, they even bought a few
diamonds." Shao-Jie Lin told the "International Herald Guide
newspaper. " Champs Elysees in Paris, LV flagship store on the front of the
queue of people often see Chinese faces. "Many are coming to Paris
'study' of the Chinese officials, spend money like
water." A French Chinese lamented.
   Chinese travel agencies favorite mission in June of this year, Jiangsu Zhangjiagang
eight mayors and city leaders for his wife struggling in the financial crisis has
contributed to the North American people. Wives of officials in the United States and
Canada spent only half of the spent 233,700 yuan. They live in the cheapest hotels
have 95 dollars per night, the most expensive will have to 415 U.S. dollars per night.
There are some unexpected expenses, such as Xinyu City delegation light invitations
spent 12,960 yuan on which the United States invitation to 3240 yuan per letter, the
Canadian seal 2520 yuan per invitation, the United States and Canada the two. This is
the middle of play off of the Chinese travel agency, which has become a worldwide
chain. "The United States Inter-American Group" that
introduced himself: "The United States Inter-American Group was
established in 1992, after years of operation, has developed into a business trip,
business travel and other services for the integrated services, with complete operating
system and service network . the company is registered as California, headquartered
in Los Angeles and in Washington, New York and with offices in Honolulu, Hawaii.
At present in China with Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and nine offices and
operations in every province of the country City can meet the different needs of local
customers visa ... ... "Shao-Jie Lin recalled, they were to travel in Europe
with a direct link to Beijing, when each member of the unit investment 30,000 yuan as
its operating expenses, the arrangements for the whole trips travel agency will send
guides to lead the occasional one night we first Beijing and then fly directly to
destinations. In addition to travel agencies by financing activities 30,000 yuan per
person, Shao-Jie Lin have each unit can be allocated by the living expenses of 500
   Paris, a travel business in China, the Chinese told the "International
Herald Tribune", as opposed to ordinary Chinese tourists, they are more
willing to receive public service mission, due to unhealthy competition, in Paris,
ordinary Chinese tourists with very low prices, but Members of the delegation at least
level cadres, at least three-star hotel stay, so profit margins will be higher. Singapore,
a Chinese travel agency bosses revealed recently, they had just received training in a
group of local officials in China, "nice to earn an average of one day from
a man who earned 500 yuan." Local government and community for
bothering some people are happy others are sad . Province in South Africa, president
of the Association complained that in one year, they received 34 to 10 provincial
delegations, which gives them no small burden. "Local governments,
CPPCC people to find us, how could not reception?! Of embarrassment. Should be
the one to accompany someone to ask them to dinner, to be gifts." The
president told the "International Herald Tribune" members each
from their own funds out of the pockets of 30 million rand (about 300,000 yuan), of
which two-thirds of the money was from the home for hospitality at all levels of
government officials. According to statistics, the average annual trip to South Africa
from all over China have more than 200 missions, of which more than 100 provincial
and ministerial level delegations, more than 100 below the provincial and ministerial
level delegations. Brisbane, Australia, the Chinese fly (not his real name) often see a
group of portly Chinese tour groups. "Most of them were 45-year-old
middle-aged man, was approached by one of many Chinese officials. In such a small
city one day we can see several groups, let alone in Sydney was." Fly, said:
"they are generally in the park walk around Chinatown for dinner, then go
to the Gold Coast's duty-free shopping, we all despise these people.
In New Zealand, some Chinese officials to attend seminars organized by the New
Zealand Government, but the meeting time, people have disappeared, and all ran to
stroll, to the Government of New Zealand left a very bad impression. "Now,
at public expense seems to have become a potential tourist's unwritten
rules, the provinces have." Shao-Jie Lin, said his provinces and cities of
Finance, Department of Transportation have already organized a similar junket at least
twice. "You see, or China is good, we can travel at public
expense." Guide to the Shao-Jie Lin led such a foreign feeling. In foreign
countries, publicly funded travel prohibitively difficult. "If a mayor in New
Zealand to go to China, city council must first apply for consent to go."
King of the city that even if the City Council agreed to the mayor to go abroad, will
be required to Kuaiqukuaihui, or to be brought back cooperation projects, and the
mayor's annual expenditure in the junket will in the media to the public.

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