The CBC Arts Online Alternative Oscar Pool by kvp14729


									                                   The CBC Arts Online Alternative Oscar Pool
Betting on the nominated categories is for awards show amateurs. How about wagering on the events of
Oscar night itself? Liven up your Oscar Party with’s Alternative Oscar Pool.

Celebrity Who Will Look Most Confused During Three 6           First Name to Be Mentioned in a George Clooney
Mafia’s Performance of best song nominee It’s Hard Out         Acceptance Speech
Here for a Pimp                                                  God
  Jack Nicholson                                                 Dick Cheney
  Robert Altman                                                  David Strathairn
  Judi Dench                                                     Michael Moore
  Dakota Fanning                                                 Hugh Hefner

Number of Awkward Brokeback Mountain Jokes That                Celebrity Who Will Have Wardrobe Malfunction on
Will Be Told Over the Course of the Night                      the Red Carpet
  1-3                                                            Scarlett Johansson
  4-7                                                            Angelina Jolie
  More than 7                                                    Judi Dench
                                                                 Paul Haggis
Celebrity Who Will Get the Most Applause During the
Death Montage                                                  Snubbed Artist Who Will Behave Most Petulantly
  Vincent Schiavelli                                             Scarlett Johansson (Match Point)
  Richard Pryor                                                  Claire Danes (Shopgirl)
  Anne Bancroft                                                  Peter Jackson (King Kong)
  Ossie Davis                                                    Russell Crowe (Cinderella Man)
  Nipsey Russell
                                                               After Dolly Parton, Celebrity Who Will Have the
Winner, Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role         Largest Hair Do
  Philip Seymour Hoffman                                         Sandra Bullock
  Philip Seymour Hoffman                                         Oprah
  Philip Seymour Hoffman                                         Hilary Swank
  Philip Seymour Hoffman                                         William H. Macy
  No, really, Philip Seymour Hoffman
                                                               Presenter Who Will Take Most Liberties with
Most Likely Inspiration for Jon Stewart’s Writers              Academy-Approved Script
  Study the 1995 Letterman tape; do everything opposite          Clint Eastwood
  Satellite link to Stephen Colbert                              Meryl Streep
  Brokeback Mountain, Tora Bora — run with it                    Keanu Reeves
  “Star Jones, Joan Rivers and King Kong walk into a bar...”     Will Smith
  When in doubt, make Jack Nicholson reference                   Jennifer Aniston

Recent Scandal That Host Jon Stewart Will Riff on              Most Likely Celebrity No-Show
the Most                                                         Frances McDormand
  Brangelina                                                     Woody Allen
  Dick Cheney’s bird-hunting mishap                              Renee Zellweger
  James Frey’s fictional memoir                                  David Cronenberg
  Tom Ford art-directing Vanity Fair’s Hollywood issue
  The Canadian men’s hockey team losing at the Olympics

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