INVITATIONS by keiyairickag


									“Come Shake With All You Got @ The Class Of 2008 Graduation Party” Given by: Brandi Morrison, Yesmine Ballom and Benjamin Bennett ~*~ It’s An Easton and John Ehret Collaboration~*~ When: May 17, 2008 Where: Le Posh Hall 4100 General DeGaulle Dr. Time: 6pm-11pm NOPD in Full Effect So Leave that BS at Your Residence Dress 2 Impress: No White Tees and Sagging pants Special Guest performances: Rebirth Brass Band, The Zulu Rascals, Walking Warriors and many more… Call for more info- Brandi-504-376-5340 Directions
Take Left ramp onto I-10 W - go 1.9 mi Take Left exit #234C/WESTBANK/CLAIBORNE AVE onto US-90-BR W toward WESTBANK - go 3.7 mi Take exit #9B/GEN DE GAULLE DR onto GEN. DEGAULLE DR(LA-428 E) - go 2.3 mi Make a U-Turn at RUE PARC FONTAINE onto GEN. DEGAULLE DR - go 0.3 mi Arrive at 4100 GENERAL DEGAULLE DR, NEW ORLEANS, on the Right

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