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									China's first 2,600 KFC restaurants
    There is such a fast thinking: In China, KFC and McDonald's
who's older?
The answer is: Kentucky, because Kentucky is a "grandfather",
who control more than 2,000 stores, and McDonald's is
"uncle", with more than 1,000 stores, uncle, grandfather bigger
than natural. Daochu joke shop in the U.S. McDonald's is only half the
number of KFC, but overtake McDonald's in China.
June 16, 2009, No. 2600 KFC restaurants in China officially opened in the hinterland
of Central China - Zhengzhou!
    This marks the KFC shop in mainland China the number of new highs and continue
to lead the Chinese catering industry a big step. It also officially launched the
"KFC restaurants in China Health Policy White Paper," third
edition, and started the second phase of the dawn of the Fund, which fully
demonstrates the global economy withered millet in today's circumstances,
KFC contrarian strong forward momentum, whilst acknowledging return the
community's confidence and determination.
KFC in China based on China's breakthrough in 2600, lost confidence in

   November 1987, KFC China, the first one settled in Beijing restaurant;
October 2001, KFC China, the first 500 restaurant settled in Shanghai;
September 2002, 700 KFC restaurants in China settled down in Shenzhen;
December 2004, the Chinese settled in KFC restaurant in Sanya 1200;
November 2007, the Chinese KFC restaurant opened in Chengdu No. 2 000;
June 2009, the Chinese restaurant KFC first settled in 2600, Zhengzhou ... ...
   From the national capital, to the coastal cities; from the development of the west, to
central China. KFC in China step by step, pragmatic interpretation of the
"In China, into the life of" total strategy, from north to south so
that Chinese consumers in their own house at all times to enjoy the taste of KFC and
convenient. Yum Group senior vice president of China, Han Ji Lun, general manager
of KFC brand, said: The 2600 Restaurant Whispering Zhengzhou, is a positive
response to the government building in the central city group's call to
contribute to promoting the power of central China.
KFC opened to 2600, Yum Chinese head of Su feeling good.
   The face of "the current economic crisis, high-profile cases, should
expand," the voices of doubt, Yum Chinese head of Su with "In
China, lost confidence," eight words calmly made a conclusion. While in
2009, the global economic downturn, but the KFC on the Chinese market of
confidence in the Accumulate in China, with vigorous and orderly economic
environment and strong immense market potential in this revitalization will play an
important role in the global economy. With the first restaurant opened in 2600, more
than half in 2009, KFC China, proudly handed over to the shop more than 200 results,
at this rate, can be completed in early September at least 300 stores planned for the
year. This also means that in 2009, KFC China will provide 28,000 jobs in the
community, when more than 200,000 people will work with the KFC brand and grow
Daughter Fucai, this restaurant is designed to commemorate the fall my hand.
This is a July 7 when according to participate in the inspection, the interior design
related to business secrets Yum and I, not a SHOW.

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