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					China Planning University Strategic Planning 38 1 talk about
Strategic planning lecture topic concept, position, elements and principles
Teachers lecture, Professor Yue Xinglu
Teaching tips Strategic planning is a very important study of young subjects. Strategic
planning defines the specific content of relatively rare and should be the focus of this
talk. However, strategic planning in business management position, strategic planning
of the basic elements and principles have in-depth study.
The first lecture and the position of corporate strategy planning, elements and
Corporate Strategy and Strategic Planning Section
First, the concept of corporate strategy and the main features
In about business strategy planning, we need first to find out the meaning of business
strategy and its key features.
(A) the meaning of corporate strategy
Corporate strategy is an enterprise in the market, competitive Huan Jing in summing
up historical experience, current situation survey, forecasting the future based on the
survival and development in pursuit of the long-term Zuo Chu, Quan Ju of the plan or
plans. It is the embodiment of business thinking is the result of a series of strategic
decision-making, but also to develop the basis for long-term plan.
(B) an important feature of corporate strategy
1, with the overall corporate strategy. This is the most fundamental characteristic of
corporate strategy. Global corporate strategy to business enterprises for the study to
determine the overall objectives and provisions of the general business operations,
and pursue the total benefit. In other words, the focus of corporate strategy is not of
the nature of some local enterprises, but enterprises as a whole. This is to remind the
overall operation and management of enterprise business strategy should aim,
concerned about the situation and concerned about the overall.
2, has a long-term business strategy. This is the focus of corporate strategy is the
future of business is to seek long-term interests of enterprises, rather than to seek
immediate interests. Effective enterprise management, enterprise strategy to avoid the
"short-term disorder."
3, business strategy is programmatic. This refers to the business strategy for
enterprises to determine the development direction and strategic objectives, both
general principles and provisions of all the staff of the enterprises play a powerful role
in the call and guidance.
4, a protest of corporate strategy. This refers to the companies business strategy is to
beat the competition, meet external threats to the environment, pressures and
challenges of the entire action. It is set against the competitors, with a direct
confrontation. Strategic role of protest in the company's overall business
management is easy to arouse the fighting spirit and morale of all employees in order
to keep the team strong "competitive."
In short, the corporate strategy determines the characteristics of the overall
management of its business plays a key role. Can be said that no definite strategy in
the enterprise, any business tactics are not good or bad. As an English proverb: For a
crazy ship, any direction the winds are contrary.
Second, what is the corporate strategic planning?
(A) strategic planning of the 5P model?
The "Strategic Planning Studies", "strategic
planning" is defined, different schools, different areas, different companies
and entrepreneurs to strategic planning are defined is different. We fully agree with
the Canadian University Business School Professor Jill Mintzberg (H · Mintzberg)
"strategic planning" is defined: Strategic planning process
defined by the five aspects of composition and set norms. The plan (Plan), trick (Ploy),
pattern (Pattern), positioning (Position), concepts (Perspective). This is the strategic
planning of the 5P. These five areas of the strategic planning of enterprise
"5P" defined. This definition shows from different angles, the
formation of corporate strategic planning.
1, the strategic plan is a plan (Plan). Is a conscious, there is the expected action; is
carried out with a goal to have a major impact on the business analysis and
problem-solving action. It is not only a conscious, there are expected to organized
action program, and how to solve a business to achieve in the future from the current
state of the location of the problem. Strategic planning key for businesses to provide
direction and means, including a series of treatment guidelines and policies of a
particular situation, is enterprise "concept before action."
According to this definition, strategic planning has two essential attributes: strategic
planning business activities in the enterprise is prepared before, to prepare people to
use; strategic plan is written into the enterprise as a program official documents, of
course, does not rule out that some do not open , and only a few people understand the
business strategy.
2, strategic planning is a plan (Ploy). Business in a particular case should be put in a
strong strategic deterrent location of the use of weapons, deterrence is sometimes used
here to achieve the purpose of planning, sometimes better to not fight the enemy of
excellent results. It is not only strategic planning before action plans can be in a
particular environment means a course of action and strategy, a threat in the
competition game and beat competitors in the tools. For example, that competitors
want to expand production capacity, the company will make its own strategic plan is
to expand the plant size and production capacity. Since the company financial strength,
product quality is excellent, competitors knew not compete, they will give up the idea
of expanding production capacity. However, once rivals abandoned the original plan,
the firm does not necessarily want to expand the capacity of strategic planning
implementation. Therefore, this strategy can only be called the plan a threat to
3, strategic planning is a pattern (Pattern). Strategic planning embodied in a series of
acts, is a series of specific actions and business results reflect reality, not just before
the action plans or means. That is, regardless of whether the pre-established business
strategy, as long as there are specific business activities, there is in fact the strategy.
As president of Ford Motor Company Henry Ford asked "T"
Ford car painted black behavior, it can be understood as a strategy. Corporate
behavior pattern is formed in the history, Therefore, in formulating corporate strategy
process must understand the business on Fa Zhan Shi, in Xuanze strategy to consider
when Chongfen and Zunzhong business the old behavior patterns, because it would be
of great Jueding business strategy for the future implementation of the choice and
effectiveness of strategic planning. To change corporate behavior, we must first fully
understand the difficulty of implementing such changes.
Mintzberg believes that the strategic plan as a plan or pattern definitions are
independent of each other. Practice, the schemes are often not implemented, the
model might not plan in advance the case of the formation. Therefore, the strategy
may be the result of human action, rather than the design results. Therefore, defined
as "planned" strategy is to design the strategy, and defined as
"model" strategy is realized strategy, strategy is actually a
movement from plan to achieve results. Strategy that can not be achieved after the end
of the strategic planning, through a separate channel disappeared from the
preparations for the implementation of channel strategy. The preparations for the
implementation of the strategy and the strategic initiative through the respective
channels, the flow of the strategy have been achieved. This is a dynamic strategic
point of view, the entire strategy as it is a "behavior stream" of
the movement.
4, strategic planning is a positioning (Position). American scholar Roumet ear special
(Remelte) states: a person's strategy is another tactic --- an event whether it
is strategic, depending on the status decision-makers, also left and right by the time
factor; today to see to a tactical problem, tomorrow may prove to be strategic, in other
words, business strategy is a position of an organization in their own environment
position; in the enterprise and the environment in the formation of an intermediate
traction force so both sides are blended to produce a healthy development of the
enterprise's longevity chain. Thus, strategic planning is a position that may
be an enterprise in its environment in the location, is to determine the position in the
market. In the areas of corporate strategy is very broad and could include production
processes, customers and markets, corporate social responsibility and self-interests of
any business activities and behavior. But the most important De is to develop
strategies should take full consideration to the external environment, in particular,
competition in the industry structure and efficiency of the impact of corporate
practices, to determine enterprise Zai industry in the 地位 and achieve the status of
Suo Ying Gai various measures taken. The strategy as a kind of positioning is to
corporate resources through the proper configuration to form a powerful competitive
5, strategic planning is a concept (Perspective). It is the expression of the corporate
strategic objective cognitive style inherent in the world, reflects the business
environment, values and organization inherent in the objective world view, and thus
reflect the values of corporate strategic decision-makers. Strategic decision-makers in
the business external environment and internal conditions of an analysis of the
subjective judgments that strategy, therefore, strategy is the product of subjective
rather than objective. When the business strategy decision-makers subjective
judgments are consistent with internal and external environment when the actual
situation of the development strategy is correct; the other hand, when the environment
does not meet the reality of subjective judgments, the corporate strategy is wrong.
Strategic planning is a concept definition, emphasize the abstract nature of the
strategy and its essence is that, with the values, culture and ideals such as
Jingshenneirong 为 member organizations there, strategic Guannian to by members
of the 期望 and behavior of the formation of Gong Xiang, expectations and behavior
of individuals through collective aspirations and actions reflected. Therefore, the
study of an organization's strategy, to understand and master the
organization's expectations of how members of the sharing, and how to
take common action on a consistent basis.
More than five "strategic planning" but also the composition
were defined as "strategic." Between them there is a certain
relation between each other, so planners to integrate the use of these five areas, the
real form their own 5p planning system.
Third, the overall corporate strategic planning in corporate management planning in
an important position
"Strategic planning for the enterprise, regardless of the size, operating in
the field of width about, or its type, is very important. We dare not say there is no
strategy, enterprises can not survive, but we believe there is no strategic planning,
business can not develop and grow, but in today's brutally competitive
world market, no business strategy, even if likely to survive, it must be on their last
legs, because it is the outside do not have any competitive edge, like a leaf in a boat in
rough sea with waves and waves; neither external strategies for navigation, there is no
strategy for internal ballast can only let the waves with the waves crash and
subversion. "
The whole enterprise management planning, involving many elements to conduct
planning projects. Such as enterprise CIS planning, advertising planning, marketing
planning, finance planning, management planning, new product planning and
corporate strategic planning about this article and so on. But on the plan itself and the
importance of the decisive role of corporate speaking, we believe that strategic
planning is the enterprise business plan projects a top priority for all. Strategic
planning in business planning in the overall business management is very important
and special place. The importance of concrete in the following areas:
(A) their overall corporate strategic planning is the core business management
Can be said that all enterprises tactical planning, project planning had to focus on
strategic planning for businesses. In the corporate strategic planning did not complete
before the company made a variety of tactical planning, project planning are likely to
be futile, and even sometimes may be "poles apart" in. Analogy,
a production of the paper towel disinfection businesses, it should first be planning
how to adapt to the competitive market, to develop more market segments for
different products, companies need marketing strategy planning. As for the cost of a
particular towel how to reduce, how to increase productivity so this type of planning
is a business marketing strategy should be finalized plan only after the production
planning should be done and cost reduction plan. And that is done, there must be
planning to do around the corporate marketing strategy. For example: cost reduction
plan, if a particular towel down to lower and lower down the cost is likely to affect the
use of the product function, then this plan would have stopped. Otherwise, go on, is
useless, even harmful plan. It can be said of the corporate strategic planning, tactical
planning is the core business. Other plans are to start on the basis of strategic planning,
and from time to time to the planning around it.
(B) their overall corporate strategic planning is the key management and key planning
As with anything else to do, to succeed, you have to grasp the key issues and key.
Seize the key points and key, you can achieve a breakthrough, you can play a
multiplier effect. Their overall management plan as well, as long as the corporate
strategic planning to seize the key to corporate strategic planning, first of all, do bits,
then the next variety of tactical planning and project planning relatively much easier.
And the coefficient of success much greater. In other words, as long as the corporate
strategic planning in this general direction is correct, scientific, even if the next
individual tactical planning is not particularly successful, it would not cause much
impact on the overall situation. This is called the "River, the waves roll,
although the sediment in several sections of obstruction, but still can not stop the
torrent trend forward" effect. Strategic planning is sometimes tantamount
to this point. Like a trading company, China's real estate be popular in the
nineties when the firm involved in real estate development industry, and achieved
very impressive results of operations, as it has done investment strategy planning is
very successful. The success, the reason is that it captures real estate environment
nineties, big market focus of the enterprise strategic planning and key. It is like a
business celebrity to say: "A company's strategic direction and
accurate, and is like a high-speed ride on the express train speeding
economy", save trouble much, but also save far more strength. China
ranked top ten name plate of the Chengdu Real Estate Industry is one such example of
confidence. Confidence industrial companies millions by the trading company had
evolved into today has hundreds of millions of assets, the real estate sector in the
country have greater impact on real estate development enterprises. Confidence of
success, first of all thanks to its chairman Mr. Yang Hao had made the right
investment strategy planning.
(C) Strategic planning is the planning of their overall operation and management of
Strategic planning is mainly to help companies answer the following key with the
direction of the key issues. Such as "Who am I?" "I
come from?" "I will go?" "How will I
go?" And so on. Therefore, the company's various business
management plan must be laid down to see the direction of corporate strategic
planning. Any deviation from the tactical planning of corporate strategy, is way better,
then fantastic, but also useless in the planning, but planning can be harmful. Good
Bike Da company, its strategic positioning plan was originally a professional quality
photographic equipment to provide a variety of world-class companies. It's
all tactical planning on the management to the strategic positioning must be planning
to point to the standard. However, the history of Kodak's acquisition of
large pharmaceutical companies had been operating plan, eventually, after billions of
dollars of losses transferred out of the end. Strategic business planning can be seen
once finalized, in no particular advantage appears (such as market dominance, talent
advantages, management strengths, etc.), generally do not make unauthorized changes
in the best established strategic corporate planning. Otherwise, the departure from the
company after verification of the correct history of the "beacon",
and then wonderful plan may bring disaster to the enterprise.
Section II of the basic elements of corporate strategic planning
This issue should be related to corporate strategic planning, said the main contents of
the professional planning technical problems. Currently, the planning of major
domestic companies and their well-known head of the speech in its public, but
occasionally talk to some fragmentation of speech. Internationally renowned strategic
management consulting firm McKinsey & planning, Roland Berger, etc.
have also deeply taboo MO. I think it is probably because of commercial
confidentiality. Otherwise, how will customers McKinsey &
Company's strategic consulting fee is easily a million dollars too! Indeed,
corporate strategic planning, technology has its confidentiality, but also a high gold
content in particular, the success of the enterprise strategic planning techniques! But
even in this situation, business strategy planning as a subject, can still be found in
many successful cases the secret of its plans. Meanwhile, corporate strategic planning
is a highly actual subject. Many planning techniques can be explored and summarized
from practice. We believe that corporate strategic planning, mainly including the four
basic elements. That is: First, we must develop a scientific and pragmatic business
strategic planning; Second, we must develop a highly efficient management and
operation of strategic planning; Third, we must develop the talents of a highly
stimulating strategic planning; Fourth, we must develop a strong vitality, and with
distinctive characteristics of corporate culture strategic planning. These four basic
elements, I call it "corporate strategic planning of the four major magic
weapon." Why are these four basic elements known as the "four
magic" mean? As proven, in almost all companies use the four elements of
strategic planning, success factor can reach eight to over ninety percent sure. Some
well-known case of large-scale strategic planning, analyzing its basic elements of
planning will find that most of them coincide the "four magic
weapon" contained in the "golden elements" in
whole or in part.
Why, then, successful business strategy planning mainly consists of these four basic
elements of the core, not the other elements of it?
After careful analysis, we find that the success of an enterprise, first of all its business
strategy must be correct. Business strategy is the main business address
"what" of this major problem. Second, it's
management strategy must be highly efficient in nature. Management strategy is the
key to solve business "how to do it," this issue. Third,
it's human resources strategy must be stimulating. Talent Strategy main
thing to address is the business "who do" the problem. Finally,
corporate culture strategy. Successful enterprise, its corporate culture must be a strong
vitality, and also with the major distinctive features. Culture strategy is to answer the
main settlement enterprise, "Who am I" is a clear position in the
competition a major problem. Modern planning has so often it comes down to
corporate brand strategy planning up. In addition, these four basic elements, the first
three basic elements are the answer to the last element of "Who am
I," pave the way for the. Is like IBM, Coca-Cola, Haier and other
enterprises, their business strategy, management strategy, talent strategy is successful,
a successful strategy in these profound truth contained up to a philosophical
perspective, and thus form a unique company values, then these values into a kind of
abstract, symbolic representation of the design. Then the final show in front of
consumers, the public is a month before the highly personal, distinctive and full of
vitality of the well-known brand. Therefore, it can be said, as long as the corporate
strategic planning to solve these four basic elements of the core, and clearly the
internal relations of these elements, then planning a successful corporate strategy is
obtained can learn, but also can do well.
Of course, as a knowledge-intensive, technology-intensive high intellectual
professions, just to understand the basic elements of corporate strategic planning is
not enough. Corporate strategic planning as a professional who must also master the
basic elements of what the specific content, as well as the linkages between them.
According to some master plan that the strategic planning experience, these four core
elements of the basic content of their relationship in the following areas:
1, business strategy planning main content
On business strategy, it's basic elements include: products and markets,
growth orientation, competitive advantages and synergies. This is also the famous
Ansoff Strategic management elements content. The four aspects of the basic content
can produce a force in the enterprise to form a common operating thread business.
Doing business strategic planning, the first should be from the product, technology
and marketing aspects of a similar nature, as the company determined a common
operating thread. Strategic planning is a very key element, is a very important first
Second, business management strategic planning of the main content
The company's management strategy, it's basic elements include:
organizational systems, command systems, communication systems, check the
feedback system, the program budget system. It features must be closely coordinated
business strategy to develop features. Services in business strategy and subject to
business strategy.
Third, corporate human resources main elements of strategic planning
The company's talent strategy, it's basic elements include:
personnel selection and recruitment, training and encouraging. On the whole, a
number of companies helped by the success of its strategy to succeed, but on the
talent strategy point of view, its success should be helped by the success of its talent
strategy. Such examples abound in the business. Such as saving Chrysler's
Ya Keka, resurrection IBM's Lou Gerstner, so General Motors to become
the U.S. economy, "locomotive" of the Welch so. Can be said
that the success of a business can be attributed to this business-critical talent strategy
success. Therefore, we have the human resources strategy as an important element of
a separate listed.
Fourth, corporate culture, strategic planning of the main content
On strategy, corporate culture, its basic content can be a word, is good business
planning CIS system. CIS system consists of three parts: MI system (concept
recognition system), BI systems (behavior recognition system), VI systems (image
recognition system). In fact, strategic planning culture to a large extent, CIS is to
improve corporate strategic planning. This has been proven successful many times
over the industry.
Section III the basic principles of corporate strategic planning
First, entrepreneurs have to bear the responsibility of corporate strategy design
Enterprise development and organizational resources to complete the process of
creating profits, the entrepreneur above all the fundamental responsibility. Strategic
management, it means the design entrepreneur profits of labor. As the era of
knowledge economy business group leaders, should be aware of their responsibilities
exist, must be aware of the profit is to design out first, but also must understand how
to design out of profits. Enterprise Group leaders should pay attention and grasp
business strategy, application of this Sheji good idea and tool profits, Tong Guo
strategic study and research, the establishment of the strategic thinking of keeping
with the times, by organizing strategic management, competitive position and to
compete brand and create long-term stable profits.
   Second, corporate strategy depend on a broad-based market research
Majority of businesses in China market and the lack of management of external
environments, generally manage their own enterprise product of the production and
sales, but not management products, where the industry or Chanye the position and
competitive advantages, the lack of departure from the industry to the strategic
planning and Sheji program, there was no industry where the control and management
methods and ideology. Enterprise development, often in the past history of the state as
a frame of reference, not to the future needs and market development as a frame of
reference, state of the industry's lack of management development needs,
which led to many leading enterprises in the case of products can not be industry
leaders, not by industry large profit. Corporate strategic planning, market research
must be on a broad basis of scientific industry positioning and strategic planning.
   Third, corporate strategic decision-making forward-looking perspective to analyze
As a major business leaders must focus on from the future, establish strategic thinking
and strategic decision-making habits. Vision to be a strategist, to study the business
environment and competitive strategy for survival, from the industry a high degree of
external market and industry competitors, as well as careful analysis of their strengths
and weaknesses in order to establish the value of steady growth based on profits and
long-term development strategy of the enterprise system . The focus must be on the
business strategy industry high, strategy development must be built on the premise of
full investigation and system analysis, based on strategic research and
decision-making to overcome short-term visual behavior.
   Fourth, business strategy to carry out the objectives of system design
Corporate strategy is a plan embodies the competitive spirit and competition, the
ideological document. Reflected in the Corporate Strategy objectives and the external
environment, external management, or business competition, is empty talk. In strategy
development, the competition should focus on the core, from the target, the
environment, trends, key resources, strategy and major Hang Dong Deng Jinxing
system to establish the business competitors of sustainable development and Chaoyue
system of goal systems. Only through strategic management of the enterprise,
constantly chasing system to achieve strategic objectives, business can have over their
competitors capabilities.
   Fifth, corporate strategy must be rooted in business practice
Competitive business strategy is the development of a programmatic document, the
research must be in the business standpoint. Strategic thinking generation, is actually
based on a deep understanding of the enterprise, based on long and coherent thought
processes. Therefore, the business strategy must be rooted in business practice,
thinking can be introduced, but the strategy can not be introduced, any strategy to do
so well-known enterprises at home and abroad to apply to their business management
practices on corporate strategy makes no sense. Whether the enterprise itself or
outside the planning consulting firm, in strategic planning can not be divorced from
the time-depth understanding and analysis of enterprise, which is the basis for the
preparation of strategic planning programs. Business environment and the realities of
survival are specific and complicated, any one company wants to develop a good
business strategy, companies must be based on substantive in-depth 研究, not the
expectation Kao-known successful entrepreneurs over to help, even Bu possible to
rely on well-known scholar of set theory to alternative strategies. (Data from the 21st
century MBA teaching materials and the Internet)
Thinking problems
1, the meaning of corporate strategy and its characteristics?
2, the definition of corporate strategic planning 5p specific content?
3 Strategic planning in business management position with what's
4, the basic elements of corporate strategic planning, what is?
5 What is the principle of corporate strategic planning?

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