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China CNC Machine Tool Analysis


									China CNC Machine Tool Analysis
I. Analysis of numerical control machine tools

(A) Status of domestic CNC machine tools

In recent years, China's share of CNC machine tool enterprises increased
year by year, in large and medium companies have more use, and even individuals in
small and medium enterprises are generally started. In these CNC machine tools,
except for a small machine tools to integrated use of FMS model, the most in a single
run the state, and a considerable part in the use of inefficient management and

In 2001, output value of China's machine tool industry has entered the
world in five, the amount of machine tool consumption up in the world rankings to No.
3, reaching 4.739 billion U.S. dollars, second only to the United States, 5.367 billion
U.S. dollars, spending increased 25% over the previous year. However, domestic
CNC machine tools can not meet the market demand, so China's machine
tool imports increasing year by year, imports of machine tools in 2001 jumped to No.
2 in the world, reaching 2.406 billion U.S. dollars, up 27.3%.

China's export growth in recent years, large CNC machine tools with CNC
lathes, CNC grinding machines, CNC machine tools, CNC cutting, CNC forming
bending machines, CNC die-casting machine, general machine tools are drilling,
sawing machine, slotting machine, pull bed, combination machines, hydraulic presses,
woodworking and machine tools. CNC machine tool exports to middle and low-based

(B) the characteristics of domestic CNC machine tools

1, new product development with great breakthrough, high-tech products dominate.

For example: length of 33 km of the Shanghai Maglev train line is
"15" during the national key construction projects, Zuchenglieju
line of 2550 Guidao Liang is the whole project the most crucial components of the
processing track beam Jing Du raised rather high demand. Early last year, the
Shenyang Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. machine tool factory in the Czech Republic,
friendship and duration of 6 months, the subject of 62 million yuan in special machine
tools magnetic levitation rail project tender to titles and captured at the end of August
will be a one-time acceptance boring 8 NC beam milling production line consisting of
a test track the success of the current set of boring and milling machining center has
processed the track beam 1100, to ensure that the rail beam machining accuracy and
speed of testing to achieve the end of this year has laid a good foundation.

2 large increase production of NC machine tools, numerical control rate improved

2001 Machine Tool in domestic production reached 18,000 units, up 28.5%. Metal
cutting NC machine tool industry output value increased from 17.4% in 2000
increased to 22.7% in 2001.

3, the key to supporting the development of CNC machine tools have a breakthrough

Through government support in recent years, CNC machine tool supporting the
production has been rapid development. Such as the Beijing Aerospace Corporation
CNC system with independent intellectual property rights to establish a new
generation of open CNC system; Yantai Second Machine Tool Accessories Factory
has developed a variety of CNC machine tools supporting Chip Power Chuck and
filtering devices; Jinan second CNC Gantry Machine Tool Group, boring and milling
machine, CNC Floor Boring and Milling Machine and CNC forging equipment more
than 30 series over 100 varieties of CNC accessories.

Second, foreign Analysis of CNC machine tools

(A) the current status of CNC machine tools abroad

1, the international machine tool market, the consumer mainstream CNC machine

In 1998 most of the world's machine tool imports are CNC machine tools,
CNC machine tools of U.S. imports was 70, China 60%. CNC machine tool
consumption trends the world from the beginning to CNC EDM machines, CNC
lathes, CNC milling machine is giving to machining centers, special machine tools,
complete sets of equipments.

2, the foreign network of CNC machine tools.

As computer technology and network technologies are increasingly commonly used,
numerical control machine to the network, integration has become an inevitable trend
and the direction of the Internet into a manufacturing plant shop a matter of time.
From another perspective, that is popular ERP information technology for the
manufacturing plant is just limited to the usual management sector (human, financial,
material, production, supply, marketing) or the design, development and so the upper
part of Information is not enough, factory, workshop the bottom of the processing
equipment - CNC machine tools can not be connected into a network or information
technology manufacturing plant will inevitably become the bottleneck of information
technology, the so-called ERP was more "virtual" is not able to
really solve the manufacturing plants of the most crucial problem. So, faced with
increasing global competition for modern manufacturing plant, the first is to greatly
enhance the machine's NC rate, which is CNC machine tools must meet the
minimum number or proportion; the second is owned by the NC machine tool must
have a two-way, high-speed network communications to ensure information flow in
the factory, workshop, and between the bottom of the bottom and smooth
communication between the upper.

To FANVC and Siemens CNC system represented manufacturers have introduced a
few years ago CNC system with network functionality. In these systems, in addition
to the traditional RS232 interfaces, but also have the Ethernet interface for CNC
machine network provides the basic conditions. As the level of development of
foreign enterprises, the network interface function CNC machine tool is defined for
remote monitoring, remote diagnostics.

Third, expert analysis and forecasting

1, promote the use of CNC machine tools and gradually dominated by the economic
model the main change to the universal type. According to the forecast analysis to
2005, China's CNC machine tools was 9.5% -10.36% 2010 -19.27% to
16.5%. In 2001-2010, the proportion of the economic model to reduce the proportion
of universal type continued to grow, the demand for high-level type of slow growth.

2, CNC metal cutting machine tools becoming more and more reasonable than the
composition. CNC machining process focused features, will have a composite
function of the demand for efficient growth of CNC machine tools, CNC machine
tools that will lead to ownership and market consumption in the composition of
various types of CNC machine tools than the composition ratio different from the

3, the application of CNC machine tools from the single to the unit (system) direction.
Currently in Europe, America, Japan and other countries have been very common
application of DNC, CNC flexible manufacturing unit sales accounted for more than
30%. In China, FMC, FMS, and FML's possession of less than 50 units,
equivalent to the level of the Japanese 80 years, accounting for the amount of CNC
machine tool consumption less than 5%.

4, good export prospects. 1998 and previous years, China's machine tool
exports hovering around 500 million U.S. dollars in 2000, rising to 785 million U.S.
dollars, with the Southeast Asian economic recovery and China's export
market formation and consolidation of multi-polarization, and China's
accession to WTO, the future China's machine tool exports a few years to
achieve steady, sustainable growth. In 2005 export volume is expected to reach 1.2
billion U.S. dollars.
WTO on the structural impact of China's Machinery Industry

Join the WTO, foreign investors the structural impact of China's machinery
industry mainly in the following points:

1, some industry initiative may be affected. In the following industries will be more
prominent: First, is the market growth stage in China, foreign technology and
know-how to grasp a monopoly of the technology-intensive industries such as gas
turbines, DC transmission key equipment, semi-feed-type rice combine harvest
machines, mechanical and electrical integration of automotive engine accessories and
spare parts, etc.; 2 is difficult to play alone company limited market capacity, an
urgent need to support the global market sectors, such as high-voltage switch,
transformer, high-grade scientific instruments, high-end digital control system,
intelligent industrial control systems; third big difference between production costs at
home and abroad, foreign brands enjoy significant advantages in the Chinese factories
in the world market for huge profits flow of labor-intensive or easily fabricated
products industry, such as cameras, copiers Some industrial and civil instruments,
high-quality low-voltage electrical appliances.

2, Project sets the industry will face more severe competition. With the opening up
trade in services, the strength of foreign companies may be more actively to organize
its internal control, to project contracting as the main business of engineering
companies, backed by its parent company products to the domestic situation of the
Chinese employees are familiar with the backbone for the business, and domestic
enterprises to start my competition.

3, China's machinery industry enthusiasm autonomous technological
innovation may be inhibited. Machinery enterprises in China as foreign investment
commitment in the main workshop of the role, sources of technology mainly depend
on its parent company, Er originally Jiu limited strength of domestic enterprises in the
market 竞争 Wanquankaifang persist in Zixingyanzhi Kai Fa Jiang severe risk Weile
Jieshengtouru, improve the product's image, the majority of domestic and
foreign enterprises will cooperate as much as possible, using international peer
technology for production.

4, in the naive phase of self-growth industries tend to severe environment. Because
foreign companies will be more reluctant to transfer technology, China is more
willing to hold through their control of the enterprises from the domestic Jixie
business Zhengduo with Chinese users order, domestic users also have more 便利
purchasing foreign products, so part of the infancy of self-important products will be
more difficult to fostering the growth of the industry.
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