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					China B2C Market Annual Report online retail
Analysys International based on their own e-commerce market, especially B2C online
retail industry, accumulated over the years, combined with a large number of industry
professionals visit and deep analysis of secondary data to complete this report.
China's sustained and rapid growth in the number of Internet users, Internet
users continue to enhance the online shopping penetration rate of Internet users on
online retail business needs rapidly. Background of various industry manufacturers
and organizations have used their inherent advantages, began a large-scale
involvement of B2C online retail market. However, because of domestic regulations
in areas of online retailers lack, B2C online retail market is expected to How? User
needs to release and mining? How business model innovation? Many problems
plaguing the entire value chain of B2C online retailing.
Based on the online retail value chain of the deep understanding of the status quo and
market a comprehensive grasp and easy to view in the B2C value chain in-depth
analysis based on the trends of the B2C industry and the opportunities given the
forward-looking forecasts and recommendations.
In this paper the following questions, B2C online retail industry in China the status
and trends of research:
Industrial Environment: China's B2C online retail industry environment in
China? Online retail market for financial crisis will have an impact?
Value chain: B2C online retail-related economic, social environment, and our
information technology, logistics and distribution system, financial system and credit
system of the status and trends.
User Requirements: B2C online retail e-commerce form that users see how their
actions are like?
Report highlights
B2C online retail business model analysis
Comprehensive B2C online retail business model and development of
B2C online retail business model integrated current characteristics
The number of users, the number and category of goods continued to increase, sales
have been expanding. Comprehensive B2C users online retail vendors, products
category and quantity of sales has always been an industry leader, and continued
investment in marketing situation continued to boost growth. Share of sales of
publications occupy more and more manufacturers of low and replace it with
department stores and 3C products, share rapidly.
Competition heating up, lack of profitability. Major integrated B2C online retail
investment firms to rely on support from the larger size of the market and customers,
as in marketing and infrastructure investment in high regard, and the fierce
competition led to low profit margins, leading to major B2C online retail companies
are difficult to profit.
Comprehensive B2C online retail business model trends
Increase product category, especially 3C class products, providing one-stop shopping
service, to improve the user experience, and vertical B2C online retail companies in
direct competition.
With suppliers, logistics companies, third-party payment platform and the bank more
closely to promote the development of the whole industry chain and value promotion.
The online and offline physical store retail sales, mail-order business more closely,
and gradually form a multi-channel sales model of maturity.
Vertical B2C online retail business model and development of
B2C online retail business model of vertical current characteristics
Market has expanded rapidly. Vertical B2C online retail in the 3C, maternal and child
products, adult products and other areas of rapid development in their respective areas
of sales and market share was more than comprehensive B2C online retail companies.
Strong profitability. B2C online retail vertical high degree of specialization,
geographical distribution vary greatly, price competition is not intense, single-product
more profitable, the main vertical B2C online retail companies are in a profitable state.
However, with the vertical B2C market segments more and more companies, the
market is gradually entering a phase of price competition, profitability will be
Regional in nature. Most vertical B2C online retail companies in Beijing, Shanghai,
Guangzhou and other online shopping penetration rate, strong purchasing power,
logistics developed central city core, and focus on areas of their respective
Multi-channel sales. More vertical B2C online retail vendors and mail order business
with online, offline business combination approach, and focus on the development of
Alliance Web site, the formation of a more mature multi-channel sales model.
Increasingly competitive market. Comprehensive B2C online retail companies
expanded rapidly 3C, maternal and child supplies the higher margin merchandise
categories, the vertical B2C online retail company is also actively expanding,
increasingly competitive market.
B2C online retail business model of vertical trends
Geographical expansion. Main vertical B2C online retail companies in the
consolidation of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, while the core urban markets, to
Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou as the core to the neighboring region and other
economically developed cities radiation expansion.
Expansion of product category, product line extension. Demand for the target
population, abundant product category, extending product lines, vertical product areas
gradually integrated B2C services.
With manufacturers and suppliers to work more in-depth. With the vertical B2C
online retail company gradually expanded the scale of consumption, and the upper
part of the industry chain and further deepen the relationship, with manufacturers and
suppliers of the Game will be a more active position, directly affect the upstream
industry chain.
Participants in the market segments more and more competition in the market will
move into the price competition stage, the firms will decrease profitability, but also
drive the company more focus on service improvements.
China's B2C online retail market impact of the annual event
April 10, 2008, Taobao announced that its B2C platform "Taobao
Mall" on-line test, will be the new face of online shopping service is good
consumer, while helping develop the Chinese brand to build cost-effective new sales
channel .
Taobao release Taobao Mall's attempt to B2B2C model is the trend of the
Internet to meet the traditional industries embodiment, B2B2C open platform service
model, for many enterprises to provide a platform for online sales, contribute to more
rapid implementation of the retail industry Internet-based.
B2C platform model gradually formed in China online retail market will be the
further development of online retail market driving force.
Taobao C2C platform for many years under the user, traffic, transaction size and the
amount of payment, credit and service system, have become the dominant mode into
the B2C platform. On the other hand, Taobao Mall also help by providing services to
achieve improvements in its business model.
In April 2008 and June, Jingdong Mall air conditioners, refrigerators, washing
machines, fully on-line, complete the layout of major home appliances.
3C rapid development of commodity markets, online shopping channels and
traditional channels of growing importance as 3C product line layout.
3C merchandise online retail service provider product lines and Gome and Suning
Appliance Chain and other line enterprises increasingly overlap, online and offline
sales will gradually intense competition, the traditional retail channel will be an
unprecedented challenge.
May 2008, the National Postal Authority has issued a "Catalogue of
Prohibited articles and Treatment", "The delivery service
enterprises acceptance product safety regulations", "the 29th
Olympic Games on strengthening security notices posted and delivered goods
"and a series of documents, online retail service providers Jingdong Mall,
great Amazon, are given some disruption and delay delivery of goods notice.
Online retail sales by the physical logistics bottlenecks, logistics, environmental
change on online retail market will have a direct impact, online retail warehousing
and logistics service providers need to improve national distribution.
July 2008, Jingdong Mall in June turnover more than 100 million yuan,
China's B2C online retail industry, monthly sales champion. This is the
first time, the vertical B2C online retail companies over integrated B2C online retail
companies become industry leaders.
3C online retail market, the rapid development of goods, so Jingdong Mall became
the first monthly trade volume of over 100 million yuan of Chinese B2C online retail
Vertical B2C online retail companies is much higher than the profitability of
integrated B2C online retail companies. Vertical B2C online retail
company's rapid rise will change the existing pattern of B2C online retail
July 12, 2008, "Express Market Regulations," published and
implemented from the date of publication, "Procedures" is the
standard express delivery market, specifically the first executive and legislative
documents (administrative regulations). In addition, the Beijing Express Association
also established in early 2008.
"Express Market Regulations," the introduction of express
delivery market that will be strictly monitoring the administrative regulations. Law
and regulation will promote China's express industry consolidation and
healthy development, and then realize the positive impact of online retail industry.
"Express Market Regulations," the introduction and
establishment of regional associations Express, the express delivery market in
particular is in the macro-regulation and industry self-regulation of progress, is
expected to promote the healthy development of the express market, through effective
marketing to increase the overall market correction level of service.
October 22, 2008, announced the launch of Grand Dangdang free shipping activities,
Dangdang users who have chosen to ordinary express home delivery and ordinary
mail, and can enjoy free shipping offer. On the same day, freight collect outstanding
Amazon adjustment standard, the original audience to over 30 per free shipping free
Freight price competition integrated B2C online retail companies to reflect the
expansion of the user scale and improve profitability there are obstacles.
The amount of less than 30 per single transaction in the B2C online retail transactions
is very low proportion, so Dangdang and excellent move for Amazon to adjust their
freight revenue impact of small businesses, the focus is on user experience.
Products Recommended
Analysys International: China's B2C market in 2008 sales volume will
reach 8 billion, up 7 percent of chain
Analysys International (Analysys International) recently released the
"China        B2C       online    retail  market     report    2009     annual
consolidated" data show that in 2008 the first three quarters,
China's B2C online retail sales volume reached 5.31 billion yuan, is
expected to reach eight billion yuan the year, increase of 72.4% compared to 2007.
While the reasons for rapid growth of the market from Internet users and the rapid
growth of online shoppers, on the other hand comes from the 3C products segment
matures, to promote the rapid increase in market size. In addition, Taobao Mall B2C
platforms such as the model appears also to boost the overall size of B2C market
Analysys International (Analysys International) study pointed out that China online
retail market has matured to form a comprehensive online retail sites and online retail
website vertical complementary situation. In the category selection, comprehensive
online retailers should strive to achieve complete mainstream category of mainstream
products that meet most needs of most consumers; vertical online retail market,
should strive to reflect the professional to achieve in the vertical category of all
varieties, and pursuit of long tail value.
Taobao Mall's launch, the B2C model of online retail platform, the official
introduction of online retail market, more traditional companies, including
manufacturers, distributors and retailers can access this way B2C online retail market,
the model is huge, and the future few years will be a powerful driving force for
market growth. With the growing economic crisis, the traditional companies will pay
more attention to the Internet channel, B2C online retail platform will be the
traditional enterprises to enter the online retail market in the most convenient choice.
Logistics service user experience is still the main bottleneck, it is China's
largest B2C online retail market short board. Natural disasters in 2008 and the
Olympic events such as the embargo on the B2C online retail market are causing no
small impact. 1st quarter 2008, and therefore the first time a decline in trading volume.
Analysys International (Analysys International) studies that strengthen the logistics
resources in the southern and central regions of the layout, second and third line
spending power of the region's growth will be the biggest impetus for the
next few years.