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					Chengdu Website - Online Shopping Mall 13 extension methods
  ?In recent years, there emerged a large number of B2C Web site, the economic crisis
in 2008 when the invasion, not only has no effect on B2C sites, but B2C website to
bring new hope, in the exacerbation of the economic crisis continues to influence the
time businesses have realized the role of the Internet, have also joined the ranks of
e-commerce. 10 Fight Network - site construction studio in Chengdu in this one
according to their own experience and research to promote more successful in some
of the current B2C web site promotion methods, summarizes the following
promotional measures, we want to help.
   1. Increase the value of PR
   E-commerce site for a PR value is very important, PR value, said the level of the
site with search engine weight. Meanwhile, PR value and indirectly bring traffic to the
site, while the value for the PR practice is looking for sites with high PR value of
doing links, the most direct approach is the fastest way is to use the link to buy
Google in a way PR update put the value of time to improve. Then, use the increased
value of PR go with with their own equal or higher than the exchange website links,
and finally the link to the website prior to purchasing slowly removed.
   2. Early SEO Optimization
   Early in the construction site on the entire site SEO should make some order, that
piece of action is in technology and technical personnel are more familiar with the.
Then we have to do is search on the users habits and make sure to understand and
speculation. As for the electrical site, I suggest a reference bubble net, Zhongguancun
online, they list the product page for the page title of settings, such as pressing Juice
Machine:, juicer offer, price, brand, model, rank, recommend, and in the products
details page is Midea Midea, JE701AB Juicer offer price picture parameters of
performance, and for these keywords in the introduction of goods which will a repeat
appearance, not make search engines think that please them in intentionally.
   3. Paid search engine
   For paid search engines, any one piece of e-commerce company can not inevitable
because the current 使用 search engine information to locate De size of the crowd,
and even quite good at present have done them all Haizai Jingdong and Zhuo Yue Use
paid search engine, and input is not small, for this piece of input can only minimize
the cost per single Dai Lai, in which the use of a technique is to increase the use of
keywords and long tail Guan Jian Pan Words put the amount of hot competition as the
key word.
   4. Q-type community
   Using Q-type community. Main effect of using long tail keywords bring more
traffic, currently the best platform for community questions and answers are: Baidu
know the world is a Q & A, Sina Love asked, soso's ask, where
Baidu and the End of the World Q & A that can bring traffic and love for
Sina and soso's ask the question more suitable for brand promotion, Baidu
know when to do pay attention to skills, to understand their rules, but on the End of
the World Q & A, for the relatively relaxed rules of these questions and
   5.cps Union
   CPS CPS Union, including third-party alliances and self CPS Union, use of
third-party CPS Union can be quickly erected a larger advertising alliance. But these
alliances are not very active members to put in your real-time advertising or
promotional activities, publicity and promotion as Zai Fangmianxiaoguo would have
a Ying Xiang, take advantage of CPS Lianmengkeyi self control and Kuaisufanying
Dao promotions Dangzhong, Duiyu the site has a good help. Also, because CPS is a
self-built Union when dealing with these members to communicate more easily, they
can take the initiative to go to the mall to grab some promotional information, to
maximize the effectiveness of these promotional campaign.
   10 Fight Network Studios ( is a professional: Chengdu,
website building, website construction enterprises in Chengdu, Chengdu web
production, Chengdu, the original domain address space:
   6. Different business cooperation
   The collaboration with different industries to expand their promotional channel for
cooperation with different industries, when our customers are overlapping, then the
exchange of cooperation between the two can be consumers of these common links to
together. But also can increase their influence, sometimes for their own promotional
activity, some of the better resources. Ye electrical shop as I did a few examples.
   No. 1. And so the cooperation of San meter shop, and too holy forms of cooperation
in rice shop is engaged in the activities of the LORD, when I put too much rice
Saint-meter shop and brochures distributed to clients in the hands of Saint-meter shop
in it too side of rice which they sell also joined Kaya brochure, then kill two birds.
   Second. In addition, the online, I combined several Lord businesses on important
festivals, such as "3.15", when several families together come
up with some concessions on consumer activities, and resources through the
promotion of several parties above This joint promotion activities.
   No. 3. And Web play a cooperative game, play a good website is the game doing
one of their co-operation with our local activities sponsored by their struggle, the
main form is the use of coupons in the form of activities after the end of the integral
members of a certain level, you can convert to my Lord designated electrical goods
   7. Comparison shopping sites, Shopping guide, discount websites.
   The difference between the three comparison shopping site is now returning to its
members, and Shopping guide site for more information on the release of some
businesses, there is the manifestation of post-shopping experience of Member
expressed; discount business class website is published Cuxiao information and
coupons, and they have in common is that they are focused on a group of shopping
needs; and consumption patterns for comparison online shopping this recognition,
through the cooperation with the comparison shopping site, giving benefits to a
number of members, can play the site's visibility go out and play the role of
the sales increase. The re-use some of the more mature customer shopping experience
to their published some Shopping guide site, play the effect of word of mouth. It also
can be compared with these shopping sites, shopping guide and discount type sites out
joint promotional activities. And through the form of issuing coupons to attract more
customers to the Web site for shopping.
   8. Forum Promotion
   Forum to promote in addition to soft paper, you can also contact the Forum, jointly
organized a number of activities, or activities through their issuance of coupons, you
can sponsor some prizes for the activities they carry out his station, if another If
possible, you can set up a special own Shopping Mall Forum. At the same time to
promote them in the forum can add some text link ads, such as each floor put their
own advertising, as far as possible cover these popular large post inside. Finally, funds
permitting, you can run hard under ads.
   9. News and promotion of soft paper
   News principle is to put yourself in the promotion and image can play a sensational
effect, then press persist even when writing to seize the key events and promotional
activities, while also come up with their own Web site to let users to differentiate
Understanding your brand with the service and the difference between peers, so that
users accept you in mind for the news of the launch should adhere to the principles of
long-term, as news of the promotion is a long-term task, effects are cached Xing, Suo
Yi Yi Ci alone running and will not play two good results, and for the promotion of
soft paper mainly through soft paper published a number of forums, mainly related to
the product promotions, promoting the sharing of experiences, events, speculation,
etc., and for all types of soft paper to choose a different distribution platform, as well
soft paper also need to meet before they can be a good platform for the release out,
will be better communication, if possible, can take advantage of some of the better
platform to do some propaganda theme, the effect will be magnified several times.
   10. Mail Marketing
   E-mail marketing, including the station outside the station e-mail marketing and
e-mail marketing, e-mail station base when the member reaches a certain level, after
taking a means for the main purpose is to allow these members to repeat purchase, not
to sink these members, if do they repeat purchase, then it will reduce the cost of
bringing a consumer to reduce the cost of promotion.
   E-mail marketing is mainly outside the station to bring new customers, which a
human may need to pay a bit more, the source of the email address, you can use some
free e-mail software to crawl crawl. Then back through their own website or e-mail
account to the account fixed the issue of advertisements or promotions and, of course,
this would not be very significant, but as long as a certain base, then bring the results
is still very pleasant .
   11. Website Navigation Station Promotion
   At present, the impact site navigation station or with the large use of these
navigation station mounted their own domain name, you can bring to the site a certain
amount of traffic, and some smaller stations website navigation links can form as the
exchange to be interchanged, then some free website and more integrated navigation
station, in the final promotion of the scale is reflected by a single web site navigation
which can not be brought.
   12. Seize the important holiday engage in promotional activities
   Zai home, each will play a bigger holiday shopping craze Gu, therefore, that a piece
of e-commerce, we also have to have this awareness, to seize the important holidays,
to determine the theme for the festivities, come up with ingenious promotion activities,
will be able to bring very good results..
   13. Line with regional strategies to promote
   Line extension in addition to leaflets, you can also use products presence in some
communities or buildings on-site promotions. Such as buildings where we have to do
a lot of B2C Web site, where the promotion, there will be a few clothes before the
B2C website put some clothes in there, also the scene a number of leaflets distributed.
I will not speak their live sell it over the fire, but I went back to the company, I go
look at their website, but in fact not completely well site, such as building their
website can still not well such publicity, then we have to do a website and online shop
operators an even more needless to say it!
    For each online shop are inescapable fact that, at the beginning of difficult to cover
the whole country, as well the Jingdong Mall and the current red children, who are
chosen to start in some cities, and then use good This part of the city to other cities to
replicate the experience, then the regional strategy will inevitably emerged, such as
Jingdong three local distribution and warehouses.
    Therefore, regional strategies, we can do the day logistics limited or delivery,
professional service, free freight. At the same time, you can do for this region for their
promotional activities, service is good one, then you can out of these word of mouth,
it is not difficult to reproduce the.

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