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July 16 International Finance Public Lecture
International financial certificates, detailed information on the pure water machine,
five hundred companies permit office
Participate in the oil, Huawei, BMW, ACE Daikin course partners in Botswana
Chengtong International, the largest international financial professional qualification
training institutions and the London Business Finance Institute jointly organized a
public lecture, opened Huawei, Lenovo, the four major commercial banks in
enterprises; Citibank, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank, GE Finance,
the detailed high-temperature high efficiency filter information, PwC, Deloitte, Ernst
& Young, KPMG, BMW and other multinational companies recruitment
international financial professional qualifications owner of the mystery!
■ introduction of international financial qualifications (including the United States
AICPA, UK ACCA, Canada, CGA, Australian CPA, CPA in Hong Kong and other
international accounting qualification certificate, certificate of U.S. CFA Chartered
Financial Analyst) similarities and differences between the conditions for sitting the
examination difficult.
■ international financial career planning, introduction of foreign banks, the four
major audit firms, multinational companies and financial executives in the talent paths
■ Introduction of international financial integration of foreign academic credentials
(Bachelor + Master) tonal project. (Eg 2 +2 + ACCA, 3 +1 + ACCA).
Public Lecture
Listen to the entire June 27, 2009 the Central Bo Chengtong Distinguished Jiabinkeda
Chief Financial Officer Mr. James Pan speaker's "ACCA let me
go beyond McDonald's, Starbucks, the multinational financial management
positions, the successful management of Kodak's 13 Asia Pacific countries
and The district's financial team, "after the seminar, IKEA
International Finance Department staff feelings of Miss Lee said:" The
accounting profession at home and teach undergraduate and master's
degree is only an introduction to our accounting, ACCA can make me go beyond the
basic level of operation and operation, In particular, the international accounting
standards will allow me to become a global movement of personnel, strategic
management, risk control and internal management expertise, but also gave me entry
into the multinational executive ladder. "
Time: 2009 7 月 16 日 (周四) 18:30-20:30
The point: Yong Li Chaoyang District, Beijing Railway No. 9 two-story 221 room
Instructor: Bo Cheng in London through the International Finance &
Commercial Finance Institute Senior Lecturer, Chair of curriculum advisers, career
Reservation Tel :010-51019810 51019811 Website:
Certificate of Chartered Certified Accountants, ACCA (The Association of Chartered
Certified Accountants, called ACCA) was founded in 1904, is the world's
leading professional accounting bodies, detailed information on architectural coatings,
up to the international Shanghai foreign students, students made the scale of the
fastest Shop professional accountancy body. In over 170 countries and territories more
than 326,000 students and more than 125,000 members. ACCA members in
China's average annual salary of more than 370,000 yuan. No restrictions
apply for expertise.
ICFE International Certificate in Financial English
In order to satisfied the current international finance, financial professionals on the
financial requirements of the standard English measure, by the Cambridge ESOL
ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) and ACCA ACCA (The Association
of Chartered Certified Accountants) together with their respective Director of
expertise, joint research and development of the Cambridge International Certificate
in Financial English as an international enterprise to recruit talent in the ability to
study English for reference. ICFE is designed to help candidates have to use English
in their daily work deal with accounting and financial services capabilities.
Understand the financial aspects of the report, lectures, news and interview content;
have the ability and the professionals engaged in international economic exchanges in
order to join to create a good business climate; can read English, the international
accounting and auditing standards, corporate documents, financial reports and
financial accounts; can stand to write the contents of the international financial major
in English letters, reports and letters of intent and so on.
International financial analysts Global Financial maximum value of professional
Study in China, the Global Fund, securities, investment banking, business valuation
and mergers and acquisitions, financial asset management, policy adviser to the
National Bank gold status
CFA is an international, "Chartered Financial Analyst"
(Chartered Financial Analyst) short, is the United States and around the world
recognized the industry's highest level of financial investment certificates,
is the world's financial institutions, financial analysis, financial
professionals must have the certificate. Securities investment and management
industry as a professional qualification, Chartered Financial Analyst by the American
Association, known as "the value of the global financial sector, the highest
ACCA members who took office five hundred business success: Citibank vice
president of Greater China, Qin-Kodak Chief Financial Officer James Pan, Cisco
Chief Financial Officer Jeffrey Zhang, deputy director of central Huawei receivable
management and wei Gu Jialin, director of Nike's supply chain, Lenovo
International Asia-Pacific Financial Du Ling left ... ...
Botswana Chengtong International is the first to open shop at home and the
qualification certificate training institutions, high pass rate known in the industry.
Known as the "international financial pioneer in the professional
qualification." Currently in Beijing (two teaching points), Tianjin,
Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou, Ningbo, Dalian, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Qingdao,
Changchun, Zhengzhou, face to face with branch points. Internet video program
covers the whole country.
Cheng Bo Tong International English in the professional ICFE, IELTS English
language training courses to overcome the traditional curriculum is only concerned
about pass rates, ignoring the shortcomings of educational ability. Bo Shing Chinese
at home and through international offer two or three years, two years or a year abroad,
the academic education credentials in international financial and external context of
curricula, detailed numerical control cutting process information, not only greatly
minimizes Le foreign students tuition fees Come take a look and gradually nationwide
roaming, but also greatly enriches the student's career choice, shot blasting
machine detailed information.
Cheng Bo Tong in the course of international partners include the University of
International Business and Economics, Guizhou University of Finance, Ocean
University of China, Liaoning University, Huawei, Daikin Air Conditioning (ACE
Daikin), in oil, University of Wales, University of London commercial finance,
Aierlange Management Griffith University.