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									                             An- Najah National University
                                    Faculty of Arts
                                 Department of English
                            Placement Examination No:____

Before you answer any questions, please carefully read the following instructions:
   1. Write your name on the answer sheet only.
   2. All answers should be marked on the answer sheet. Choose the correct answer by
       darkening the corresponding box. Do not write on the exam book.
   3. The exam consists of four parts. Part One is a Structure test; Part Two is a
       Vocabulary test; Part Three is a test of Reading Comprehension, and Part Four is a
       Writing test. Make sure that you answer all questions.
   4. You will have 90 minutes to complete the entire exam. Do not spend too much time
       on any one question or you will not have time to finish the exam. Unanswered
       questions will be counted wrong.
   5. Each question in the exam has only one best answer. If you change your answer,
       erase the box you have filled, then darken the one you believe is correct. If you
       indicate more than one choice, your answer will be discarded.
   6. Continue working until you have finished the exam. Do not stop after each part.

                                  Sample Answer Sheet
            Structure 30%     Vocabulary 30%       R. Comp. 20%   Writing 20%       Total 100%

                             Department of English
                          An-Najah National University
             Placement Examination No: ____ Session _____ 200__/200__
Name: _______________________
Reg. No. _____________________
                                                                       Sample Answer
Exam Booklet No. ______________
                                                                       A        C      D

     Part One: Structure           Part Two: Vocabulary               Part Three: Reading
          (30 points)                    (30 points)                         Comp.
                                                                           (20 points)
1.      A    B    C    D          1.   A       B     C    D        1.    A     B    C   D
2.      A    B    C    D          2.   A       B     C    D        2.    A     B    C   D
3.      A    B    C    D          3.   A       B     C    D        3.    A     B    C   D
4.      A    B    C    D          4.   A       B     C    D        4.    A     B    C   D
5.      A    B    C    D          5.   A       B     C    D        5.    A     B    C   D

                                         Part One
Structure:       (30 points)
                 (20 minutes)
Fill in the blanks with the best answer from the choices given after each sentence.
    1. Everyone was -------------- the threat of war in that area.
         a) frightened for                  c) frightened
         b) frightened to                   d) frightened by

      2. Reema is really ---------------- to be in public relations.
         a) much to nervous                     c) much too nervous
         b) too much nervous                    d) much nervous
                                     Part Two
Vocabulary: (30 points)
            (20 minutes)

   A. This part consists of sentences with a word missing in each. For each
      sentence choose the answer which best completes the sentence.
   1. To be permitted to drive in Palestine, one must be at -------------- 17 years of
      a. most                            c. least
      b. last                            d. once

   B. For each underlined word in the following sentences choose the word
      closest to meaning from the choices given below.
   2. Mr. Saleem’s sole objective is to make his company a successful one.
      a. only                            c. important
      b. main                            d. immediate

   3. The minister congratulated the students on their outstanding success
      a. expressed his good wishes       c. allowed them to graduate
      b. gave them prizes                d. confused them

                                    Part Three

Reading Comprehension:       (20 points)
                             (30 minutes)

A. Answer the questions after each sentence by choosing the best answer a, b, c,
    or d.
   1. What he says is clear and is obviously well-organized, and this, among other
       things, has earned him the high regard of his colleagues.
       How do his colleagues feel about him?
       a. They don’t understand him.       c. They’re jealous of him.
       b. They ignore him.                 d. They respect him

   2. Anybody who has the ability and education that Dave has doesn’t have to
      worry about getting a job.
      Is Dave likely to get a job?
      a. No, because he worries too much. c. Yes, without a doubt.
      b. No, because he lacks ability.    d. Yes, if he goes to college.

                                    Part Four
Writing:      (20 points)
              (30 minutes)

Write a well-developed paragraph on ONE of the following:
   - Advantages and disadvantages of living alone or with roommates
   - Waiting at a military checkpoint

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