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I am a person who like to summarize and analyze, recently summed up his time,
feeling very bad, always felt that all aspects of the indicators are in decline. Students
from the end of his career after the change has been living in their own state, but
recent changes in the opposite direction as expected.
Before beginning work in the years changing, is within the psychological and boost
confidence, it was then felt the only way to do a better job, and life will be happier. At
this time, although this change was painful, but the result is that more and more
satisfied with their own, feeling better and better. Finally know what in fact the
performance of their more exciting, more successful than others.
In the later period (exact time is following in 2006), feel that they need to improve is
the most decisive and direct, because the only way to seize the opportunity for more
or better. During this time, feel happier than before, no matter what can be done, but
also very comfortable to do, of course, does not mean that everything is so successful,
or satisfied. Even if things do well, also feeling very good, as either a success or
failure, and this process is always pleasant, there is no clear-cut kind of suffering, not
thinking of the burden, so live it very easy!
While recently changed to a low profile, to other people as the center, I feel back to
my N years ago, became timid, no self, the world is other people, the word lost my
confidence and courage, wisdom and adventure. Now it feels like a frog in the slowly
heating pot of water, whether it is determined to jump or unconsciously fixed, all
sense of exhaustion.
Washed river stones on the matter, as different people have different views, some
people might think to become smooth, and more accessible to people of the; also
suggested that loss of personality, too common; per person people from different
perspectives, different world view, it could have a different view. I have this question,
it seems to have lost the sense of, do not know how to think about.
But I think it changed into a period of time before some of my better, recently read a
book on the Gerstner, Gerstner and IBM on the matter, in my mind most was the
following two points:
The first is about his own career change things. He had just begun to participate in
graduate jobs, the starting point is high, joined the McKinsey consulting firm, and the
first day was sent to make a research for the Mobil Oil Company, the next few days,
many senior managers Jiu Yao Yu deal. A few years later he developed very smoothly,
and achieve the company's senior staff, responsible for financial
management. However, early 30s, he one day said to himself, he wanted to be
meeting the man across the table, that can make decisions and act on. To make
decisions and take action is pursued him, so he went to do business, no longer do
consulting, he has to change themselves, then go to change his business.
The second is about the things he joined IBM. In the early exchanges and discussions
of more than three months, Lou Gerstner joined IBM strongly disagree, because he no
confidence in IBM, all of them think that IBM will fall, until the last moment before
he changed his mind. Later proved the beginning of him, including people, are wrong,
IBM has been successful. Gerstner at IBM, explains the process of at least two
problems: one is that not all of the things that will have a perfect plan from the
beginning they are unplanned, and even that pessimistic, taking things one step of;
another yes, It all stems from him the courage to accept this challenge, and to take a
decision, action to change the business, the company's situation was
changed for the better.
And he was doing a lot of things, are also on the basis of changes in the existing
situation of the enterprise, is not to say do great things. All this is revealed such a
message, that is, making decisions to change the company has been in changing
things, so people have to constantly change to adapt to, of course, direction must be

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