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Chartered Financial Analyst (Chartered Financial Analyst, also translated as Chartered
Financial Analyst (in the past frequently used in Taiwan), Chartered Financial
Analysts (Hong Kong only), Chartered Financial Analyst, etc.), referred to as CFA, is
the world's most respected financial services sector financial investment
professional qualifications. CFA charter from CFA Institute (CFA Institute) is granted,
the unit is the world's best-known one of the investment industry
professional bodies.
In order to successfully pass the exam, CFA Institute recommends candidates should
take at least 750 hours to meet the three tests. Candidates on average about 4 years to
complete the course and get CFA charter. In addition to these examinations,
candidates must also have at least four years of investment industry experience
(including 50% of the investment decision-making experience), and must promise to
abide by CFA Institute's "Ethics" (Code of Ethics)
and the "professional code of conduct "(Standards of
Professional Conduct), access to CFA charter, they must reaffirm this commitment
each year.
At present many countries and regions around the world have organized CFA exam,
CFA Institute also has a number around the world are members of associations and
offices, including Shanghai, China. CFA Association of Hong Kong is the seat of the
Asia-Pacific Regional Office.
CFA charter

December 2, 2006, in San Francisco waiting for test center open for candidates who
take the test.
CFA exam is generally considered to be within the investment industry's
most rigorous qualifying examinations. "Economist" and
"Financial Times" are called CFA charter as the
"gold certification." CFA Society practitioners and subject to
assessment and evaluation, will be awarded the CFA qualification. CFA charter
several Chinese translation (Chartered Financial Analyst, Chartered Financial Analyst,
Chartered Financial Analyst, Chartered Financial Analyst, etc.), but prefer to use CFA
Institute official translation of the English title is, because the industry is clearly what
is CFA, the use of Chinese rather confusing. However, the Hong Kong Securities and
Futures Commission (SFC) was used for the Chartered Financial Analyst CFA of the
Chinese translation, most of the industry would prefer to use the Chinese name.
The situation on the CFA exam candidates, now has more than 100,000 candidates
worldwide enrolled examination, reflecting the CFA qualification more and more
popular around the world. Furthermore, in recent years, many applicants as securities
analysts, portfolio managers, investment advisers, bankers and accountants, and other
investment professionals. Moreover, CFA charter is often different institutions the
financial industry, including investment companies, fund companies, securities firms,
investment banks, investment management consulting companies, banks Deng
Deng's Guzhudangzuo Zhibiao, Jiezhiliangduo the person's
working capacity and expertise to decide whether to hire a job applicant or an
employee promotion. This, therefore, the CFA charter is the most respected global
financial services sector, investment in professional qualifications.
As for CFA exam candidates requirements, as long as has a bachelor's
degree, regardless of which school graduate can sit for CFA exam. But, no matter
candidates studied at the university with the CFA exam content-related departments,
degrees, qualifications or professional experience, obtaining the CFA charter are not
given any exemption.
Features on the CFA exam, which is mainly divided into three, each candidate can
only apply for one phase per year examination can apply for through the next stage.
CFA exam covers ethical and professional standards, securities analysis, debt analysis,
derivatives analysis, alternative investments, financial statement analysis, quantitative
methods, economics, corporate finance, portfolio management, risk management,
asset allocation and investment performance measurement. On average, CFA
candidates take 4 years before the adoption of the three examinations. An examination
twice a year, secondary and tertiary examinations once a year. Since 1963, the first
meeting since the CFA exam, CFA exam scope of innovation and globalization as the
industry continually updated. Securities analysis and ethics has always been important,
but analysis of fixed income, alternative investments and derivative investment
products and portfolio management issues have also been integrated into the CFA
curriculum and examination of them.
CFA exam candidates to apply investment principles the main measure of the ability
and professional ethics. The first phase of the curriculum and examinations for
investment evaluation and management of various investment tools and concepts; the
second phase focused on evaluation of assets, the third stage, depth of portfolio
management. Moreover, the world's CFA curriculum and examinations are
the same, the examination are in English, in order to enable all CFA charter holders of
professional conduct for investment management and a common knowledge base.
Because of this, whether you're in any country managed to get CFA charter,
to go to other countries and be recognized as an increase of CFA charter holders of
employment flexibility.
YearLevel ILevel IILevel III
200835% 46% 53%
200739% 40% 50%
200640% 48% 76%
200535% 56% 55%
200435% 32% 64%
200341% 47% 68%
200244% 47% 58%
200149% 46% 82%
200052% 54% 65%

CFA charter global development
Since 1990, CFA course enrollment growth in the world 12 times, the annual
compound growth rate of 16%; its membership has doubled in 4 turn, the annual
compound growth rate of 9%. At present, the global CFA charter holder's
investment professionals have more than 81,000, the number of members up to
93,000 other people. CFA charter holders limited supply, but demand is still great. To
squeeze in Europe and the United States leading financial institutions, without CFA
charter, may not have access to even interview because CFA charter as the global
investment community has been synonymous with outstanding talent.
Third president Thomas Jefferson's home city of Virginia Shaluotesi Weir
(Charlottesville) although only a casual town, but every year in late summer of June,
from around the world's top investment experts will be in this meet and it
takes the CFA exam papers. CFA family as individuals, they know only to maintain
the high level of CFA charter, can only ensure that the CFA charter, the highest honor
in the global financial status.
CFA Institute (CFA Institute) formerly known as AIMR (Association for Investment
Management and Research), on May 9, 2004 officially changed its name. AIMR was
established in 1990, was established in 1947 as a financial analyst at Union (Financial
Analysts Federation) and in 1962 established Chartered Financial Analyst Institute
(Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts) merger.
The first CFA exam in AD June 15, 1963 in the United States and Canada held a
number of cities, when up to 284 candidates who participated, 268 were successfully
obtained CFA charter. However, similar to the UK after the CFA Society of Certified
Public Accountants Association - Association of Chartered Certified Accountants,
Chartered Certified Accountants, global implementation (ACCA) professional
qualification examination development strategy, in December 2006 and June 2007
CFA exam registrations 140,000 people, setting a new record, while the United States,
Hong Kong and the United Kingdom and other traditional markets continued strong
growth in the number of examinations. CFA Institute in the use of global development
strategy, has the world's two major financial centers in the New York
Society of Securities Analysts (New York Securities Analysts Association) (founded
in 1937) and the London Institute of Investment Management and Research
(established in 1955 ) has included in its turn themselves into today's CFA
Institute - one of the world's most famous investment industry professional
CFA Institute today to enforcement of the global financial professional education
become the leader, simply because its the CFA program has been widely recognized
by the global investment community. And the lofty status of the CFA system rooted in
its rigorous curriculum. After 60 years, and still holds a CFA charter global
investment professionals with more than 81,000. Although not as good as U.S. Master
of Business Administration (MBA) year of "output", but CFA
charter holders are mostly Provinces, including fund managers, securities analysts,
chief executive of leading investment companies and partnerships , company chief
financial officer, a leading strategist and highly respected scholars from around the
Currently, CFA examination is hosted by the CFA in the United States Association of
Virginia. Candidates from 1963 to 1990 before most of them are in North America to
1985, for example, the 4,285-bit candidates, only 70 people in North America other
than the candidate. But into the 1990s, CFA candidates to 20.1% in the number of
continued rapid growth, driven by growth outside of North America, especially in
Asia, CFA Institute and in 1997 was the establishment of its Asia Pacific office in
Hong Kong to promote CFA curriculum.
CFA Institute global financial education can become the leader of the Executive is set
through dozens of Enter the Dragon's. First, in the United States, the
financial center of New York early in 1937 on the establishment of the New York
Society of Securities Analysts (NYSSA), after a long competition, NYSSA CFA
Institute became a subsidiary of a branch. Financial center in Europe - Britain, had
another one set up in 1955, Investment Management and Research Institute (IIMR),
held in the same examination, until 2000, officially brought to its CFA Institute, CFA
Institute and set up an office in London , CFA's position in Europe is
scheduled for 1, applicants subsequently rose greatly.
CFA test the long term to maintain their professional standards, mainly due to the CFA
Institute's development of course content, a title examination to mark the
papers and other processes are very strict and professional management of, and
participation in relevant committees and work are held a CFA charter and is actually
engaged in investment and financial industry professionals. Since 1990, CFA Institute
has in 1995 and 2000 were two of the financial industry job analysis to identify
different professions in the financial industry expertise required by the Curriculum
Committee       to     develop     candidates,     "candidate      knowledge
"(Candidate Body of Knowledge, abbreviated CBOK), CFA curriculum is
compiled on the basis CBOK. Examinations Board and then to the question under the
CFA curriculum.
At present, the largest number of CFA charter holder's employers,
including Bank of America, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs,
HSBC, JP Morgan Chase, Merrill Lynch, Royal Bank of Canada and UBS. In the
work of world-class investment institutions with investment and finance in addition to
professional knowledge, good English reading and writing ability that is also very
Employers not only understand the value of CFA charter, local regulatory authorities
believed it was very useful for the global investment markets. Nearly all U.S. state
securities commission exemption CFA charter holders to take the Licensing
Examination; the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the National Association of
Securities Dealers (NASD) exemption CFA charter holders to participate in the
analysis of 86 part series of examinations; Singapore Monetary Authority and Canada,
Greece, Turkey, Hong Kong, England and Thailand regulators acknowledged CFA
charter comply with local licensing or qualification requirements.
Case law and other professional recognition
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved license CFA qualification is
equivalent to the U.S. Securities and practitioners Series VII (Series 7) legal capacity.
New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) for CFA holders only need to add qualified
Chartered Securities Analyst Examination test (The Supervisory Analyst Examination)
in the part of securities rules, then it could be the United States Securities Analyst
(Supervisory Analyst) professional qualifications.
American Institute of Chartered Accountants (AICPA) for CFA holders can add a
license qualification examination organized by the commercial value of their
assessment of qualification (Accredited in Business Valuation) half-day examination,
so that we can get the United States Institute of Chartered Accountants (AICPA)
assessment of the commercial value of professional qualifications (ABV).
British Association of Securities and Investment (SII) to CFA license holders can be
eligible for the British Association of Securities and Investment (SII) membership
(MSI) or comply with the relevant experience requirements can become a Fellow
China's State Council Development Research Center of Financial Research
the backbone so the content of CFA examinations launched the "Chinese
Certified Financial Analyst (CRFA) Training Program" aimed at training
are familiar with China's financial policies and legal professionals,
financial analysts.
Taiwan's Financial Supervisory Commission authorized approval
"to Securities Investment Trust Enterprises and Securities Investment
Consulting Enterprises and business people and recognized Qualification Examination
Procedures", and so law gives qualified CFA license holders with more
than two years of practical experience, and through Securities Investment Trust and
Consulting business salesman Common subjects of financial market regulations and
professional ethics of common sense and have passed the test, after investment trust
and consulting qualification Association, got the Taiwan Securities Investment
analysts statutory (Certified Securities Investment Analyst, generally known as a
securities analyst) professional qualifications.
Hong Kong Securities and Futures Ordinance CFA approved license holders the same
qualifications for a statutory director of Hong Kong (Responsible Officers)
qualifications, may asset management, securities and corporate finance advice.
Hong Kong Business Valuation Association (Hong Kong Business Valuation Forum)
for CFA holders only need to meet the licensing qualifications assessed commercial
value of the relevant experience requirements, so that we can become a registered
legal business valuer (Registered Business Valuer), may a company or valuation of
commercial business to provide specific pricing.
Hong Kong's Securities Institute (HKSI) to CFA license holders can be
eligible for the Hong Kong Securities Association (HKSI) membership (MHKSI).

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