; Century drought
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Century drought


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									Century drought
   More dramatic global climate change, the overall environment also appears to be a
restless performance, although frequent earthquake surface, only a strong cycle of
evolution, but have to say, the global evolution is undergoing an intensive period.
   ?Southwestern drought affects people's hearts again, it spontaneously
started all over the country contributions, of course, a hundred years a severe drought
brought a lot of impact to the market, of course, positive and negative, the saying goes,
the market is left to chance who are prepared.
   ?Drought, the worst hit, it is easy to think of agriculture, as most water-dependent
industries, a variety of crops, or crops in this cut, according to principles of supply
and demand, we can imagine how large the price must rise Here an example:
   ?Pepper, a very important agricultural area southwest of its producing areas located
in Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Hunan, Hubei, more and more with this ** long
drought, the price of pepper will significantly high. Then the relative, on agricultural
production as the mainstay of most of the Southwest region's agriculture
Gu, the company's cost will substantially improve, although the cost of
pressure can be transferred to the market through the sale of circulation and going,
and its essence would not necessarily be great, but For some companies the cash to
protect the weaker companies may produce strand breaks funding crisis.
    In addition, some high-quality large-scale agricultural companies usually have
good inventory management system, even if the spot market shortage can also
hedging role in maintaining the company's own budgeted costs. Therefore,
high-quality large-scale agricultural companies is not a serious drag on the
    Second, the Southwest region is an important raw material producing areas of
Chinese medicine, therefore, the local characteristics have significant effect on raw
materials, such as Yunnan, the most famous on March 7. The afflicted companies
Yunnanbaiyao, Kunming Pharmaceutical, Tasly, Baiyun Mountain A, etc., but we still
have to separately, as previously noted, opportunities for those who have the chance,
Yunnanbaiyao as the biggest in Yunnan proprietary production company, with its
powerful productivity and enterprise competitiveness, and the Yunnan Wenshan
cooperation agreement the government signed a long-term control the supply of raw
materials 70% of the March 7, Kunming Pharmaceutical and Tasly inventory of the
advantages of their more obvious and therefore performance costs will not be
short-term changes in the fundamentals of data showed little change, but small-scale
pharmaceutical enterprises face greater cost pressure.
   ?Recommended here Baiyun Mountain A, form the most current health, safety,
higher margin.
    We take a rational view, we have to believe that the Government's
capacity, we can survive the storm, back to the observation, if the drought brought
under control, what the industry can do it under the layout? The answer is yes, the
southwest water stock.

    Old Chinese saying goes, once bitten, twice shy, as this water is rich in Yunnan
inland provinces, encountered such a drought is a very strange thing, I believe that
after the drought, Southwest various provinces Water facilities will also back on the
agenda, to prevent the recurrence of this situation, such as Chongqing, water, will
usher in a strong wind investment or government investment.
    Drought years the local people suffer, but also nurtured a number of market
opportunities, although some national crisis financial opportunity to sincerely wish
the people here will soon overcome difficulties, God have mercy.

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