Cat warrior by fdjerue7eeu


									Cat warrior
Chapter pet and warrior
The sky dark, rust can feel something in the vicinity. Only the young tabby eyes open,
and inspect the thick bushes. The place he had never come, but there shares attracted
strange smell and went down to this piece of dark woods. At this point he felt hungry,
stomach cuckoo cried. He gently opened his mouth, your mouth to the top of the
olfactory glands exposed to warm breath forest. The taste of the leaves mixed with an
attractive smell.

Suddenly, the front Huiying flash. Rust stopped, listened quietly. It hidden in the
leaves from their close behind. Rust knew it was a mouse - he can even hear its little
heart beating in rapidly. He swallowed saliva mouth, stomach suppressed issued
cuckoo. Soon, he could fill his belly up.

He slowly bent over the body into the attack position, crouching in wait to attack. As
in rats under the wind, so it will not be found. Rust was last checked their hunting
position again, then suddenly a bend his hind legs, so the focus moved back, then
rushed out. Moment he vacated in the ground leaves were brought up.

Rat to a hole in the ground in front of the dash in the past to avoid the attack, but Rust
rush in front of it. He rat shovel into the air, with sharp claws hooked poor little
animals, toss out, we saw it across an arc, heavy fall of leaves in the ground cover.
Mice were dizzy and fall, still not dead. It was going to run, Laster has approached a
Qin Zhu, throw it again, this time thrown farther than last time. Struggling to climb
out of the rat after a short distance and eventually they fall into the claws under Rust.

At this point, near the roar broke. Rust look around, take advantage of the mouse from
under his paws extricate himself. Rust look back, it has an arrow if the general ran
into a tree where the roots bundle and disappeared in the dark.

Rust gave up the pursuit, was so angry. He turned around, faint green eyes gazing
around, trying to find prey that harm he lost the sound. That voice is still rattled, and
more and more familiar. Rust opened his eyes.

He looked up and found myself lying in bed, his neck was worn hard by the collar. In
the dream, he felt collar disappeared, fresh soft wind gently brushed the hair on the
back of the neck. Rust rolled over to lay flat, pondering just a dream. This is his third
time doing the same dream, and every time, that mouse had to escape from under his
feet, which makes him very depressed.

He lit up and smell the faint aroma of food children. His owner is always before going
to bed to eat his plate, add water exchange. Dream the taste of the kind of warm in the
monotony of the odor was dispersed clean. Stomach is still rumbling with hunger
called, Rust was a stretch, into the kitchen to eat. Food both dry and boring, Rust
reluctantly swallowed another mouthful, and then walked away from the plate edges.
He went out through the curtain, like the smell from the garden in search for the
dream scene.

Outside, the moonlight Rongrong, the sky the rhythm of it began to drizzle. Rust
follow the gravel path under the moonlight to the garden tidy. You Jianyou cool paw
pebbles below. Through a deep purple flowers in the time, he was covered in Gaode
dirty. Some floral too much for him, so he rolled up the nostrils in order to avoid
blocking the view of the upper lip fragrance smell it.

Rust into the garden side, climbed the fence railings. It was his favorite place to sit, sit
there, and the neighbor's garden, on the other side is a dense forest.

Stopped raining down. Behind him, a new hoe over the lawn bathed in moonlight,
while outside the fence, hidden in the dark forests are among the. Rust craned his
neck took a deep a humid air. Thick hair on his body blocking the view of rain, so I do
not feel the cold. Ginger hair falling raindrops glistening on the bright, he can even
feel their weight.

He heard the back door of the house owner to make the final call on him. If he is now
back to their side, he will enjoy the master of the gentle kind words and touch, they
will allow him to climb into bed, his mouth whining chatter with, warm and, and to
huddle in the master bending between legs.

However, the owner of this rust did not ignore the call, turned his head still staring at
the forest. Woods, refreshing scent that becomes more fresh after the rain had.

Suddenly, the hair on his back erect again. What move out? Something is watching
him? He looked to the front, but in the dark not see anything at night, filled with trees
around makes him smell the aromatic scent else. He ventured raised his head, stood
up, claws grasp the railing of the corner, stretch the body, extend the leg arched. He
closed his eyes once again breathe the breath of the woods. Somewhere, if indeed
there is something to attract him into a dark patch of rustling trees. His taut muscles,
crouching for a moment. Then he gently jump, fell on the grass outside the fence. His
limbs just one floor, collar bells on it in the silence of night rattled rang.

"Where are you going, Rust?" Came a familiar voice behind

Rust crashed, said: "Hello, Charisma."

Basma pair of amber eyes glitter two, asked him: "You do not want to go
into the forest, right?"
Rust a little bored to stall, said: "just read it."

Basma wrinkled nose, a look of disgust look: "You can not expect me to go
there, there too dangerous! Henry said he visited the forest." He raised his
head and trunk in the garden fence to live over there Henry the direction of Yang

Rust laugh, said: "Nazhi fat old cat has never been to the forest! Since he
read the veterinarian, he even turned myself home gardens are not going out. Now he
only know to eat and sleep." Williams Ma argued that: "No way,
he really went. He is also the woods to catch a robin does."

"Well, count he had been, that is before his vet things. Now he fights him
all day long complained that the birds feel Shuibu Cheng."

Basma pretended not to hear the rust, then in the ironic, to say: "is it,
anyway, Henry told me that there are all kinds of dangerous animals. Jump the rabbit
is also a big wild cat, but they breakfast fills them after eating the leftover bones are
still grinding claws too! "

Rust said: "I just want to look around, do not be too long."

Basma ramble to say: "Well, can not say I did not warn you!"
Finished, only black and white cat turned coat jumped the fence, to return to their
homes in the garden.

Rust sat outside the weed garden, nervously licked his shoulders, heart and traced the
charisma are somewhat credible rumors in the end.

Suddenly, a little something from his eyes wandered pass, under the hurried scamper
in the brush.

He instinctively prone under the body, slowly, step by step, move to the bush. He
erected ears, Xi moving nostrils, eyes tightly that the animal eye. Look at it! I

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