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									Carp Fishing
How to choose a good fishing spots, please note that my friends, I am talking about
fishing, either fishing position, fishing places, and fishing spots are two concepts:
fishing place is the location of people, but the point is that fishing in the water under
the hook position. Fishing in the same place, the next hook point difference, the effect
will differ greatly. Accurate choice of fishing during fishing is a very important
Select fishing spots, whether it is seasonal, weather, topography, water regime and a
series of factors, are based on the physiological behavior of the fish analyzed,
summarized. So as long as you control the fish's physiological
characteristics and habits, will be able to choose a variety of situations out of an ideal
fishing spots.
To let everyone know more about the carp, I will try to introduce some more.
Carp is a carp of course, is the great families of fish, a total of more than 2000 kinds,
distribution outside of Australia and South America around the world, fresh waters,
rivers, lakes, reservoirs, ponds everywhere it figure.
The most common carp in China because of different regions and river systems, with
the Yellow River carp, carp, Wuchang, Jian carp, rock carp, Ukraine carp, carp groups,
purse carp and so on.
We can often be of carp fishing, although the growth of different waters, but its body
shape and habits are similar.
Carp is a large freshwater fish species of individuals, one of the main natural water
larval stage of small plankton, mussels, snails and other benthic animals for food
water, as fish food plants and algae, are omnivorous . Maximum individual up to 40
kg. Like habitat in the soft mud bottom and plants clustered Department, if the bottom
has Goukan, slope, wood piles, rocks and other easy-to-cover or foraging areas, are
carp like to stay and play place, is called fishing " Carp small apartment.
" Lei hi action, to do short-distance migration, if the long-standing water in
a fixed (such as: pool, pond, etc.), will form a certain migratory routes. Lei Xi Swarm,
general small groups, hi mixing with water, low light, slow flow, hi in the soft mud or
humus more office arch fixed feeding, developed his upper lip, lower lip much longer
than can stretching. Therefore, feeding carp favorite food in the mouth before the
bottom, the Yang (the first high-end low) carp feeding is the greatest and the least
taxing comfortable feeding positions (that of the fishing carp fishing group
preparation is very important) . Carp alert by nature, non-food habit, especially among
suspended in water rather than down the bottom of the food, will take test sex instinct,
or the use of their gills, and mouth with water to push the food first then suction, or
tail lashing food (This is why, to catch carp blunt). In the face of danger, carp, there
are three instinctive actions: First, the high end of the first low arch into the mud;
Second, never send forces fled back straight; Third, the last circle to the head, body
round trip then as suddenly as the spring bounce violently, which is the carp is able to
high water movement beyond. Lateral line of carp (fish's body on each side
of a sensor line --- also known as Lifeline) on vibration and acoustic sensor is more
Carp optimum temperature is 10 to 25 degrees. Less than 5 degrees stop feeding, less
than 2 degrees into hibernation, hiding above 30 degrees while the shade or dive
deeper waters. Reflect the sensitivity of the water level fluctuation, water, then swim
to the bank up, then swim into deep water Mizuochi.
Carp feeding on each of the two peaks, one rejection after the belly of empty seed,
needed nutritional supplements, and second, the fall before winter storage of a large
number of fat needed to prepare winter.
Carp to low temperature and hypoxia tolerance slightly worse than the fish, but it was
far better than the silver carp, bighead carp and grass carp, etc., and multiply rapidly,
and adapt to a wide body of water.
Understand the basic physiological characteristics of carp and habits, the fishing carp
fishing in choosing the right so it is not difficult to the point. Whatever the reason, as
long as they like to go where carp carp are good fishing spots.
1. Two large surface area connected to both sides of the narrow office, is a good
fishing carp fishing place.
This is a favorite stop for swimming under the carp, like the characteristics of
short-distance migratory fish selected bit. Connected to the narrow part of the two
surface is the carp must pass through in migration. If the narrowest on the shore a
distance of aquatic plants, fishing spots (the hook point) should be selected in the
weeds in front of bright water, 1 meter away from the plants around the edge of the
best winter pen hit close to water plants in the office. accurately point should be the
next hook in the nest Son of the frontier.
If the narrowest cross-strait no plants, deep water are not available (not more than 3
meters), you must click on the next hook in the offshore point 5 meters far away, and
bait to try to use a bit more, to easy to find, for example: use the whole worm. because
carp endogenous alert and water through the narrow, if not covert, will try to leave the
shore, and to accelerate the speed of swimming, feeding and more time for the sweep
----- feeding habits is to swallow a swimming Zhong walking does not stop. Therefore,
smaller bait is not easily noticed. Therefore, the narrowest cross-strait surface without
plants, the fishing in the channel and flood face click both sides will take part a little
2. A large surface of the water into. Slow flow outlet Department.
Both sides of the outlet or the outlet in front of the far, slow flow is a good place to
fishing spots.
Not only looking for water intake point of the slow, depends on whether the mixture
of water, if water fast, water erosion to the intake of water is mixed, it is necessary to
select the slow flow, but also select the mixing water and clean water As the junction
point under the hook. There are three reasons: First, slow flow Lei Xi, and second,
carp hi light, water, mixed with the water is too dark, no light, c is the water of food
brought in at this junction off the end of precipitation, and easy to find.
3. Shore extended to the surface highlight the site of more than 1 meter. (Longer
Out of the tongue in the front or sides of the water, there must be a slope or scarps.
Therefore, select the shore out to the surface of the tongue position to do fishing, do
not just blindly played in the distance toward the front of the pole . to carefully test
the water to type, to find the bottom of the slope, or the deep scarp, both near and far,
are a good point under the hook. JINWOZI still has to remain inside the next hook
point. (because reference to one of my own analysis, it is easy).
4. The water or the grass right next to the island
If that water is not very far offshore islands, or the grass group, its edge is that it is
almost never a good fishing spots. From the shore, and could Angeles rod
5. See more than two, where carp beyond the surface. This is my [wild carp Voted]
article has been talked about.
6. Backwater river bend after the bridge piers. A place in the coastal waters of slow
current. Sluice. Dam near, simply follow the habits of carp and the season. Thoughtful
weather and other factors, will find good fishing spots.
There Reservoir. Crossing lakes and large water phase Bay Office. The water near the
rocks are exposed and so on, just follow the above approach to our detailed analysis
can find good fishing spots.
7. Open ponds selected points: the first day after each fish, we should try to choose
sides. After much point to the election. No one should try to find fish, or if the number
of small fishing location. Fishing spots to be absolutely out of the shadows and
shadow of a pole shaking. put the fish on the first day Yao Da Tai Wo. try not to play
after the nest. with package hook, or rubbing big natural bait continued nest, to avoid
a bait into the water sound. fishing spots to try to avoid public long pole region, for
example: most people use 6.3-meter pole, then 6.3 meters to escape fishing pole on
which the distance, or farther, or more recent, will be better.
I said in the carp fish Voted three trends, the same for carp, so we just have to be at
time of the election into consideration, in order to avoid repetition here is not saying
What kind of fishing group with the best
Fishing for carp and carp fishing is different Diaoji the fishing group mainly requires
spirit, and fishing carp fishing group spirit and blunt demand is not very strict, but
even so a good spirits. I Voted in the carp carp have been introduced in one of the
physical characteristics and habits. This is an important group configuration based on
carp fishing, carp are large freshwater fish species in one individual, and wary by
nature, non-habitual food take the first test and then taking over. so carp fishing group,
first called on the hidden, not easily found as much as possible on the basis of a strong,
anti certain force.
I choose this group of carp fishing:
Fishing line to try to select the better of the line, one should be soft, and second, the
value is bigger pull, third, and can not use the white plastic wire sticking close to the
color line network, preferably in red. Red Although human is a warning color, but not
fish in water, but does not cause warning, but there will be a certain attraction.
General 1 - 5 pounds of carp, 1 - 2 line sufficient .5 - 15 2.5 kg of available - 3 line.
catch a wild carp with communication lines, single hook is pretty good. If you are
using brain line double hook, you can, but I do not recommend use of express and fast
pins like pin connector and lead sheet seat, but also big and stupid, there is no
advantage at all. or I will repeatedly say how the fish do with the
manufacturer's stupid. as far as possible with a small connector, not shiny,
but also not tangent. I used to use their own production of thin steel wire, a pull on the
brain line hung down, and very strong. pull up a line on the brain can be removed. for
brain line is very convenient. and very small. pendant best to spend. fall under the
decomposition This can reduce the size of fall, increasing hidden; if single fall, the
small buoyancy floats to use, or pendant too, hiding bad. hooked: I used to use Ise
Nepal, hook spear length. hook the bottom of deep, not easy to decoupling, hook to
hook the whole short easy inhalation. So I think it is the first choice for fishing carp
and grass carp hook. generally below 5 kg of fish available 1 - 4, ,5 - 15 kg of
available 6 - 8. brain length, I think 15 - 30 centimeters, as the case may be. The more
slippery the fish is line with the brain longer. I used the longest night fishing when the
big carp 40 cm.
Carp fishing float adjustment must be blunt. Fishing time to be off the end of pendant.
Overhang fall fishing carp fish only stupid piles of fish ponds, use of wild carp fishing
sinkers hanging doors are not even. I buoy with a vertical tail, the usually empty hook
leveling water, fish 2 - 3 - 4 orders can be. because, unlike wild fish ponds, the bottom
is not flat. If you are using satellite drift, I generally use 4, air transfer a hook, fishing
The use of the pole, if fishing grass edges or places obstacles, of course, a little hard
pole better, but the fishing line should be relatively thick with a little. If it is fishing
bright water, the soft point or pole easy to use, feel good and also to stimulate, not
easy to run short of fish. I always use a moderate tone of pole, not like with a hard
If the use of sea carp fishing pole, is to use explosive hooks. Voted the bad food, there
is nothing new.
If the pole is Rocky, in addition to bad food with explosive hooks, you can also use
bleach and hollow on the method of fall activities, with double hook. Diaoshou pole
or hook set out of the reach distant fishing spots. This is a very effective The Wan
angling, but requires an accurate throw Diaoshou pole technology. this group
configuration Voted fishing from the bottom of the order: brain wire double hook (or
group of hooks) --- --- lead sheet activities connecting ring fall Vertical float --- --- ---
Hollow activities falling pole tip.
Carp fishing bait for many types, such as: corn grain. Kernels. Pumpkin seeds.
Watermelon seeds. Medlar. Cooked sweet potato. Cooked pumpkin. Beans. With bad
food; earthworms. Shrimps. Nereis. Rapae. Bee pupa. crickets. Teleogryllus. and so
on. There are a variety of carp bait products, numerous. are valid as long as used
properly. The key is to choose the result due to the situation at that time Voted for and
For example: the various elements in the summer with the right path as long as the
bait, the effect is very good. Dirty bait with good results, but in spring and autumn,
the prime bait generally good effect on the bait as dirty. Even if the same is a prime
bait, or dirty bait, in different circumstances should also have options to use. For
example; summer fish are active, no fish or fish a little while, with a twist pull
merchandise looks great bait, but fish and more place on to die, with the corn kernels.
kernels. cooked sweet potato pieces. Guazi Ren. and so will be much better.
The same goes for dirty bait, such as fishing waters in the autumn if the weeds,
grasshopper. Teleogryllus. Crickets, etc. can be seen everywhere, focus on a few is a
good bait. Sometimes that is the same bait, fishing in different places, the usage will
be different. For example; at the end of the underwater slope. scarps such as carp likes
to hide under the fishing spots with earthworm bait, you can use smaller, or with a
small worm or worms are covered with a half hook on the line . But if the water in
two connected stenosis, or other forms of fish aisle to do fishing spots, we must use a
large earthworm. is the living section. because the carp swimming in the fish aisle
speed quickly swallowed bait also mostly predatory, feed a small target is too small,
not easy to find. Some fishermen, she always like to see someone else on the fish, ran
to see what bait to use, even how to link photos to be fake, cooked I do not know the
situation of different fishing spots and to adapt to the bait is different. so it is best to
rack their brains thinking their so-called fishing not conclusive, is the truth. this I
[wild carp Voted Talk] has an article that --- fishing activities through the wise choice
is a need for mental and physical activities with.
Summer has come to introduce a hand to the faithful fishing pole and the pole can be
used in the sea with bait.
Pond fish feed pellets used in 50% + fried millet, soybean meal 20% + 20% + 10%
rapeseed cake, then add a little sugar and Liquor.
Fishing in the scalded with boiling water the night before about the next day using the
best. Or to water after the water first with the fishing field scattered foam pellets, then
fusing several other materials can. Water should not more, take some material and
uniform, can be hard to gripping into the group.
If the use of sea fishing pole, or pole Angeles, can be directly loaded with bombs
If the hand fishing pole can be expected to take half of the fight and good nest, and
the remaining half of the hook used to do packages. Goujian on a large soft surface
mounted core kernel, then the material outside wrap the whole hook, such as date can
be the same size to those of. that is, any food Wan angling. This is a very good
hand-pole fishing carp method.
If you want to use Taiwan Wan angling, bait in the drawing by adding an appropriate
amount of powder and stick powder, you must not use scented. Otherwise would
create a lot of wild catch fish. And even the use of Taiwanese fishing in the fishing
group, also must catch blunt, pendant to drop the bottom to catch carp with a
suspension effect is very bad fall.
Some people say, how much fishing is mainly fishing places are good; wild Some
people think that the key is diet good or bad; in fact how the weather is one of the
important factors affecting fish. In the fishing process was no less than any other link.
whether in the ponds, or reservoirs of wild fish, the weather is very clear.
In raising the fish ponds, fish and more water and fertilizer as the main problem is
lack of oxygen, so as long as the selection of high pressure, fine weather on it. Air
pressure with high wind weather generally, whether large or small, will not be a trace
of wind are not the boring days. There are many fish pond algae, many algae are
cloudy oxygen in sunlight but the release of oxygen, so good fishing pond sunny days
than cloudy days. Besides pressure, high pressure oxygen content in water high, often
lack of oxygen on the original pond, naturally, a little fish will be good fishing.
But for large reservoirs and lakes the natural water situation is different. The density
of fish in a small, clear water without fertilizer, a slight breeze will be sparkling, then
the clean water. Blue sky. Baiyun, but exposure to which had Durian For Sin, not to
mention do not colored silk when listening to wonderful music the water, tease out a
few tail of the carp is accompanied with a carmine. no wonder that many fishermen,
she would be reluctant to leave home for a time forget the charm particular deposit.
These waters are not oxygen. So do not consider the oxygen problem. to be an
important consideration is the diurnal temperature. Temperature change and direction.
wind and so on. time to beginning of summer, the temperature rise, and half of China
have entered the season for carp fishing. Lixia choose the fish after the reservoir. lakes
and other natural waters, the One, day and night temperature difference, temperature
difference as small as possible, usually within 10 degrees temperature difference
between day and night, the fish would be better fishing, more than temperature 13
degrees, difficult to catch the fish during the day. but the temperature difference is
night fishing the weather was just a good time. Second, the temperature today and
tomorrow to see the temperature when compared to heating or cooling, if the
temperature tomorrow than today high, it is best not out fishing tomorrow, the
weather is warming there will be little gain. On the contrary if the temperature
tomorrow than today's low, do not let go, cooling the first day of the
fishing rare gold time. If tomorrow's temperature lower than today, the day
after tomorrow the temperature is even lower than that encountered such a continuous
cooling of the weather, tomorrow --- that is cooling on the first day, to be exaggerated,
then: is the hook to hang a mud pie can catch the fish to. in the cool, the temperature
began to rise, especially the weather, it is very difficult to catch fish, almost 10, there
are nine empty. in the Central Plains, Lixia, after all northerly winds, wind direction,
in particular, is a northeasterly direction, the fish are better for fishing. southerly wind
would almost, especially in southwest wind weather, the fish difficult to catch. of
course I said the wind is below the 4. the wind is too great, not to mention the fish
difficult to catch, people will feel uncomfortable in the wild. In fear of the fishing
ponds and low air pressure in the reservoirs and lakes and other large natural waters,
on the contrary, are not afraid of low air pressure, for fear of high pressure, generally
Bai pressure over 1004 Pa, the fish caught on the bad. not the temperature that is wind.
So the night before fishing, check weather, air pressure must not be overlooked.
Many fishermen, she may have had this experience, play nest, the nest after a while
children were on began to carp star glow, but the hook is not eating, no matter what
you change the bait, hook the fish next to the nest that do not eat. and sometimes even
had winter pen thrown star fish, what fish hook but with stars as well.
Although the nest, do not eat fish hook for many reasons, but the comprehensive
analysis of the following main categories:
1. Underwater mud too much. Play nest, the first nest to fish trouble, had to mix the
JINWOZI, carp into the nest, the more mud to feed Gong to nest into a world of mud
soup. At this time no matter what bait you use, hook next to the nest, it is difficult to
blanket found in the carp.
2. By catching the slippery fish, and eat only the nest eating bait hooks. Some fish
market every day, many people in the fishing, because the more people fishing,
feeding too much, there is no shortage of eating fish . carp alert by nature itself, with
every day people fishing, so this place becomes more slippery carp. harder to catch.
Whether hook. line. sinkers, as long as one can see that these will get away, eat Wo
bait, not eating hook. and often is eaten on the first day of the nest to lay bait. as long
as the surface of the water a little ring on the walk immediately disappeared.
3. The water is too fertilizer, natural food is very rich in water. Some of the waters, for
various reasons, so that the water is very fat, long the water will be a lot of natural
foods, and this fertilizer generally low oxygen content in water. This both fish and the
water oxygen, and also because the water a long time to eat a particular food
unsolicited, there formed a port is opened up, so this places the bait fish in general is
not interested.
For the above analysis, can take the following countermeasures:
1. Voted with the end float. Is to reduce the weight of a pendant to hang from the bait
from the bottom 5 - 10 cm, but also to leave the winter pen 50 --- 100 cm, preferably
in front of or about all JINWOZI Yes, but not in the winter pen behind. so that you
can dodge mud soup mix.
2. On has been very slippery carp fishing in two ways: First, do not fight fossa,
directly with a large bag hook, the package should be large, into the water must not
have sound, the brain line is to long (30 cm for the benefit ), the line is best to use red,
pendant to sink to the bottom, as far as possible small size, the other black drift.
Second, pole in hand drift. fall unchanged, remove the brain wire double hook, hook
with putting a bomb , to remove the hook of the bait bomb spring, only hook.
mounted bait hook method and the method usually installed bomb as bait slightly
smaller group that bait into the water to swing in, do not have sound (That was a
technology live) . After the bait into the water, as long as the drift has been so fixed,
but as long as the drift, that is not on the fish, but also put forward to re-install bait.
This method has been used many times to deal with slippery carp is very effective. not
to play Wo, down is the nest of a hook.
3. Of food rich in fat reservoirs, if the fishing carp can be taken trolling. Funny fishing
methods such as, but not work on carp, pole not only cited the frequent mention not to
eat carp hook, but will surprise carp run Therefore, the carp pond on the fertilizer
choose to rely on the weather and the use of special diets. weather you'd
better have 3 - 5 scale Wind cooling weather, the north wind is best. feed the
following three options: First, cooked large kernels, preferably ahead of time 1 - 2 of
God Wo, to a large grain of wheat cooked 1 - 2 kg mix mud into the dens, fishing, the
hook hanging on a large grain of wheat, hung two. 2 is crushed pellets with raw bean
meal plus rice, the ratio of 2:1:1, half of the play nest, the other half do package hook
material. Third, try to get used to the pond has been eating the food bait (on the field
This pond is very small).

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