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By the end of March this year, over the years lying low Carlyle Group (Carlyle Group)
has released a message: its first fund worth 10 billion U.S. dollars of the birth, which
is the United States fund the largest fund ever raised. This is 10 billion U.S. dollars of
the company, financial institutions can lend to 450 million, enough for them to buy a
one-time Nike (Nike Inc.) Or Ford (Ford Motor Co.).
And often referred to a number of outside private equity firms than Carlyle who
should be counted late, it was established in 1987. At the time, this northeast corner of
New York City luxury hotel named investment company Carlyle is difficult to arouse
the concern of the outside world: peer did not do most of the election in the financial
center, New York or Chicago, which established the political center of Washington,
the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation headquarters next to the White House and
Capitol are only separated by a step away.
However, with Hou Kailei surprised as to ensure that all spectators. Look at the list of
its executives and consultants, you will know what it is unique: its migrant workers,
including former U.S. President George Bush (George Bush), former British Prime
Minister John Major (John Major), former Philippine President Ramos (Fidel Ramos)
and the former Thai Prime Minister Pan Yala spring (Anan Panyara-chun), former
Secretary of State James Baker (James A. Baker III), the Clinton
administration's White House chief of staff Maikelati (Thomas McLarty)
and Former U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) primary 席雅瑟里维
特 (Arthur Levitt) ... ...
Or even, "9.11" incident, the news media found that bin Laden
family in the Carlyle Group has invested over 200 million - with both the Bush and
bin Laden, a U.S. private equity investment companies? Although Carlyle superb way
to escape the media's cross-examination, and quickly with the bin Laden
family out of that small part of the investment relationship. Bush's men
took the matter to the President and isolation strategy to Bush's reputation
has not been a fatal injury. But soon, Bush and John Major after another out of Carlyle,
that alone was enough to make Carlyle temporary fame.
So far the story has not ended. Want to know who is chairman of Carlyle latest? The
answer is: The crisis of the 1990s IBM freed former CEO Lou Gerstner (Lou
  Political cards
  ?Light the many political and business dignitaries, to Carlyle Group founder
appeared slightly pale, but they are the basis for the existence of this enterprise. The
first is the company founder Stephen Norris (Stephen Norris), he served as the
company's tax Marriot M & A has identified the person in charge
of the company's acquisition of Alaska Eskimos to a reasonable tax
avoidance, which makes him thus engaged in private equity business . Arbitrary its
human resourcefulness, perseverance and very aware of their needs smart, and good
political network to help people. Former President Jimmy Carter's assistant
David Rubenstein (David Rubenstein), is in all his requirements. This is
Carlyle's starting point.
In 1987, Norris and Rubenstein and his two lawyer friends Weiliankangwei (William
E. Conway) and 丹尼尔德艾 Nie Luo (Daniel A. Daniello) to set up the Carlyle
Over the years, Rubinstein was known as the "Carlyle heart
rhythm," until today, he is still a major investment in Carlyle Group has a
policy on the role. He graduated from the Chicago School of Law in 1973, after the
smooth way in the career, 27-year-old became Carter's domestic policy
assistant. Workaholic on the story of how he not only went to the office every day and
no later than the first to leave, but the White House during that time, he alone vending
machine food to live. Norris said that the days in the White House to make a naive
idealist Rubinstein from the rapid growth and mature: "He saw all
Although the two is ideal for Partners, but Carlyle is not the early success, until 1989,
former U.S. Secretary of Defense 弗兰克卡路西 (Frank Carlucci) joined, and in
1990 contributed to Carlyle in the defense industry a major investment - from the U.S.
Army won the 200 billion worth of arms contracts, Carlyle Group really took off.
This allows Norris and Rubenstein realize the benefits of hiring former politicians,
they began large-scale next door, and has hired former Secretary of State, White
House budget director and so on. In 1990, Carlyle has acquired the world's
largest and most successful defense consulting firm BDM.
No doubt, in the Carlyle deal, the former political figures who played an important
role. However, Carlyle is now best to evade the importance of these consultants.
Rubinstein of the U.S. media to refute the criticism, he said, investors are optimistic
about Carlyle is not because the presence of former government officials, but because
of good operating performance.
However, if careful analysis of how to get those performance Carlyle, and perhaps can
not so confidently of Rubinstein.
In 1995, Texas State University Investment Management Committee was elected
Texas governor George Bush a few weeks will be 100 million U.S. dollars of capital
injection Rukai Lei, and in 1994, Bush hired as manager of its subsidiary company;
1999 elderly Bush to visit South Korea on behalf of Carlyle, Carlyle in Korea for up
to one billion U.S. dollars financial investment in training of the commercial and
political ties.
In Asia, Bush played a significant role. Bush's visit to Seoul, Kim Dae-jung
government with senior officials, the Carlyle acquisition of Korea-US bank
Carlyle in 1999, the East Asian market after expanding aggressively. At that time, in
many East Asian countries faced economic crisis, Carlyle think the time has come.
That year, Carlyle Asia held in Bangkok in the first Advisory Board meeting, presided
over Bush. Since then, Carlyle in South Korea and Taiwan to become one of the
largest foreign investors in Japan have also become engaged in merger and acquisition
matters of the largest companies.
Carlyle has spent 750 million U.S. dollars of Asian fund the acquisition of four
companies, namely: to 145 million U.S. dollars in 2000 was one of Korea's
largest private bank in Korea-US banks (KorAm Bank) holding power; invest 187
million U.S. dollars in Taiwan Taiwan's fourth largest cable broadband
company; invest 49 million U.S. dollars from the collapse of the Daewoo acquisition
of spin-off company of Mercury Communications; then was 43 million U.S. dollars in
2001 to the cost of shares Pacific Department Store. It also bought 2.1 billion U.S.
dollars to Japanese mobile phone manufacturers DDI Pocket, and renamed Willcom
Asia's largest private equity deal to date was the acquisition of the
Korea-US bank, the Carlyle will transform it to 2.7 billion U.S. dollars after the price
of resold Citibank, Carlyle has brought to 250% return, that is, 6.75 billion.
In Europe, Carlyle's "Bush" is a British former Prime
Minister John Major. Carlyle John Major in 1998 for the appointment of consultants
in Europe, and later became its European chairman. Carlyle to single-handedly beat
the former British prime minister and £ Soros has become a colleague, also made
the world leaders open their grievances between individuals. Carlyle began in the
European market to find suitable investment opportunities.
Major thanks to the assistance of the French Credit Lyonnais (Credit Lyonnais), the
World Bank pension funds and American International Group (AIG), world
heavyweight investment funds have invested the Carlyle Group's first
European fund, raised the most Houkai Lei 1.1 billion. Then Carlyle has raised a
special investment in European technology companies in venture capital funds and
investment real estate funds in Europe.
Carlyle Kaul, general manager of Asia than does not believe that Bush, Mei Jiedeng
consultant can play a significant role. He said, "They really opened the
door, but we still have to painstaking work to make the return on
investment." Carlyle believe that Bush's role is to attract
investors conference speech.
But investors do not think Bush's name is very old component, a former
U.S. president, former CIA Director and former U.S. ambassador to the UN. Around
the world on behalf of Carlyle, the Carlyle will no doubt bring many benefits. With
investors that Bush established in the past 20 years, a large network of relationships,
to protect the Carlyle deal is profitable.
   Since the creation of the future, Carlyle Jiu's investment strategy has
been to take this, which invests in government-sponsored national, has some
advantages of enterprise and industry policy, such as defense contractor products; or
influence those Shou government big company, such as telecommunications
companies. And employment related government officials, as well as the financial
industry, the aviation industry.
2001 Carlyle client SBC Communications Inc. (SBC) the number of states in the
United States long-distance telephone service by the U.S. Federal Communications
Commission (Federal Communications Commission) main 席威廉肯纳德 (William
Kennard) approval, amazingly, three William left the FCC months later became the
managing director of Carlyle.
However, this style is gradually changing, because, Carlyle aware of the need for
more      "business       is   business."        When      the     Bush
administration's National Security Bureau, said the Ministry of Defence
should be tight fiscal times, Carlyle has begun to show its mettle in areas outside the
national defense.
Suiran Carlyle Group's unique geographical location and its close ties with
the government of much convenience given Carlyle, Carlyle Wanchengzaoqi Danshi
when the series Jiaoyizhihou find myself most of the funds Ye Zhi You 100 million
U.S. dollars, however. To solve this problem, the mid-1990s, Rubinstein invited the
financial investment community's most prestigious George Soros became
Carlyle's limited partner. Under his call to raise funds suddenly become
surprisingly easy, American Airlines, Citibank and other large enterprises have joined
the investment team. Carlyle deal immediately raised for the upcoming 4 billion. With
Carlyle's reputation has grown, the more likely its financing in 1996,
actually raised a 130 million U.S. dollars.
As Gerstner to join, the company further from the U.S. Department of Defense
Mergers are turning to traditional private equity firms.
Carlyle Group in 2002 prior to the close ties with high-level political circles, and
signed the contract under the Defense Department has paid off many. Carlyle plans
recently bid 1.65 billion acquisition of Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ) of
Hawaii's telephone operations, and several investment companies in the
fierce competition in the final stand.
Development today, Carlyle Group has a total of 28 different types of funds, manages
more than 24.8 billion U.S. dollars of assets, in 14 countries a total of 550 employees.
Since its inception in 1987, has invested 13 billion U.S. dollars. These investments
mainly in Asia, Europe and North America for corporate mergers and acquisitions,
real estate and venture investments. Like most firms, The Carlyle Group has become
an eclectic buyer, had supported or purchased Yellow Pages business, natural gas
companies, aircraft manufacturing companies and healthcare organizations.
Carlyle is now an over-expansion of the forces raised a concern about whether
business was too trivial, and also questioned those who fast will enter retirement age,
the founder of whether to maintain their consistent loyalty. However, the recent return
good dividends for all investors, and foundations of the Carlyle look good. That said
Ming Kailei a series of recent acquisitions around the world have made huge profits -
the Yellow Pages company Dex Media, Korean financial institutions KorAm Bank,
and the U.S. Department of Defense's investment also continue to create
benefits. In the past 18 months, Carlyle total return to investors 66 million in cash.
In 1997, the tenth anniversary of the Carlyle Group, the Group held a grand reception
to celebrate the almost extravagant. Libraries in the United States Capitol, the Carlyle
spent 20 festival orchestra, all gathered in the room is high-brow: the
world's leaders, former president and business leaders. It was
Carlyle's Carnival: They finally did it.
Today, Carlyle's name has become the U.S. capital in the history of a
legend. While many financial companies are hiring like Carlyle as politicians such as
former Vice President Al Gore (Al Gore) and former New York Mayor Rudolph
Giuliani (Rudolph Giulianni), but from the perspective of the size and influence We
should never see a second Carlyle.