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									Can be well-known brand
We have to analyze how the products and services around the site, using keywords
combined to create Web content. Hope we can dig up more ways for your site.
Web site content and key words complement each other, to some degree, SEO is to
build upon the content. When the core keywords to identify sites (products and
services, key words) then we need to be complemented by a large number of relevant
content to support the core keywords or other relevant long tail keywords, how many
is enough to be outside the chain, so that search engines know what this site is doing,
what the core of this site. then these long tail keywords, how to organize themselves
what? the following eight areas from personal experience, combined with chat sites
SEO keywords in combination methods and how to customize and update keywords
mix web content.
The first strategy: the product or service features + features (texture, type, industry
background, etc.)
This type of content is the underlying products and services, but it can by extension
去. Can is the introduction and Gongneng own product set, also from the product raw
materials, background Zhishi so. If you are a service, can be on terminology to
explain the industry to introduce industry news, technical articles, and service
processes and so on.
Such as excellent network of SEO friendly competition the key words: cotton-padded
shoes. You want to be a cotton-padded shoes of the corporate website, then the site
content can come from products launched its own characteristics, such as: the texture
of cotton-padded shoes, shoes manufacturing processes, shoes style, cotton shoe
pattern and so on; the same time you can start from the classification groups, such as:
children's cotton-padded shoes, men's cotton-padded shoes,
ladies cotton shoes, casual cotton-padded shoes and so on; you can trace the root of
the origin, such as xx, xx of the original origin and so on.
The second strategy: the product or service + search intention (what, how to use,
Guangzhou website promotion, where a sale, etc.)
隔行如隔山, each industry has its own unique rules. To understand and become
familiar with the products or services where the trade rules, it will be a lot of unique
key words to understand combination of methods.
Such as: Cordyceps sinensis is a what? How to use a whitening product? Film where a
car has sold so. Products and search keywords intention combination of search terms
of users of these sites are potential users into paying customers is also very likely to
For these keywords, you can go to a number of wiki sites, Q & A Web site
for reference. Tend to ask questions submitted by users, is a good key words.
There is a small proposal: different classes of Internet users search the key words are
also very different. But most of the network name search keywords are more low-end,
biased in favor of colloquial. In the Website has a statement that makes the website,
such as One Key words: Beijing Website Which do better? we could have for the key
words to organize an article, the title is called: Beijing Website Which do good,
excellent network of Friends of the credibility of high quality 8 years. continue to
point 3.
The third strategy: the product or service + Brand Model (brand name, generic models,
Here's the brand can be their own brands, and even competitors can also be
other brands; can be well-known brands, or non-well-known products; here is the
industry standard models, product-specific models and specifications and other
technical parameters. These are just one example, but not limited to these.
Such as list of friends took the bearings may be related to more familiar, bearing the
key word is through many different brands, different models to mix. Such as: deep
groove ball bearings, ASK NUE70 bearings. To the ideas used in other products and
services in SEO optimization necessary to note, I would like to effect is good.
The world's top ten branded lighters, except lighters group in the net,
overall, IL-ting, can you name some? Everyone will think of Zippo, yes, zippo
lighters brand is the first top ten.
Pioneer in the industry have to create out of these brands we can not be transcended,
the industry is difficult to 改变 industry standards, but those familiar with the
products brought popularity is enormous, and we can melt into the various forms in
the site's content, to promote website in search engine rankings improve.
Fourth strategy: product or service + business model (wholesale, agent, join, etc.)
The mode of operation into the site content. When the release of our product
information, we want more Zhunque 地 find customers, Ye hope to find a more
professional customers. At this time, we need to indicate in messages they want to
For example: We want to find agents join the business, you can add the name in the
message, "Agent" as the main key words of information; If you
want to do a lot of wholesale business, we can ", the fourth generation of
water heaters; wholesale" as an information Main Keywords. where
information can be title, it can be part of the site's content, Shenzhen
optimization company and can also be the site elsewhere.
Combined entity's products is concerned, I had to pass before the field
phone shop a suggestion: is the addition of information or articles module, the
introduction of Taobao and independent sites on behalf of the delivery model.
Taobao is now a growing number of users could not find a suitable source of goods,
while there are many sources of supply provider agency could not find the next level.
Said that, if the relevant pages in the mall to increase through the domain agent
module, then he can Set a large number of similar to the following key words: Nokia
n95 on behalf of the consignor, iphone on behalf of the shipping ...
Fifth strategy: the product or service + services approach (training, correspondence,
Services in different ways, for the potential users are not the same people.
If a certain test training, a university correspondence courses, a cosmetics mail order,
there are currently more popular QQ group training, physical training and so face to
Sixth strategy: the product or service + business information (company, Express, etc.)
The traditional service enterprises in the more common, especially convenient service
For example: Shenzhen shipping company phone, Zhongguancun moving company,
Zhongguancun bottled water company, Shijiazhuang housing agency telephone and so
on. There are some, such as: a product manufacturer address, Pagebbc official website
addresses and more.
VII of the strategy: the product or service + typo other words (easy to confuse the
brand and name, etc.)
This point a lot of friends called alternative SEO, it is not so rich and open Internet
has created a variety of typos phenomenon. After widespread in the QQ group class
"nation-building cause the premiere did not" face picture stories
We are all memories still fresh. yesterday in groups in popular about someone shouted
Figure Wang and Jia-lun grandfather's example, in the qq group viral very
quickly, I was 5 minutes to see five groups began to spread. These typos and other
word phenomena is life real and very easy to arouse interest and sympathy.
Previously seen a station name is hearing thunder, and the key words ranking second
only to Thunder official website, imagine this station to a lot of traffic interception.
Whatever there are many examples, such as is not and Liu Yifei Liu, Zhang Yu and
Zhang Jue, vagaa and wagaa, Yi Jianlian and health together so easily. Of course,
there is only one example, if you can find similar products and services in key words,
I believe you will be very significant effect.
Eighth strategy: products or services + field area (application area, geographic names,
We often said 360 line, must borrow, search engine optimization (SEO) 11 Tips,
where as many as 360 line only refers to the industry. At the same time vast land of
China, wholesale nike shoes, 30 remaining provinces and territories, 3000 number of
county-level city. I have put more than 3000 area name + Product Key words used in
a customer site, the effect is very obvious. this region we can find the keyword list or
to obtain a copy of my excellent friends network forum resources area download.
Area name and web product or service keywords combined, cover the audience very
much. The trick is not new in fact, already used by large sites and content sites in the.
In such cases it is easy to see in the classifieds site, such as sometimes seen in the 58
city rankings very good key words in an area, but the channel itself is basically no
content. Many large sites are massive The key words + templates is not only do they
tend to a certain keyword, but do so in a number of key words .58 usually play:
Beijing + rent, Tianjin + rental ..... very small county-level cities + rent. I must say
this is not the purpose of play so that everyone has massive keyword, but have a
thought, you have to type keywords into the region + products or services.
Article from: Changsha Website

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