PITCH AND PUTT by noy99673


Enviro Links Design Pty Ltd

“Significant land shaping and planting design to enhance a degraded area integrated with active
recreation pursuits encouraging many to enjoy a wonderful landscaped setting is a commendable
expression of the Landscape Architects craft.”

What Is Pitch And Putt?: A great little golf game that is basically fun, has a challenge and offers a good
opportunity to finesse the short game. It requires guile and skill, not brawn. Pitch and Putt suits all ages
for either competition or social play. It offers a great way for juniors to learn golf and for seniors to
compete without the daunting length of a long par 5.

The key features of this premium quality pitch and putt opened in April 1999 are:
 located on 3.6 hectares with 18 holes ranging from 38 to 71 metres length, totalling 868 metres:
   greens 115 to 180 m totalling 0.25 hectares; and synthetic turf tees
 2.25 hectares irrigated area (marginally more than a full size Australian Rules Oval)
 5000m fill and 3500m cut to transform the original gentle sloping featureless site.
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 designed to appeal to all standards by exciting the good player but not being too difficult for the
 Sustains 1,000 to 1,500 players a week. Few grassed sports fields sustain this level of use.
 It transforms an unused piece of leftover land surrounded by a deep floodway and two arterials into
   one of the most loved and well utilised areas of soft landscape sporting areas in Canberra.

 As the original site had no features of interest mounding was used to:
    - create character and visual appeal;
    - ensure a full range of stances and lies to ensure the experienced golfer gets a good range of
practice opportunities;
    - reward pitch and run or high lob shots for variety depending on the land form or pin position.

 Tufted Lomandra / Dianella and macrophytes (reeds and sedges) are used for visual highlights and
   contrast. Shrub beds for colour and variety used in out of play zones. Species selection varies
   dependent on the water regime.
 The 1997 project was one of the first to use the Flawra_Ej macrophyte strips and many of the native
   grasses / tufted shrubs now common place in the Landscape Architects plant palette.

Environmental Responsiveness:
Environmental sustainability and providing benefits downstream was a hallmark of the original 1997
design approach with:
 six nutrient stripping ponds with macrophytes above the adjoining floodway to allow treatment of low
    flow water and greens subsoil drainage.
 The key irrigation water source was envisaged as pumping out of the Woden stormwater channel that
    services an urban catchment of 30,000 people.
 A 70m long aeration cascade next to four holes is a key visual feature of the course. The irrigation
    pump automatically operates the cascade by day using one station on the controller.

The Southern Cross Pitch and Putt undoubtedly set a new quality benchmark for such facilities
when it opened in 1999; has sustained a high popularity for near on 10 years unrivalled in
Australia; and continues to be one of the most loved landscaped and sporting spaces in Canberra
by those that regularly enjoy it.

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