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					                          Make-A-Pitch Guidelines
The objective of the Make-A-Pitch competition is to present to a group of faculty and
students your idea for starting a new enterprise. The presentation must be carefully
thought out and concisely presented as the time limit of five minutes is very short.

While creativity is encouraged, it is important to remember that you are being judged
not just on the originality of an idea, but also on your plans to commercialize the idea;
you must clearly demonstrate how your idea will be a financial.

The following are meant as general guidelines only. They represent areas that the
judges will be looking at when deciding if you are likely to be financially successful
with your proposal.

        Customer: Who is going to buy your product or service and why? How many potential
         customers are there and how much will they be willing to pay? This will allow you to forecast
         sales. Remember that sales usually start small and grow with time and marketing success.

        Competition: Who or what is the competition? Where are they located? How do your
         products compare to the competitions? What differentiates you from the competition? Will
         you need to divide the customer base with the competition? How will the competition react to
         your new product?

        Manufacturing: How will you make your product? Are there significant start-up expenses for
         equipment, licenses, raw materials, facilities, etc.? Are there seasonal or shelf-life issues?
         How much will all this cost per unit? Remember that cost usually goes down significantly with
         time or as you produce more product.

        Distribution: How is the product moved from the factory to the customer? Cars are different
         from pizza, tax consulting and flying lessons. How much will this cost?

        Sales and marketing: How will the customer find out about your product? How much will you
         need to spend on this process? Will it differentiate you from the competition?

        Overhead: Remember you need telephones, internet, travel, benefits, insurance, salary for
         you, space, electricity, lawyers, etc.

        Profits: This is the magic number. Sales less all the expenses at some point must generate
         profits. And you will need to find cash to pay the way until you are making money.

The most important factor you need to present is YOU. Investors will want to know if
you have the creativity, enthusiasm, energy, knowledge and skill to accomplish what
you are proposing. See yourself well by example. Make your presentation creative,
high energy and hard hitting.

Five minutes is a short time. You can never cover all the above in depth. Pick
carefully, practice, ask for help, and try several times.

No Power point, overheads or props.

Good luck! You will win in the long-run just by entering.