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					Bruce Lee (3)
?3. Lee's honor list
In 1957, the Hong Kong Inter-school boxing champion.
1958, was precisely the Open Championship title in Hong Kong.
In 1971, the international martial arts magazine "Black Belt" as
"one of the world's seven martial arts masters."
In 1972, won Golden Horse "best art award."
1974 Bruce Lee martial arts by the international authority of the magazine
"Black Belt" as one of the world's seven martial arts,
the American press praised him as "The Forbidden Kingdom,"
Japan called it the "force of the saints."
1979 Los Angeles city government to "Game of Death" and is
shown to date, that on July 8, as "Bruce Lee Day."
1980,       by      Japan,      "Asahi      Shimbun"         elected
"representative seventies."
1986, was named the University of Hamburg in Germany, "the most
Europeans know Asians."
1993 Hollywood Boulevard lined with famous Bruce Lee Memorial Star logo.
In 1993, the United States issued the twentieth anniversary of the death of Bruce Lee
In 1993, the General Assembly presented by the Hong Kong Film Awards
"Lifetime Achievement Award."
In 1998, the Chinese Wushu Association was awarded the "Award for
martial arts movie star."
In 1998, by "Time Magazine" as a "hero and idol of
the twentieth century", is the only elected Chinese.
In 1998, by the United States Performing Arts Association "Lifetime
Achievement Award."
In 1999, the U.S. government awarded Bruce Lee, "Dominican Art
Award" Performing Arts Association of the United States granted
Lee's "Lifetime Achievement Award"
June 1999, the U.S. "Time" magazine named Bruce Lee, the
20th century's 100 most influential one
In 2000, the U.S. government announced the release of a "Bruce Lee, the
sixtieth anniversary of the birth of commemorative stamps."
July 2003 24, American television history vhl selected 200 greatest pop culture icon,
Bruce Lee the list.
In 2004, Bruce Lee, the British media associations specially awarded
"Legend Award."
In 2005, the Hong Kong Film Awards Assembly "brilliant century
Star" award.
In 2005, appeared in the "People", "A century of film
top ten people" one.
In 2005, won the "Outstanding Contribution Award for the film to the
In 2005, elected "China's century of film 100 fine
In 2005, won the national "Award for outstanding contribution and foreign
In 2007, selected the British Total Film magazine "50 big movie
In early 2008, Bruce Lee statue in Hong Kong Avenue of Stars completed.
October 12, 2008, CCTV begin broadcasting a 50 episode TV series to commemorate
the legendary hero.

4. Bruce statistics
One of its more than 130 pounds, hit a 350-pound boxing Shen.
2 hit with two stick 1600 pounds of force.
3 its signature move, "skip step side kick", and a strong man
dressed in armor of 200 pounds kicked 20 meters into the pool.
4 level of 34 kg barbell straight arm reach, back, and then stretched out, and static
control for 20 seconds.
5 56 kg barbell flat move and stay a while.
6 32 kg dumbbell in one hand, the level of take a homeopathic backswing before, then
move to the shoulder side and stick a few seconds.
7 easy finger unopened can of Coca-Cola.
8 with a side kick to the sandbag kicked a 45 kg.
9 about 135 kg sack kicked about the height of the house floor.
10. Bruce Lee's Fist power: boxers 400 pounds, the same with Muhammad
Bruce Lee-inch punch: separated by 10 cm 150 kg of the strong man can hit a 5,6
Bruce Lee's leg power: the ability to hit 1650 lbs of divine power, has used
a 150 kg side kick strong man kicked the 20-meter fall into the swimming pool.
Bruce Lee's Speed: 9 seconds to play boxing, kick 6 legs! Rate is almost
twice the mountains. The world powers, all-conquering, but fast is not broken! So,
this is the most critical, even if the power greater than the mountains Bruce Lee, and
Bruce Lee fight, he did account for less than cheap. estimate does not take half an
hour, the mountain will not bear the severe impact of Bruce Lee defeated continuous.
Note: The third world karate champion Luo BARNES was 10 seconds to get rid of
Lee, Bruce Lee, not normally Moreover, pre-emptive strike, but a post-rock hair,
attacked opponents of the attack. If the words of Bruce Lee's pre-emptive
strike against karate athletes are also lower spike. against masters generally not more
than 10 minutes.
But Bruce Lee is dead for years, without much proof. Alone the United States Chuck
Norris, Joe Lewis are all shook the world karate champion, knees willingly of Bruce
Lee as a teacher, Bruce Lee's martial arts shows unusual. As Bruce Lee fast
as lightning, it is not exaggerated, I have been to many places, always overhear that
Bruce Lee could hit several punches a second, kicked out of the record kicks, are they
are touted Bruce Lee? Today, in books, newspapers, movies to see a lot of kung fu star
Bruce Lee tribute. Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee then expose film was Bruce Lee kicked
a long kick. In the Jackie Chan "Jackie Chan biography", you
can see Jackie Chan Bruce Lee martial arts once again pay tribute to the speech on the
lens. Whether China's Shaolin Temple, or other martial arts college,
basically all of Bruce Lee "Jeet Kune Do" Training Course.
Abroad, whether the United States, Japan, the Philippines, and others have Bruce Lee
Jeet Kune Do Club, Lee left for many years, since the Chinese is still the
world's most famous tough guy, through which proves that Bruce
Lee's kung fu is definitely unique in the world.

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