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1, Pirelli ()

I believe like football like Inter Milan's friends have the impression of this
brand. Pirelli is the main sponsor of Inter Milan, Inter Milan jersey chest is a
trademark of Pirelli, Pirelli even when just entered China, there are games Pirelli also
specially printed Chinese characters, evident in China Pirelli market attention. Pirelli
originated in the late 19th century, is one of the oldest tire manufacturers, which are
sports tires, is also the first F1 sponsorship, and is still sponsored by wrc. To tell the
truth, the Pirelli tires and is suitable for the kind of traffic wrc, super grip, very strong.
Biao car like a friend, I think Pirelli is the preferred grip is too powerful, and dare not
say that Pirelli is the best, but I can responsibly say that Pirelli's grip is the
best, Biao car essential players But the premise is that you have to endure the same
powerful Pirelli tire noise, tire noise amazing, indescribable feeling, so that Pirelli tire
dealer did not believe it was the noise. Pirelli Tires in premium prices are above
average, has now made its selling is not ideal. Supporting more are high-end cars, like
the BMW 7 Series, Audi A8 and so on. Pirelli If you do not care about the noise, do
not care about the high price positioning, like to drive fast, election Pirelli's
right! !

2, horse cards (geguo mainland)

Ma also called the German mainland brand tires, but also started the 19th century tires.
European Cup soccer fields can often see the horse brand advertising, it seems that
race car sponsored short, I know it seems like the race horse truck license, if not
played F1. Horse cards and Pirelli are two extremes in order to quiet comfortable with,
said a friend who said that Michelin comfortable horse must have not used tire card.
Comfortable and quiet is the best horse cards feature, but if only this feature, horse
brand is not wear and grip generally, are not strong, not very suitable for our
country's road conditions, import tires price comparison is, China plant
also no cover up, domestic tire market performance depends on its position after
offline situation (according to internal meetings Ma said the tire brand, tire horse
brand domestic competitors are targeting the first Dunlop). Support, the horse brand
tire supporting some of the major intermediate models, such as the Audi A4, A6,
Mercedes C Class E Class, BMW 3 Series; a number of high-end SUV matching the
horse out of cards are the Czech Republic, the noise is not small. If you are seeking
quiet comfort of wear, sports, prices did not ask, horse card is a good choice.

3, Dunlop

Dunlop originated in the late 19th century ying States, after ribeng Holdings (ying
States have failed to keep anything nice guy, Rolls Royce, alas), is the inventor of
pneumatic tires. Dunlop is the second play F1 tire brand in the number of F1 races on
the current row to win the second, now does not play, and now the main sponsor
German Touring Car Masters, A8 Touring Car and Motorcycle GP, in a number of
cross-country race China is also the main sponsor, because the cross-country in the
Dunlop tire is the best. Dunlop tires made the biggest feature is not characteristic (and
Bridgestone similar to, the following will be mentioned), quiet comfort and horse
brand as Michelin, Pirelli better grip, the tires are more neutral. In fact, Dunlop is a
pure international high-end brands, from the matching will be able to see it, Audi A8,
Mercedes-Benz S600, BMW 5 Series X5X3, Volkswagen Touareg and prices high
certainly exaggerated. Dunlop made the case for China, right lower part of the small
size of tire positioning, so that it can meet the needs of almost all models, the price
appropriate. Have seen one pair of the Internet Dunlop Comments: can not say
Dunlop is the best, but the most cost-effective tire. If you occasionally small play with
your car, but also to have further requirements on the quiet comfort, price not want
too expensive, good Dunlop.

4, Goodyear

Dunlop Senna as well-known driver's si, left the F1, is replaced by
Goodyear brand from the United States, currently hold the record number of F1 wins.
Sponsored car race is not clear at present. Goodyear is typical of American goods, just
to anti-noise, grip after Pirelli, Pirelli noise almost no wear, but also easy to uneven
wear, the price of your death. I liked it a bit not. Supporting small, Audi Q7, Land
Rover, supporting more domestic cars, Audi, BMW and so on. I feel that the Yankees
might be bad, do not give good gifts to China, price, and Michelin are similar, the
highest price are made inside, and worse quality, factory production is small, the net is
the OEM products (Goodyear Rongcheng Cheng Shan OEM factory there, although
OEM can save cost, quality and boast)

5, Michelin

Michelin fa States originated in the 19th century, is the inventor of radial tires. After
the sponsor in the Goodyear F1, now sponsored events are also a lot of cars, wrc and
so on. Michelin tires are comfort, comfort close to the horse cards, general wear grip.
Michelin sales, second only to Bridgestone. Main supporting some of the top
mid-range brands, such as the BMW 5 Series, Mercedes-Benz e-class c-class.
Individuals feel the same Michelin tires are comfortable brand is more suitable than
the horses of some of China's road conditions, this is also the success of
Michelin in the z state the reasons for it. Of course, advertising, Michelin's
price is not low in China, import prices generally Michelin, Pirelli no horses license,
Dunlop expensive. Overall, Michelin is true that if you are its brand recognition, then
I recommend something small.

6, Bridgestone
Bridgestone, downright ri beng brand, is the world's six major tire brands
at the latest, a 20th century did the only tire manufacturer. At present the exclusive
sponsor F1. Bridgestone and Dunlop made a similar, lacks features, is more neutral,
all properties are decent, comfortable and quiet after the Dunlop is the most durable
high-end brands. Price Well, as crazy burn in F1, the price is not cheaper, than the
Michelin, Goodyear cheaper. Also because of sponsor F1, sales reached an
unprecedented height: More than Michelin, the world No. 1, Bridgestone last 1 year
can be seen in the high-end models in matching, such as the Audi A8, Mercedes S
Class and so on. As the prices of factors, not recommended.

Eh-hem, the end. The following summary:

Exercise capacity:

First: Pirelli Second: Goodyear No. 3: Dunlop Fourth: Bridgestone Fifth: Michelin VI:
de Country Horse Brand

Comfort quiet of:

First: the second horse card: Michelin Third: Dunlop Fourth: Bridgestone Fifth:
Goodyear Sixth: Pirelli (I can not really move, buzzing)


First: Bridgestone Second: Pirelli Third: Fourth Dunlop: Michelin Fifth: de Country
Horse Brand Sixth: Goodyear

Price (high to low):

First: Michelin tied for first: Goodyear No. 3: Pirelli Fourth: de country horse card
Fifth: Bridgestone Sixth: Dunlop

Safety factor:

First: Pirelli Second: Goodyear No. 3: Dunlop Fourth: Bridgestone Fifth: Michelin VI:
de Country Horse Brand

In summary 5

Each score was the first to sixth, respectively (6-1)

Contrary to the items of which the price (1-6)
After the scoring statistics are as follows:

Dunlop Pirelli 22 points 20 points 21 points Bridgestone Goodyear horse card 14
points 15 points 13 points Michelin

Points above do not represent any views are purely personal entertainment brands
have their own advantages

I am more interested in the key of the meter depends on the kind of tire for their own

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