Brand Strategy: Building Brand Network

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					Brand Strategy: Building Brand Network
   Brand building strategy brand management network is the sixth step, brand network
is associated with a particular environment with the elements of brand equity posed
by the collection of specific elements of brand equity through proactive management
of the transfer to the target brand, so as to achieve enhance / change the original value
of the assets or the value of its assets to create new purpose. Brand Network, by the
author's first concept is not the traditional brand management, but a similar
formulation is not unique, as David Ike's "brand point of
difference / vitality points" and Kevin Keller's
"secondary association" and the brand is similar to the meaning
of the network, but Ike and Keller as one of its occasional skill, so do not go on to
further explore the formation of a systematic framework in depth, while they did not
see through its important strategic implications, so and not as a brand strategy on the
content and process an integral part.

Network around the brand by offering a business / brand to create brand value of the
settlement program, so the traditional thinking and methods of brand management is
one form of subversion, we know what the traditional brand management brand
actually refers to the brand, The so-called brand strategy and brand management, but
is the product brand strategy and brand management, but both P & G
"brand manager" or Ogilvy & Mather's
"brand steward" is the brand of their focus has been, and even
the existence of this brand's basic problems are controversial (such as
positioning experts Trout on that company's brand is a kind of illusion in
this non-existent), this is what we call the traditional brand management
"brand myopia" because the (no smaller than its harmfulness
Levitt's classic statement, "Marketing Myopia"), this
short-sighted gaze at the product's brand equity in the reserves, but those
who do not see the product in the form of brand equity, of course, let alone to explore,
association and The potential use of these valuable resources for the brand. Brand
network view should be broad with a deeper perspective to the brand management,
brand asset allocation as the breadth and diversity of the performance of each brand is
essentially a brand network, reception may be the product of a specific visual Brand,
the background is a generalization of the potential must be the brand network, and
only manage the network as the background of the brand, product brands as front tube
is likely to be good, brand management in isolation is no way to really control a good
(based on brand recognition and brand experience brand is not the ultimate and only
solution), brand network greatly expand the field of brand management, to provide
comprehensive blueprint for building strong brands, brand building can also brand
networks were inexhaustible, with the incessant power.

Network needs to carefully consider the brand a step prior to the impact of brand
experience, brand experience gained through the process of brand equity and results
of study, can clearly see the brand equity / identify which itself can not exist or is
difficult to make up for deficiencies, which To select and build brand provides
directional network (the network of targeted investment can help the brand to
complete the original brand defects due to their own mission impossible). In fact,
despite the brand network and brand experience the different nature, it is still a
division of labor, mutually supportive relationship (similar to the ensemble and solo),
brand experience, emphasizing the use of their target brand strength to create value,
and brand networks are emphasis on the use target brand strength to create value
outside of the former from the inside out, which from the outside, the combination of
the two can complement each other to improve the brand value of the road map. In
addition, brand experience and brand networks in some of the components there are
also the obvious inheritance relationship, such as services and service brands,
sponsorship and Beijing brand, but this does not mean that simple repetition of the
brand to provide credibility to promote efficiency and property rights barriers.

In addition to brands other than brand network includes six components: Investors
brand, personal brand, technology brand, service brand, brands, and the background
of co-brands, brands network management really need to have strategic vision,
network and brand to brand treated as one treatment (the network to know the brand
value of the assets and sometimes even more than brands themselves, such as
"Centrino" notebook users on the attractiveness of more than a
"Pentium"), which means the network must also develop brand
strategy for the brand , design brand recognition, brand management and Yusuan
arrangements, implementation of brand experience of the plan He Huodong, the brand
equity of the evaluation of the other brands because of some network assets owned by
Zu Zhi Qi Chanquanbingbu all (most notably co-brand) This need for cross-border
brand management, brand asset management business outside. Here we detail the
methods build brand network:

The first is investor brand, that is the product brand, the brand owned by investors,
investor level brand equity brand equity, on behalf of investors led by the series to
help build brand value and plans. Product brand can be two types of investors to
associate the brand: a company's brand (brand investor brand 100%
control), the other is brand shareholders (investors only part of the brand management
brand), although the brand is usually the shareholders much more than the
company's brand hidden, but if they can properly operate the same will
release considerable potential, such as the Soros as Hainan Airlines brand to
shareholders undoubtedly HNA set of "innovation, risk, quality,
modern," very successful brand image Jue Wei. Investors can transfer the
brand value of the assets to help get their own brand experience by the lack of
association: the first brand to investors for the brand to provide credibility and
reliability, often on behalf of the organization on behalf of investors in the business
than the product brand is more reputable brand assurance, In explaining the value
proposition has become even more convincing, such as Nestle Maggi Pinpai their
investment 的 of goodwill has a clear security; second Touzi Zhe Pinpainenggou Wei
Ti Gong product brand brand association when brand tends to homogeneity Hua Ye
Wu's when the organization was still vary widely, so you can prefer
membership by the organization while helping business brand Huode relevance of the
difference Dian such as Apple IPOD Pinpai on their investment incorporates with new
and Gexing the Neihan; Zaici Touzi Zhe brand Nenggou to Chanpin brand to provide
clarity, business brands and products derived from derivative portfolio of brands often
cause confusion, and investors to bring such brands degree of confusion is reduced to
a minimum, Ru Virgin Jituanmingque Zhishi its investment in the air, express ,
entertainment, clothing, beverages and other products brand homology; it plays
investor brand familiarity through customers for different products to create synergies
and leverage the brand strength, such as Microsoft's PC operating system
to the user familiarity smoothly transferred to portable devices WINDOWSMOBILE
up to beat the original operating system market dominant palm; last investor brand
across the organization to host the various business units of major events, investor
brand programs and activities organized by the overall operation of more than local
more economically efficient, such as GE Beijing 2008 Olympic Games sponsorship to
all of its business units to share the proceeds and the total cost sharing activities.

The second is a personal brand, which is associated with the brand the brand owned
by the person, the difference between the brand and investors that the former is a
natural person which is a legal person, a personal brand is the interpersonal level of
brand equity, on behalf of individuals led by the help of Construction of a series of
brand value and plans. Product brand can be three types of individuals to associate the
brand: the first one is the leading brand (also known as CEO brand), such as Welch is
GE's leading brands, leading brands have a kind of talent makes the
leading brand of temperament, is reliable and a symbol of strength; second is creative
brand, brand director, as the film industry (such as Feng Xiaogang), television host of
the brand (such as CCTV's Li Yong), luxury goods industry, designer labels
(such as Versace ), and software programmers brands (such as Kingsoft's
demand Bo are) all belong to this category of individuals without such a strong brand,
product brand simply can not succeed so easily; third is the spokesman for the brand,
as Jordan is AIRMAN spokesman for the brand, in its assistance to NIKE for market
dominance, as Pepsi's "Pepsi Generation" program, if
not MICHAELJACKSON other superstars to join Coca-Cola is difficult to slap in the
face, is worth noting that not only stars are brand spokesperson can be ordinary
people (such as the Marlboro cowboy), spokesmen for the brand may not be true
people can be virtual characters (such as the Michelin Man). Personal brand can help
the brand value of the assets transferred were lacking in its own Lenovo experience:
First of all a personal brand to create a point of difference for the brand and quality of
feeling, a personal brand to brand of personal qualities into the formation of brand
personality, brand personality is usually very difficult use advertising to penetrate the
personal brand has much to accomplish this room, such as Steve Jobs gives Apple
"creative, revolutionary, subversive" brand essence, Grove to
Intel, "Only the Paranoid Survive", Sam Walton's
Wal-Mart "for the customer saving every penny"; followed by a
personal brand can increase brand visibility, strengthen communication and depth of
communication, such as Charles Zhang of the Sohu, Wang Zhidong the on,
William Ding of the NetEase, then do not know how to attract the media and the
public eye, and today Jason Jiang of Focus as the big mouth has occasionally
confused our hearing organs deafening.

The third is technology brand, which is associated with the product brand branding
techniques, technology brand is the technical level of brand equity, on behalf of
technology-oriented to help build brand value and plan a series. Product brand can be
two types of technology associated with brand building: one is technology brands,
such as the Intel Centrino technology not only through brand dominates the computer
market, but some time before this technology would also like VIIV brand to dominate
the home entertainment market, rivers and lakes; the other is the component / element
brand clothing GORETEX and Dupont in the composition of the brand is ringing, and
the Cadillac Northstar engine worthy of self-Hyun belongs to component brands.
Brand value of the assets can be transferred technology to help brands get their own
experience of the lack of association: the first technology brands can create significant
brand differences, and makes identical distinctive brand identity became clear, as in
the competitive, increasingly homogeneous Computer machine market,
IBM's "Computer Security Management System" to
bring the authority of the perceived quality and customer preferences; followed by
technology for the brand to strengthen brand relevance, so that with the important
market trends and key success factors associate, such as the Audi four-wheel drive
and features to enhance the relevance, or even introduce a sub-brand quattro; final
technical brands and offers product-energize the brand, the brand developed to a
certain extent Henduo Jiuhui Pi customers considered to be "strong despite
the strength of the quality of cold out of date and reliable but also boring,
"this time if not for these brand new energy to it, can not reverse the aging
brand, such as the eve of the launch of Centrino, Pentium had not lead to exciting and
lively sexual interest brand experience, and faced with the dilemma of shrinking the
value of brand equity is the emergence of Centrino Pentium restore the drive makes
the role.

Fourth, service brand, which is associated with the product brand branding services,
service brand is a service level brand equity, led by the service representatives to help
build brand value and plan a series. Brand and two types of services can associate the
brand: A brand is a consumer service, such a little talk; the other is dealer service
brands such as Ford introduced QualityCare dealer service brand, involving Dealers
hardware facilities, personnel and business processes, and other fields to enhance
customer satisfaction. Service brand value of the assets can be transferred to help get
their product brand associations by lacks experience: First of all, the service brand for
the product through customer relations and create a new brand experience brands,
such as the M-Zone "young, vibrant, fun, happy" to a
considerable extent the characteristics of improved China Mobile before the eyes of
the customers that "aging, slow, bureaucratic" bad image;
followed by services brand also through interaction with customers and create more
personalized     brand     value,     such     as    Harley    Davidson's
"HOG" by a variety of driving activities, and matched with a
wide variety of information, clothing, supplies and symbolic development, continuing
to strengthen the Harley-kind "man the spirit of rebellion and publicizes
the" brand recognition; the final products, especially high-end Brand is
more need to improve the quality of service brand recognition and honor status, such
as the Hilton Honors VIP program has become the key to identifying the Hilton Hotel
and important assets, and Armani is also worthy of its member clubs, "top
feast" in the name of the first .

The fifth is the background of the brand, which is associated with the brand owned by
third party resources, brand, brand is the activity level of the background of brand
equity, on behalf of third-party resources to help build the brand led a series of values
and plans. Brand and two types of background can associate the brand: A brand is a
sponsor, the Olympics and World Cup may be the world's most powerful
sponsorship brand; the other is the certification brand, "Chinese famous
brand" may be present, China The most sought after certification brand,
while the net as the International Wool Secretariat wool industry certification
certification has some perceived value. Background of the brand value of the assets
can be transferred to help get their product brand associations by lacks experience:
first the background of the brand to provide credit guarantee for the product brand,
such as the Association of the 20th century published 80 JDPOWER consumer
satisfaction index to help train the Japanese auto brands (in particular, Honda)
high-quality image; second background brand to increase awareness for the brand and
quality (and this brand new brand or re particularly important), such as South
Korea's Samsung to sponsor the Olympic brand from the previous
third-rate leaped to five years into a world-class brand, success of the so-called
"Samsung miracle"; last background brands can increase brand
new Lenovo is necessary, such as Visa was considered to be an ordinary regional
brand, in the climax as the Olympic Games Sponsorship obtained after operators of
"globalization, widely accepted" new brand association.

Sixth is the co-brand, which brand and the product brand partnership, co-branded
cross-organizational level brand equity, on behalf of the brand led by other
organizations to help build brand value and plan a series. Product brand can be three
types of co-branding associated with: the first type of commercial brands such as
American Airlines Citibank Visa, which provides American Airlines frequent flyer
points, Citibank to provide commercial customers, Visa will provide the global
network; The second type is institutional brands, such as thermal underwear a few
years ago the times "in Section warm card" is the Chinese
Academy of Sciences (non-profit organizations) and warm cards combined; third type
is the geographical brand, geographic area can be part of the joint brand (brand
association and provide the necessary cultural background), this is the so-called
"country of origin brand," such as radar Table pains to
emphasize its pure Swiss origin, while L'Oreal has solemnly declared that
L'OrealParis. Co-branded products can help the brand value of the assets
transferred were lacking in its own Lenovo experience: first co-branded to create a
new brand assets, such as Sony Ericsson combines Ericsson's reputation in
the communications technology and Sony's pursuit of innovation and
individuality, success to form a new relevance of brand equity; second co-branded
low-risk situations can be carried out under the brand extension, such as electric
toothbrushes BRAUN (Braun) and ORAL-B (Oral-Po) there are risks of brand
extension, but Bo Langou Lok Po, then the risk in terms of the joint brand is almost
non-existent, because the combination of co-branded personal care appliances and
Braun Oral-Po in the professional dental care on the brand; last joint brand to reduce
the cost of brand building, such as Yoplait new joint trix yogurt for children, in the
trix spend 15 million U.S. dollars each year on the basis of publicity, the co-brand any
costs little expenditure on the establishment of a reputation and identity, but if you do
not use the words of the joint use of the brand alone the cost of a new brand will make
Yoplait stalled.