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									BPM: Integration Strategy Execution
In October, IBM's former chairman, known as transition, known as master
again Ruqierzhi Gerstner. By convention, the spiritual leader of the global business
community by the end of October each year will stay in China a few days, but this
habit of his from 1981 and has been more than two decades, or even interrupted
because of retirement.
Over the years the Chinese government and enterprises sector with frequent exposure
to Gerstner on internal and external environment in which Chinese companies well
known. In this China trip, he mentioned that China's opening up
competition from external factors and economic growth in China's internal
factor contributing to the transformation of Chinese enterprises face the problem. In
the process, determine corporate strategy is not difficult, really difficult to place in the
Executives "inhibition"
Strategic management is really so hard? Perhaps a master of international
management of Chinese enterprises to "pulse" is less than the
letter, and the first look around the side of the case.
In fact, corporate strategic management include strategy formulation and strategic
implementation of the two Chinese companies in developing strategies that link the
existence of difficulties. As the market environment, customer needs and business
objectives of their internal and external environment such as complex, light * Several
corporate executives have been difficult to accurately grasp the power of all the
circumstances, to develop effective strategies, the human, material and financial
resources into a single integrated deployment moving in the direction, but not many
that have to be refined to block tasks per person per day.
Managerial great efforts to develop an annual strategic planning, in the end been
shelved; in strategy due to the lack of basic understanding, clear direction, resources
can not be configured in accordance with strategic planning, leading to strategic and
daily operation of enterprises out of touch; senior management can not control the
implementation of the strategy, companies can not get a breakthrough in key
indicators, targets far from the beginning of the year-end results. Implementation of
the strategy in China has fallen into departmental managers to deal with the
unpleasant task to complete "homework."
"Fortune" magazine last year, a survey showed that less than
10% of U.S. corporate strategy has been effectively implemented, and this figure is
bound to fall lower on Chinese enterprises. As any company in any environment can
be established firmly in the strategic execution and stable competitive advantage, in
this era of global competition, how to get the strategic execution and foreign CEO
who has become the focus of attention.
In the "what" and "how" is not the case
quality assurance, strategic implementation of the ear naturally become executives
often begin studies of the "inhibition."
Performance management of the implementation of the strategy
Many domestic enterprises have been seeking before the human resources aspects of
performance management to drive through the implementation of the strategy and
performance of responsibilities in the implementation of some success. A few years
ago, the "King story," said the Haier Zhang once said:
"Unless we put our performance and employee incentive system has been
linked to, or any of our process redesign and the new concept of markets can not
succeed." He was aware that the implementation of corporate strategy must
be executable with a set of linked performance measurement system to guide and
encourage all employees to work together.
Enterprise performance management strategy aims to allow the effective
implementation of human resources, performance management focuses on enhancing
individual performance, improve staff quality. The former is a
"thing", which is a "person." Clearly, for
enterprises, human resources or human resources, process only part of their operations,
even if done extraordinarily short-board in other resources, the case of corporate
strategy is still not a smooth landing. The reality of domestic and foreign enterprises
also regret to inform us that human-centered performance management and effective
promotion of the implementation of the strategy is still a great distance from the
Gartner Group renowned research institutions that want to compete in the industry
over other competitors in the enterprise management should be as soon as possible
from man-made object to the change in enterprise performance management,
performance management for the object up, and as soon as possible as the enterprise
business performance management strategic objectives quickly established.
More and more enterprises recognize the strategic decision makers, they need to
support a strategic platform for enterprises to help them insight into the various
elements of future development strategy, integrating the operation of the departments
had separate behavior and personal conduct, strategy implementation and effective
monitoring of the situation . In this environment, to business intelligence (BI)
technology, the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) and individual key performance indicators
(KPIs) and other advanced information technology and management based on the
theory of strategic management tools - enterprise performance management (BPM )
system came into being, by the universal concern of corporate decision-making.
And we usually understand the human resources of different levels of performance
management, BPM from a business perspective to consider strategic, financial,
customer, internal processes and learning and development of the four dimensions of
a comprehensive performance evaluation. It is like a contact strategy and the
implementation of the CPU, to performance measurement as the "core
algorithm", continued the company's strategic vision,
"translation" into the actions of each department and staff
instructions, and in the course of real-time monitoring, analysis and adjustment is a
precise strategy for the implementation of systems to help managers to achieve
corporate strategic goals.
Fei Naite domestic famous enterprise performance management solution, for example,
by the business intelligence and corporate performance management platform
BI.Office Smart-BPM application package composed of two parts. The former is the
BPM based on historical data of enterprises, business users insight into current
business conditions; the latter is the full range of BPM to achieve, through 6 Sigma,
Balanced Scorecard, to increase economic value (EVA) and other tools allow users
depth predicted business trends.
Gerstner that enterprises should improve the efficiency and smooth transition in
addition to create a powerful and flexible enterprise architecture, but also adopt a
unified platform, to eliminate inter-departmental the "information
island", to achieve implementation of the Force. While eliminating the
"information island", from ERP, CRM and other systems to
extract data to establish a unified data warehouse (DW) is the BPM is entirely familiar.
Internationally renowned data research company IDC also considers that, BPM in
improving          strategic       execution        on       enterprise      has       a
"revolutionary" performance.
Trinity, integrated strategy execution
According to Accenture business management model, taking full account of market
and industry under the premise of the external environment and draw up business
strategy information technology strategy to performance evaluation (Preference),
organizational structure frame (Structure) and Business Process (Conduct) with
Strategic Management of the core elements of integrated services for the business
strategy is the key to landing corporate strategy. Bossidy in the
"execution", a book has made through the establishment of
strategic processes, operational processes and personnel processes these three
processes to build implementation capacity. No lack of these two theories are similar.
In accordance with the Accenture business management model, the key to
implementation of the strategy is to establish the performance evaluation process,
personnel evaluation process and the business assessment process. However, many
enterprises have established these three processes, but the implementation of the
results are unsatisfactory, the core because there is no effective integration of
enterprise operations and performance evaluation of out of line, program, budget,
performance, third-line separation. BPM can process through three main strategies
and the implementation and activities related to the organic integration, it will be the
original partition plan management, budget management, performance management,
integrate, rectifier types of resources, three-lane one, was the same inside and outside
the strategic execution .
Kingdee CSO Jin Ming that, BPM, including two enterprise management cycle, one
standardized process and the implementation of the order cycle; Second, the operation
and improvement of mechanisms for continuous cycle. The performance of these two
mechanisms together as a complete "Business Performance Management
The internal BPM / BI area right Weifeinaite the CEO Deng Xinping is more
understanding of the BPM as a management analysis process. He fit the Chinese
industrial and commercial enterprises Smart-BPM system, for example, compared the
image to the BPM enterprise information system central nervous system. The system
can provide, including financial consolidation, reporting, and modeling business
process management, business process improvement to provide the necessary
operational and financial content to support the strategic planning work stream in the
commercial        modeling.       Deng      Xinping      repeatedly     stressed      that
"integration" and "cycle" is the two major
characteristics of this central nervous system.
Integration refers to the so-called BPM can in the financial process with the
complex's operations organically linked. Enterprise business
strategy-making process, need to complete the review of strategic planning, sales
forecasting, financial modeling, business goal setting, departmental objectives and
strategies decomposition, resource allocation and coordination, budgeting, etc. a lot of
work. If there is no appropriate management processes and systems support, this
process is a huge workload, but also form the business plan and budget the accuracy
and poor, more than holes, the lack of feasibility, lack of coordination and other issues.
BPM through integration of business plans and budgets of the activities during the
program and budget to shorten the production cycle, improve quality. In addition,
BPM can also provide an integrated process and system, the normally separate
management in various departments integrate to form a joint force to effectively
implement the business plan and budget.
The cycle is referred to by the plan (Plan), implement (Do), monitor (Check) and
treatment (Act) four-part "Deming loop" management thinking.
Smart-BPM ring by Deming's management ideas to construct,
"goal         setting",       "build       model",
"resource plans and budget", "key indicators
monitoring"           and     "operational        analysis",
"report report" six steps to form a closed loop, so that business
operations do not always set out strategies. Deng Xinping that the Smart-BPM
strategic management from the outset, the strategic objectives around the goals
involved in the management, modeling, planning budgets, monitoring, reporting and
analytical assessment of the management of the whole, will provide a comprehensive
enterprise level decision support.
Decision management "cooperation" weapons
In the past, information systems design will first focus on the business layer, consider
the more is how to repeat the work from the heavy freed, is a
"bottom-up" model. However, as the user needs to upgrade, this
model has been unable to adapt to business executives, particularly CEO and the CFO
BPM serves first CEO. In the course of daily operation and management, CEO suffer
from lack of comprehensive, timely information, decision-making based on lack of
information and facts. A problem, can not find the root cause, issued the directive can
not get to the point. Through the effective implementation of the BPM, CEO can jump
out of this situation. They not only can report the information in the report to make a
scientific decision, but also with the management of all graphical real-time
understanding of the cockpit's overall business situation, powerful analysis
by BPM-depth analysis of the root of the problem and put forward practical
solutions .
CFO is also one of the main targets of BPM services. In today's rapidly
changing business environment, companies must have fast, flexible strategic
adjustment capability. Traditional accounting measures of corporate performance
indicators too narrow and a single, hard to realize the business objectives and business
plan requirements. Out of line with performance management, budget control,
financial management, control expenses basically reduced to a simple tool, can not
adapt to frequent and accurate strategic fine-tuning. While many companies have
established a core accounting system, but the company actually expects a CFO can
operate outside the financial sector and strategic levels provide more support. With
BPM software, the company's decision-making and management can
discern future trends, seize opportunities, optimize their resources, maximize profits.
Business Objects, Managing Director of China Yang Jun Pei, "in the past,
companies often hire expensive consultants through to find a solution to increase its
market share. Now, managers and executives can use the financial analysis system for
business decision-making. so greatly reduced the cost of financial analysis.
Security News Asia Pacific president Luo Dawei have similar views and that the
application of enterprise reporting is a more front-end applications, it can be 100% to
ensure that the company applied to the daily decision-making information in the
development of enterprises will have an immediate effect.
Although the focus of BPM services aimed at corporate headquarters and its
decision-making, but has been successfully implemented Feinai Te Smart-BPM in the
Pearl River Beer Group, told us the facts, and even each department within the
organization that everyone can make use of BPM to performance goals to measure the
status of implementation.
Management personnel for business purposes, BPM's powerful analysis
features make them stand higher, see deeper, to work to implement many tasks more
convenient. For example, when a decline in sales, sales manager discovered, he
immediately adopted an early warning function of BPM from SMS quickly learned of
the situation and immediately begin tracking analysis. Adopted in accordance with the
product dimension, or key drivers of the regional dimension to the analysis, he can
quickly find the root of the problem, take timely measures to deal with. BPM R
& D managers can also learn about new and old products, sales and profit
situation, and so guide the product portfolio management, supporting the old product
out of decision-making. Product managers and project managers also need to learn
about the operations from the BPM data, he can manufacture the same products, sales
of all aspects of relevant data collected to develop models and design a variety of
scenarios, used to guide pricing, promotion and other aspects of decision-making .
BPM also to the financial, HR and other functional departments to directly support
management. For the enterprise functions, the most embarrassing thing was the
dynamic of the business operations of the department do not understand. In a situation
of asymmetric information, carry out the work rather passive. BPM to the functions
provided the opportunity to regain the initiative, they can really participate in the
enterprise operation and management activities in order to monitor the
company's business operating conditions, take the initiative to the business
sector in need of help or a staff to provide personalized service, quickly and
accurately to help businesses solve real problems.
Some studies show that the future "extended enterprise" will be
originally applied BPM within the organization gradually extended to board members,
investors, customers and suppliers, truly collaborative commerce in the overall
business performance management.
Although relatively new to BPM in the country, but internationally it is very popular
now a word, and as an application software, BPM in the international arena has
become a sizeable industry. The United States by the end of 2002 the implementation
of enterprise BPM rate of 10%, however, but to the end of this year, that figure had
risen to 40%.
Domestic software companies, in addition to the current in the field of BPM has been
cultivating for several years, fruitful Feinai Te, the Kingdee, UF, Brocade and other
companies have launched its own BPM product. Later in the function of these gaps
are not fuzzy observer's attention, many industry has been aware of the
BPM strong pulse.
According to IDG forecast, 2006 China on the BI / BPM software needs not less than
500 million U.S. dollars.
Perhaps, in China, an BPM has been quietly blowing hurricanes.

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