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									Body-ACCA Chartered Certified Accountants
ACCA (The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, called ACCA)) was
founded in 1904, is the world's leading professional accounting bodies, up
to the international Shanghai foreign students, trainees scale of the fastest growing
professional accountancy body. UK legislation allows ACCA members for their audit,
investment advisers and insolvency enforcement armed tomb Bru ao                 CCA
membership in the EU legislation and recognition of company law in many countries.
ACCA Association of European Accounting Experts (FEE), Federation of Asian and
Pacific Accountants (CAPA) and the Association of Chartered Accountants of the
Caribbean (ICAC) and other accounting organizations play a very important role. In
the international arena, ACCA is the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB)
founding member, is also the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC)

Since the thirties of this century onwards, ACCA professional qualification
examinations will push overseas, currently in 160 countries and territories with nearly
300,000 members and students, with more than 200 test centers to operate on a truly
international. ACCA is headquartered in London, in Los Angeles, Toronto, Sydney,
Australia and China, we have a branch in Glasgow, Dublin, New Delhi, Kuala
Lumpur, Singapore, Nairobi, Johannesburg, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, more
than 30 world with offices in cities.
For a long time, ACCA upholds and promote the continuous progress of the founders
of the idea, compared with other accounting organizations, ACCA is more open:
ACCA excellent staff to be able to open the door, not because of their refusal to
accept different backgrounds - regardless of age, , sex, education level or racial
differences, people can apply for registration, after a series of professional
examinations and obtain the financial aspects of three years work experience assessed
by the ACCA Qualifications Committee, the membership can be obtained. ACCA
members can call themselves "Chartered Accountants" in their
names after ACCA or FCCA as a symbol. ACCA members can be in industry,
commerce, utilities and professional practice of engaging in the areas of finance or
financial management, there are a lot of ACCA, members in these areas serves as a
high-level positions.

ACCA and Oxford Brookes cooperation

ACCA in 2000 and Oxford Brookes University (Oxford Brookes University) to
establish a partnership, so that students studying ACCA professional qualification at
the same time, applications have access to the school of accounting (Hons *) Bachelor
of Science degree. This global initiative further highlights the ACCA as a global
leader in the field of accounting and training status. (* Note: The British University in
a bachelor's degree program of study according to the average student
achievement level is divided into several levels. Honours degree means higher
Oxford Brookes University in 2000 for the fifth time by The Times as the first new
university. The University of Applied Accounting (Hons) Accounting Professional due
to its full account of the actual work and employers accounting requirements, which
are highly valued. It not only students to prove their professional capacity, but also
demonstrated their skills in actual operation, which ACCA examinations play a
complementary role, greatly enhanced the employment opportunities. (For details of
the school, visit ACCA students through the first and
second part of the nine courses of examination, submit to the school and a research
and analysis for the major statement of the school assessment, have the opportunity to
receive the degree.
In order to have access to the degree, students must be at least through 2.4,2.5 and 2.6.
2.4,2.5 and 2.6 if the student received this three exam-free, they can not apply for the
degree. In this case, in order to obtain the degree, students can give up the three of the
joint entrance examination, take and pass the exam. Graduate students over 10 years,
to apply for the degree, they must give up this qualification may be made without
examination. In addition, students also must meet the minimum English language
requirements (such as the CET 6 or TOFEL500 points or GMAT550 points or
IELTS6.5 points), or take and pass 1.3 (Human Resource Management) exams.
Research and analysis required by the school, students should demonstrate their
research, analysis and application of key skills capacity. Research and analysis is the
ability to show students. The report calls for 5,000 words, accompanied by a 1,500
word statement of key competencies. Asked the purpose of submitting this report is to
be added to the ACCA examinations and tests of accounting graduates from Oxford
Brookes University that there should be some of the key skills such as communication
skills, information gathering capabilities, analytical skills and IT skills.
ACCA trainees through the first and second parts of the Examination, or by all the
examination, or become a member at any time after the submission of research and
analysis. Students may register after 10 years, Oxford Brookes University to make
research and analysis of their assessment requirements.
The last level of degree obtained, depending on participants in the ACCA first and
second part of the average of all test scores may be.

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