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Piggyback Songs
Fall, 2005                                   The Writing Process
                                             by Joanna Malliet
Martin Luther King Junior                    to the tune of "I'm a Little Teapot"
By Ashlee Gene Krull
To the tune of “Itsy Bitsy Spider”           The first step when writing is to
Martin Luther King Junior was born in        Here are my ideas, here is what I've
‘28                                          formed.
When he saw injustice no one could tell      Then I add more details, check how I
him to wait                                  spell.
This powerful man had a very large           Now I'm finished and ready to tell.
All of his words and actions followed        You start your writing with a prewrite.
just one theme                               Next comes the drafting, that shows
                                             you're bright.
He lead his people to Washington in          Then you revise your paper and edit
1963                                         too.
Crying out for all to be set free            It's time to show what you can do.
He signed the Bill of Civil Rights in 1964
Declaring the separation of blacks and       Parts of the Plant
whites no more                               by Bryon Prey
                                             to the tune of Itsy Bitsy Spider
Mr. King was assassinated in 1968
But when this great man died so did          The basic part of most plants are roots,
hate                                         stems, and leaves
He cried out for freedom and equality        Then comes flowers, fruits, and seeds.
And now we can all live together in          Roots provide support by anchoring the
peace you and me.                            plant
                                             And the stems carry water to where the
                                             roots can't.
A Quarter
to the tune of Oh my darling                 The leaves have openings to let air in
by: Alissa Youngbauer                        and out.
                                             This helps the leaves to fight off
Oh a quarter, oh a quarter                   drought.
it is worth 25 cents                         Flowers are important in making the
it is shiny, it's not tiny                   seeds
it will sink because it's dense              And this is only one of the flowers many
Washington's face is on a quarter
a quarter is the third largest coin
it is rough around the edges
it's a silver sparkly coin.
MUSIC 319-004 Piggyback Songs, Fall 2005                                            2

Title: The Presidents                      Components of a Year
To the tune of: Row, Row, Row your         by Erica Murphy
boat                                       to the tune of "She'll Be Comin' Round
By: Jennifer Miller                        The Mountain"

George, George Washington                  There are 12 months in just one year
Was our first president                    There are 52 weeks in just one year
He built a house named Mount Vernon        There are 365 days
That's where his time was spent.           There are 365 days
                                           There are 365 days in just one year
John, John Adams
Was next to come along
He served two terms as president           There are 7 days in just one week
He made our country strong.                There are 168 hours in just one week
                                           There are 10,080 minutes
Nouns, Adjectives, Verbs                   There are 10,080 minutes
by Marisa Lee                              There are 10,080 minutes in just one
to the tune of "I'm a Little Teapot"       week

A noun is a person, place, or thing.       Wisconsin Facts
An adjective describes most everything.    by Tara Greely
A verb is an action word like "sting".     to the tune of "Itsy Bitsy Spider"
We learn grammar as we sing.
                                           Wisconsin's known for cheeze in the
Now we've learned a little, let's learn    U.S.A
more.                                      Go to Noah's Ark in the end of May
Verbs have three tenses, not two, not      I'm going to a Packer game, I can hardly
four.                                      wait
Present, past and future, please don't     And, we became a state in 1848
Action verbs are not a bore!               Wisconsin's knick name is the badger
"Don't Forget to Buckle Up"                We enjoy our cheeze all across the state.
by Trisha Becker                           We produce more milk than any other
to the tune of "Do You Know the Muffin     state.
Man"                                       So, come visit this state because
                                           Wisconsin's great.
Oh, don't forget to buckle up,
To buckle up, to buckle up,
Oh, don't forget to buckle up,
Before you drive away.

Oh, don't forget to look both ways,
To look both ways, to look both ways,
Oh, don't forget to look both ways,
Before you cross the street.
MUSIC 319-004 Piggyback Songs, Fall 2005                                              3

Conflict Resolution                        The 30th State - Wisconsin
to the tune of "Frere Jacques‰             Katie Henrichs
Jenny Marsh                                To the tune of "Itsy Bitsy Spider"

Verse 1                                    It was May 29th, in 1848
Work things out, Work things out           Wisconsin was the 30th one to be a state
Don't get mad, Don't get mad               Milk, chees, and butter are Wisconsin's
First control your temper, First control   specialties
your temper                                It'll be known as the "Badger State" for
Cool yourself off, Cool yourself off       all of history.

Verse 2                                    It's flower is the Violet, the Maple is it's
Idenify the problem, Identify the          tree.
problem                                    And don't forget the Robin in Spring
Share your feelings, Share your feelings   time you will see.
Find a solution, Find a solution           Forward is the motto, Wisconsinites say
Then be friends, Then be friends           real proud,
                                           And you'll always hear them singing
The Solar System                           "On Wisconsin" very loud.
by, Megan Bergmann
to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle"
                                           12 Months
Planets, planets, moons and stars          By Jill Ryddner
Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars             To the tune of “London Bridges falling
Jupiter and Saturn in a line               down”
Uranus, Neptune and Pluto make nine
Planets, planets circle ‘round             There are 12 months in a year
There are nine that have been found        In a year, in a year
                                           There are 12 months in a year
Planets, planets moons and stars           Let‚s name them all!
The sun’s the closest star by far
Mercury’s the closest to the sun           January, February
Jupiter’s the most giant one               March, April, May; June, July August
Planets, planets, moons and stars          September, October, November,
 Earth is the one we call ours             December
                                           We have named them all!
MUSIC 319-004 Piggyback Songs, Fall 2005                                            4

Classroom Manners                          Going to the moon
 by Kristin Schumacher                     by Amy Bishop
to the tune of "Frere Jacques"             to the tune of "The Isty Bitsy Spider"

Please and thank you, Please and thank     It was July 20th, the year 1969
you                                        When Neil, Buzz and Michael made a
Excuse me, Excuse me                       mark in time
Are good classroom manners, are good       Out of the shuttle Neil did walk
classroom manners                          He was the first on the moon and people
For you and me, For you and me             did talk.

2nd Verse                                  It was one small step for man, adn one
Are you sharing, Are you sharing           giant leap for mankind
Taking turns, Taking turns                 And walking on the moon, really blows
Are good classroom manners, Are good       your mind
classroom manners                          Back in the shuttle they began to fly
For you and me, For you and me             As they looked out the window, they
                                           waved good-bye.
The Multiplication Song
by Jenny Anderson                          Seasons
to the tune of "The Wheels on the Bus"     by Audra Wentland
                                           to the tune of "The Wheels on the Bus"
Two times two is always four
Always four, always four                   The leaves on the trees come falling
Two times two is always four               down
Let's try just one more                    Red and orange, yellow and brown
                                           The leaves on the trees come falling
Three times three equals nine              down
Equals nine, equals nine                   All autumn long
Three times three equals nine
Let's try one more time                    The snow on the ground goes drifting
The Solar System                           From way up high, high in the sky
by Erin Tipler                             The snow on the ground goes drifting
to the tune of "The Farmer and the Dell"   by
                                           All winter long
Up in the sky at night,
I see objects in flight.
Nine planets revolve around
the sun that is so bright.

From Mercury that's hot
To Pluto that is not,
All the planets are unique
And have a special spot.
MUSIC 319-004 Piggyback Songs, Fall 2005                                             5

Vowels                                       No title submitted
by Luke Leitner                              No tune submitted
to the tune of "Bingo"                       Tanya Tautges

There are five letters that are always       The big brown bear went into his den,
vowels and I will tell them to you.          Inside there he fell asleep again.
A - E - I - O - U.                           When he woke up he used his big black
A - E - I - O - U.                           snout,
A - E - I - O - U, and y is sometimes too.   To sniff around so he could eat a big fat
Consonants are great for making words,
but words need vowels too                    The big brown bear has soft fuzzy fur,
A - E - I - O - U.                           therefore in the winter he doesn't say
A - E - I - O - U.                           burr.
A - E - I - O - U, vowels help make          When the bear has babies they are called
words too.                                   cubs,
                                             they lick themselves clean for bath time
No title submitted                           they don't go in the tub.
No tune submitted
Megan S. Seghers

In Math today we'll count by 2's
That's the number we will choose,
2,4,6,8,10, and 12
Who can sing it by themselves?

Now it's time to count by 5's
And we'll keep the song alive
with a 5, 10, 15, 20, 25
Who will give the 5's a try?

No title submitted
To the tune of Row, Row, Row Your
Meredith Danforth

Its Indeprendence Day,
The date it the fourth of July.
The year was seventeen-seventy-six,
Today the flag fies high.

Today the Declaration was signed,
It set America free.
And Great Britain signed it too,
We are our own country.

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