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					Blog famous stunt method
      ?Blog famous stunt method
          ?Do things
1, good writing, continue writing, do not give up.
If your blog content quality is not high, then all of the blog to promote not help you.
You're looking for more traffic, more publicity, more fame, but you do not
forget all this with excellent content-based - and the need to maintain a regular and
continuous quality content. There is no doubt, for a blog novice, constantly write a
good essay is not easy, especially when you compare the busy time. But we must
persevere, if we give up all previous efforts are in vain.
2, to become experts in certain areas
Focus on an interest, sustained reading, thinking and writing. Over time, you will
become expert in this field; other blog authors will take the initiative to find you, your
reputation will grow, more likely to be concerned about the blog, links and publicity.
3, interface design than you think is more important in
Your mother was right - look, we know that goods worth. If you do blog are serious,
then no matter if you're like most people use the 10 Wordpress themes, you
do not have to use it. Because your interface is too general, you stand out of the desire
to be difficult to achieve. Easily said than done, if you do not have the money to buy
private subject, learning CSS, and image processing is necessary, try to make your
own theme. Your blog looks so full of personality, different - I deserve your attention.
4, beginning SEO
Have their own domain name, using the procedures set up their own blog, allows
permalinks, create Keyword-intensive titles, create a unique title tags, allow trackback
and ping, pinging to confirm the effective function.
5, output full-text feeds
A controversial topic. An argument is the output of the full text feed, will make your
use of the content is the content aggregation points, re-publish and get fluent and
income. Another argument is that some data show that this can increase traffic, but
most experts say is critical Feed subscriptions. Use Feedburner, so you can know the
number of subscribers. Subscribe unsubscribe if rarely, and only those who subscribe
to your blog will bring the potential flow.
6, interviews of other blog
Interview newsworthy people and write some valuable content. More importantly, in
their news blog, and link back to your blog.
7, search for the truth
Long story short: If you are interested in one thing, then spend time and energy
looking for clues to the truth is feasible. Benefits: The well-known blog, mainstream
news media extract.
8, with controversy
Certain arguments, will encourage readers to participate into your blog.
9, published original research
If you have the time to begin a research project can be found using the data and draw
conclusions, and publish it. For fun, I ask myself "Digger the top 30
writing blog?" I just looked at their profiles, a parallel form has a blog of
Digger. Give conclusions and try to answer about the reasons. [Answer: not many of
them write a blog, because as the top 30 needs a lot of time.
10, Press and Publication
Especially when you have a special, unique information about the time needed. (Such
an important event or research results)
11, set up your tail
This technique based on your SEO efforts; there is a free service called Hit Tail, it can
be analyzed from the flow of the main sources to identify the main keywords you
should pay attention, you may not know before. This can help you in future articles
focused on these key words.
12, comment back as much as possible
You must set the Allow Comments feature, right? When someone leaves a comment
on your blog, the possible return, and a human face. If it is an interesting topic, and
comments directly to contact, and even become friends. To each of commentators as a
potential future subscribers, and friends to deal with.
13, take the time to build links and trackbacks
In each article, as far as possible take the time to link to relevant and high PR value of
the blog. Many blog allows trackbacks, so in their comments column will have a
backlink pointing to your blog. If it is a high traffic blog with high PR value, it will
bring you traffic, and cause of the attention - because everyone is some vanity, and
everyone who links to that interest on.
14, get your MyBlogLog widget, work, work, work (the right way)
MyBlogLog - know it, love it and embrace it. Because it is Yahoo acquisition, it has
the potential popular in the blog world. In short, it provides a free widget, allows you
to blog on a small community, it is easy to see what came to your blog on the blog.
You can get friends, get traffic, more important, and you have like-minded blog of a
convenient communication platform.
Let the outside world hear your voice
15, to participate in the activities of a blog
Activities of each participating blog in his blog published an article in the same topic.
Here are some activities you can participate in the blog.
16, joined the converged network
Join 9rules, b5media and other websites, if you can join one of them, will bring the
exchange potential, the potential links and traffic.
17, participate in forums
Forum has a large number of posts and users, is a very responsive community. Is not
only a good way to contact others, but also a good opportunity to demonstrate your
expertise, do not forget to leave your blog address.
18, the well-known blog, leave a comment
In other people's blog to leave comments, as you can on your approval, two
groups can make a blog recognized you. Skills 1, high-traffic sites as possible to leave
the first comment to be recognized - most people do not view the comments after
10-20. Skills Second, if you have articles blog content is further discussed in this
article, leaving the address of your article ("Hey, friend, I wrote an article
on how to solve this problem - click on the link, I will discuss in detail you ...
"). Sometimes you will get a lot of traffic.
19, participated in Blogburst
Blogburst is a "blog aggregation network" that combines as the
United States Daily, Reuters, major newspapers such as the content. Yes, your articles
can be published in Reuters. Believe me - this is possible. When your article appeared
in the newspaper, you will get a lot of links + traffic + to show off your mother right.
20, joined the exchange problogger
Regular release of this article links to all the participants.
21, submitted to the blog directory
In this way, people can find your blog.
22, submitted to Google sitemaps
If you have submitted the sitemaps, Google will be easier to find you, increase traffic,
boost level more quickly. For Wordpress enthusiasts, this plugin useful.
23, submitted to article directory
You might have a good article you submit to article directories, so you can get a
recommended link. But can also show your expertise, and even this article was
well-known electronic Selected magazine or blog, bring traffic and links.
24, interview
If you have already demonstrated a certain degree of expertise, or do some things to
be reported, or has been some media coverage. As long as there is a certain prestige in
the webmaster or blog on public interview, you will get more traffic.
25, appears in the news aggregation Web site or blog aggregation site
Such as Techmeme, Tailrank. Recommendation one: After a suitable recommendation,
you may be receiving some news aggregation site. Proposal 2: The 100 word article
for your in home.
26, created some of the information and publish free of charge
Select some of your articles, books or pdf files, etc made. In the document to return to
the blog link.
27 for others create a free information
And as above, but distributed by others, there is reverse link.
28, advertising
More effective advertising Adwords, Yahoo keyword advertising, the use PayPerPost
or ReviewMe to other blog that you, or to a to buy text link ads.
Exchange, exchange, or exchange
29, and other friends of the blog
Very simple, but very effective. And the blog of friends, including more about the
person's blog, and more interview requests, more cooperation, more
participation in their MyBlogLog, more links.
30, visit the other blog
Leave comments on other blog, try to show in front of your other readers knowledge,
improve your credit, in most cases there will be a reverse link.
31, volunteers
Maintaining a large flow of website needs a lot of work. Apply to be a general
volunteer, you will open the well-known blog or website doors known and get more
32, are paid
You do not know a large organization looking for new blog. This is a good
opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge, understanding of a number of blog, this
opens a number of professional "door" ...
33, human interaction
Services using Meetup to find a local blog author, blog exchange ideas with them.
Tips 1: Bring business cards; Skills 2: If not, produce; skills 3: If the important people
in there, definitely go for. Remember, you know I did not know Problogger, but I am
party in Toronto's individual encountered Darren.
34, joined the group
To Yahoo Groups, Usenet and other groups to use instant messaging or email contact,
and friendly that help. You will taste sweet.
35, positive publicity
When new friends, you can politely tell them to help you promote your articles or
social bookmarking site Digg, and to cast your vote.
Social networking media to work for you
36, Facebook
Previously only for the University as a social site, is now open for registration. And
other similar sites, any person may at the top and old friends, classmates contact. But
the difference is, you can import your RSS feed, so your friends will know you what
to write.
37, joined Helium
Helium is a classification of the content manager is looking for a new site. If you are
interested, not only to earn income, but also improve your reputation in a particular
field. And you can link through the profile, get some traffic.
38, Yahoo Answers!
A similar idea. Here you only have to answer questions from netizens. Because the
search engines and traffic, our concern here.
39, build a Squidoo Lens
Join the Squidoo community, involved in your circle of similar themes; Squidoo has a
very high traffic, you also can get traffic and links.
40, used MySpace to promote
Somewhat beside the point, but it is a similar idea, and Squidoo. Taking into account
the large number of traffic MySpace and establish an account, write relevant content
and backlinks. Start adding friends, friends of the space on the message, to join the
group. Enjoy a gradual increase in the flow of it.
41, using Dugg / Netscaped / Reddited / Stumbled upon
Have been talking about the complex social network. Here's a tip: focus on
written content, these sites turned over to a friend, and tell your own story,
"so and so said ... ..." (go now).

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