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					BlingBling Antwerp

This building is the central station, the "train the church," the

Station hall

Here is connected to the platform

Square in front of City Hall, there is sort of the Dutch style

Notre Dame Cathedral, another great white Belgian style

Walking Street entrance of the building, following the shop

It seems that every city have their own river
Antwerp is a city close to the Netherlands. It is known smaller than many places, but
it has always been a certain influence. Allegedly Antwerp is Europe's
second largest port, and Antwerp is the world's top diamond cutting
technology, the world's largest diamond "Star of
Africa" and cursed diamond "Blue Hope" (Chinese
translation blue hope) that is Antwerp cut completed.
Central Station is a diamond museum. This Provincial Museum's building
and decoration are nothing special, but diamond jewelry collection has many treasures,
the most classic when the number of Queen Victoria's crown, the most
modern is the first diamond-studded tennis racket. Former nobles to show off with a
diamond status and power, the largest and most gorgeous diamond jewelry owners are
generally monarch, together with the diamond material is often with gold or silver.
Modern design diamond often embedded in the material on the highly contrast with
alternative results. Impressed me a diamond jewelry is a year HRD Design Contest
winning entries, one studded with diamonds, coconut leaf headdress, showing models
wearing the black head, a style unique. The design of more modern wash the artificial
increase in the diamond body luxury, reflected glory of the diamond itself.
Unfortunately, can not take pictures inside the museum, there is no way to share the.
Until you see so many diamonds, I realized that he had never really seen before like
real diamonds, black line | | |
Antwerp there are many places worth a visit, the day we visited the Printing Museum,
a little understanding of the world in Europe 15 to 17 printing. Did not come in and go
where there is Rubens House, Maritime Museum, and I am very interested in meat
industry trade associations. As the birthplace of fashion, there are specialized fashion
museum in Antwerp.
To Antwerp is not the slightest feeling of going abroad, the streets do not see the
shadow of French are Dutch, were generally tall and much of Antwerp, blond, and as
with the Dutch enthusiasm. The same is not expected to feel more like different, this
is a bit boring.

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