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									Title: ZOOM in on the Progressive Era
Historical Background:
The rapid industrialization of the United States in the late 1800’s led to many social, political, and
economic problems. Poverty, the tenements, child labor, corrupt political machines, unfair business
practices, and lynching in the South were just some of the problems affecting society. Progressive
reformers, led by the Muckrakers, exposed these problems and moved the government and other
reformers to take action. There were many significant accomplishments as a result of their efforts.

The lesson below is designed to review the Progressive Era. There are various images related to the
problems caused by rapid industrialization and urbanization, the muckrakers and reformers that tried to do
something about them, and the results of their efforts. Over the course of units on industrialization and
urbanization these images should be used to help explain these problems in class. The classroom will
revisit these images at the end of the Progressive Era to review the major accomplishments.

Correlation to New York State Grades 7/8 Social Studies Core Curriculum:
       Unit Seven: An Industrial Society
               III: The Progressive Movement
                        A. Social ills
                        B. Efforts to reform Government and Politics
                        C. Economic reform efforts

Suggested Timeframe:
       One class period of approximately 40 minutes.

Materials and Resources:
Below is a list of images and documents related to each reformer; copies of the images are attached to this
lesson. Follow the links and resize the images to suit your individual preference. You will need an image
or document for each student, and a protective cover would be helpful.

        Lincoln Steffens:
        Problem - http://www.hudsonlibrary.org/Hudson%20Website/Images/Web%20Collection/Posters/OldWigwam.jpg
        Action - http://ak.buy.com/db_assets/large_images/895/39726895.jpg
        Result - http://joecampbell.org/historical-documenmts/constitution/Constiution%20-%20Amendment%2017.jpg

        Jacob Riis:
        Problem - http://historymatters.gmu.edu/mse/photos/images/riis4.gif
        Action- http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/eb/How_the_Other_Half_Lives_front_cover.png
        Result - http://query.nytimes.com/mem/archive-free/pdf?_r=1&res=9903E5DF163BE733A25751C0A9619C946097D6CF

        Jane Addams:
        Problem - https://bienen.sesp.northwestern.edu/images_fk/site/i21905thmb.jpg
        Action- http://ecrp.uiuc.edu/v2n1/bhavnagri/9.jpg
        Result - http://ecrp.uiuc.edu/v2n1/bhavnagri/10.jpg

        Ida B. Wells:
        Problem - http://www.sitemason.com/files/eLIhcA/lynchstory26.JPG
        Action- http://www.pbs.org/wnet/jimcrow/historical_docs/hist_doc_wellsplea.html
        Result - http://www.aakulturezone.com/kidz/images/NAACP_88E/naacp.gif

        Upton Sinclair:
        Problem - http://z.about.com/d/denver/1/0/a/-/-/-/historicdenver_meatpacking.jpg
        Action- http://barfblog.foodsafety.ksu.edu/UptonSinclairJungle.jpg
        Result - http://www.carolinabarbecue.com/images/site/usda_inspected.jpg
        Ida Tarbell:
        Problem - http://www.bgsu.edu/departments/acs/1890s/rockefeller/Rock7.gif
        Action- http://www.nwhm.org/ProgressiveEra/images/oilcompany1.jpg
        Result - http://query.nytimes.com/mem/archive-free/pdf?_r=1&res=940CE7DB1231E733A25750C2A9609C946797D6CF

        Alice Paul:
        Problem - http://static.newworldencyclopedia.org/c/c8/Opposed_to_suffrage.jpg
        Action- http://www.hsp.org/files/testraw39.jpg
        Result - http://www.archives.gov/exhibits/charters/images/19th_amendment_440.jpg

Student Objectives: Students will be able to:
   • Identify the major social, political, and economic problems of the Progressive Era.
   • Identify the progressive reformers and the actions they took to improve society.
   • Identify the impact that these reformers had in improving society.
   • Categorize the problem, action, and accomplishments by reformer.
   • Summarize the problem, action, and accomplishment of their reformer.

Teaching Strategies and Methodologies:
   1. Divide students into seven groups of three. Provide each student with one image each.

    2. Have students move around the room and try to find two other images that are related to theirs.
       The only rule is that they cannot ask a question, they can only explain what the details are of their
       own image.

    3. Students should group themselves by reformer. They should match the problem, action, and
       accomplishment of their reformer. They will each explain their image to the class.

In groups, students will prepare a one-paragraph summary that answers the following questions:
        Who was the reformer?
        What problem were they trying to solve?
        What accomplishment did they help achieve?

About the Author: Mike Varney teaches 8th grade social studies at the Queensbury Middle School.
Lincoln Steffens

Jacob Riis

Jane Adams

Ida B. Wells
Upton Sinclair

Ida Tarbell

Alice Paul

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