REPUBLICAN PARTY

    The Republican Party is committed to improving our              • Protecting taxpayers by limiting taxes and forcing
 quality of life in every part of California. We’re working to      government to live within its means
 achieve this by creating jobs, improving schools, keeping             Join us in building a better California that provides
 communities safe, and improving the state’s health care and        opportunity for families today and for future generations.
 environment.                                                          The Republican Party has over 5.3 million members in
    Top Priorities:                                                 California. For more information, call 818-841-5210 or visit
 • Promoting an economy that creates new job opportunities          www.cagop.org.
 for all Californians
 • Improving our state’s education and health care systems to
 improve our quality of life

 The California Republican Party                                    (818) 841-5210
 Ron Nehring, Chairman                                              Website: www.cagop.org
 Ronald Reagan California Republican Center
 1903 West Magnolia Boulevard, Burbank, CA 91506

                                                         GREEN PARTY

    Voting Green for president is voting for the only national      • Supports instant runoff voting to allow voters to rank
 party that:                                                        candidates, protecting majority rule and voter choice.
 • Supports immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq,               • Supports 100% public financing of campaigns; free time
 closing Guantanamo, and ending the anti-civil liberties            for candidates on our publicly owned radio and TV airwaves;
 Patriot Act.                                                       and repeal of unfair ballot access laws that privilege major
 • Supports immediate, strong measures to address climate           parties and obstruct third parties and independents.
 change through efficiency, conservation, and clean renewable        • Supports proportional representation, same-day voter
 energy.                                                            registration, and a constitutional right to vote.
 • Supports universal healthcare.                                   • Opposes the early primary scheduling shuffle that rewards
 • Openly acknowledges the 2000 Florida election process            big money/media campaigns at the expense of community-
 was stolen and led the 2004 Ohio recount.                          based, grassroots organizing.
 • Supports voter verifiable auditable paper trails and open         • Supports more than just two voices in the general election
 source coding for computer voting machines to mitigate             presidential debates.
 future election fraud.                                             • Supports living wages, immigrants’ rights, and education
 • Supports abolishing the outdated Electoral College and           not incarceration.
 replacing it with a national popular vote.

 Green Party of California                                          (916) 448-3437
 P.O. Box 2828, Sacramento, CA 95812                                E-mail: gpca@cagreens.org Website: www.cagreens.org

                                                 PEACE AND FREEDOM PARTY

    The Peace and Freedom Party of California stands for               Our top priorities are:
 democracy, cooperation, and sharing. We want to organize              1. Bring all troops home now.
 and educate the public to work together to meet human                 2. Double the minimum wage.
 needs.                                                                3. One system of free, quality health care for all.
    The party believes the role of government should be                More information about Peace and Freedom Party
 to make sure that everyone has jobs, housing, education,           can be found on www.peaceandfreedom.org.
 health care, and equal rights. We support marriage equality,
 immigration rights, organized labor, and universal single-
 payer health care. We oppose the current U.S. military
 actions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

 Peace and Freedom Party of California                              (510) 465-9414, (323) 759-9737
 5960 South Land Park Drive #385, Sacramento, CA 95822              Website: www.peaceandfreedom.org

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                                                                   LIBERTARIAN PARTY

   The Libertarian Party is America’s best choice for                               • Run your own business and enjoy your property. Reducing
government. Like you, we have jobs, businesses, families, and                       regulations and paperwork creates more jobs, higher pay, and
dreams. We’ve entered the political arena to restore liberty                        lower prices.
and American values. We’re working toward a government                              • Educate your children as you see fit.
that taxes and spends less and won’t interfere with your                            • Choose your own lifestyle. The government shouldn’t
personal life.                                                                      consider you a criminal because of your choices in
   If you describe yourself as socially tolerant and fiscally                        relationships, recreation, or medical treatment.
responsible, you’re a Libertarian!                                                  • Truly equal treatment under the law regardless of race,
   We believe that you, not the government, should decide                           gender, religion, sexuality, or personal characteristics.
how to run your life, checkbook, retirement, education, and                         • Own a firearm. Self-defense is a right, not a political favor.
family.                                                                                We’re the third largest political party in the U.S., with
   The Libertarian Party supports your right to:                                    more party members in elected offices than all other minor
• Keep what you earn. Reduce or eliminate taxes whenever                            parties combined. Join us today!

Libertarian Party of California                                                     (877) 884-1776
14547 Titus Street, Suite 214, Panorama City, CA 91402-4935                         E-mail: office@ca.lp.org Website: www.ca.lp.org

                                                           AMERICAN INDEPENDENT PARTY

   The American Independent Party is the party of ordered                              We believe in protecting all human life however weak,
liberty in a nation under God. We believe in strict adherence                       defenseless, or disheartened; endorse the family as the
to written law. We believe the Constitution is the contract                         essential bulwark of liberty, compassion, responsibility, and
America has with itself. Its willful distortion has led to the                      industry; and declare the family’s right and responsibility to
violation of our Tenth-Amendment-guaranteed right to                                nurture, discipline, and educate their children.
limited government—which inevitably requires oppressive                                We assert the absolute, concurrent Second-Amendment-
taxation. Its application will lift that burden.                                    guaranteed right of individuals to self-defense coupled with
   Freed from the lawless oppression of Liberal rule we                             a strong common defense, a common defense which requires
may then compassionately and justly use our energy and                              a national sovereignty not damaged by imprudent treaties.
ingenuity to provide for ourselves and our families. We                             We oppose all illegal immigration. We support secure borders
will then establish truly free and responsible enterprise and                       and immigration policies that invite the best of the world to
reassert the basic human right to property.                                         join us in freedom.

American Independent Party                                                          (530) 743-6878
Ed Noonan, State Chair                                                              Website: www.aipca.org
1561 N. Beale Rd., Marysville, CA 95901-6812

                                                                   DEMOCRATIC PARTY

   With Iraq in a quagmire and the economy hurting, led                             • 50,000 new police officers
by the housing crisis, America needs change.                                        • Tough rules to establish highest ethical standards
   After our primary, Democrats and Independents must                               in Congressional history
rally around our nominee to ensure the change we need.                                 By electing a Democrat to the White House and
   Democrats have long fought to create a vibrant economy,                          Democrats to Congress, we will continue fighting for:
improve education, ensure public safety and national security,                      • Responsible economic stimulation and job security for
expand access to health care, and help the struggling middle                        working Americans
class.                                                                              • A woman’s right to choose
   Democratic accomplishments and priorities under House                            • Protection of Social Security and Medicare
Speaker Nancy Pelosi include:                                                       • An end to the war in Iraq
• First minimum wage increase in 10 years                                           • Greater energy independence
• Education reform to ensure America leads the world in                                Democrats are the only major party to allow Independents
research and technology                                                             to vote in our presidential primary. Join our network at
• A military pay raise                                                              www.cadem.org/signup.
• New quality care standards for wounded troops and veterans

California Democratic Party                                                         (916) 442-5707 / 5715 Fax
Senator Art Torres (Ret.), Chairman                                                 (310) 407-0980 / 0981 Fax
1401 21st Street, Suite 200, Sacramento, CA 95811                                   E-mail: info@cadem.org Website: www.cadem.org
The order of the statements was determined by lot. Statements on this page were supplied by
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