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									Beauty awards marketing planning
Prize Promotions: Awards should be way, how do promotions where prizes are also
69. Promotional gifts: also known as in-kind. Gifts have a certain stress, according to
different consumption levels to different consumer set. Such as: send home a small
exhibition stand (put 23 cosmetics), to send product, send make up, get travel
packages, sending clever makeup box, send women's backpacks, scarves to
send, send beautiful small craft, sending women cartoon toys, at the end of sending a
red envelope, sent gold necklaces. Do skin care process, to understand the needs of
different customers to different gifts. Such as the scarf pattern and color for customers
like to choose one of several guests, rainy day dinner comes the reckoning and so on.
70. Image Representative promotion: in the consumer looking for one or two
middle-aged women, after the excellent results by doing skin care, and the image of
the good image of beauty salons who do voice or celebrities stars celebrity
spokesperson. To them to speak, and the corresponding video recording made of
irrigation and photos to promote, and regularly invited them to share their feelings and
71. Lucky Draw Promotion: conclusion of the event can be lottery promotions. Can
also store a specific time to do Mojiang promotions. Or fun prizes, and the other
internal lottery office in beauty parlors, guests each time the amount of post-consumer
under the consumer, by way of lottery, to obtain the customer equipment and other
cosmetics. Can also be dozens of other groups of regular concentrated form of lottery
72. Elegant promotional activities: the gift concert tickets, beauty, books, more
elegant and tasteful event to the main customers of the bank, is another event
73. Beautician prize promotion: how to mobilize the enthusiasm of beauticians,
increase sales, manufacturers, distributors and beauty salons in a specific time can
reward beautician promotion. Beautician when the terminal will be the best time for
prize promotions, beauty salon owner should not have bought the chicken, soy sauce
reluctant to spend money.
Linkage promotion: to gain extra leverage, combined with other beauty or industry to
do promotion, a multi-event benefit.
74. Manufacturers to cross-sector coalitions: I have planned a way to good results,
beauty salon customers to buy cosmetics, gifts and children's clothes,
children's cosmetics brand, the second pick one, results showed that
customers essentially select a post, also spend money to buy another project. Thus, we
can see, plants that are doing promotions, you can consider the form of cross-sector
coalitions, resource sharing, interest is divided into, a promotion, duplicate receipts.
75. Beautiful linkage promotion: There are many kinds of ways and means, such as
with wedding photo studio wedding photographs to send to do skin care treatments,
skin care treatments do grant their wedding photographs. And attached to the cosmetic
counter of a mall to do promotion, buy a daily cosmetics to beauty salons can enjoy
discounts to distinguish differences between cosmetic and professional experience the
professional and value-added services. The cooperation with the hair is such a case.
76. Cross-linked: as long as resources can be full co-promotion, such as with
restaurants, coffee shops, insurance companies, Xinhua bookstore, fitness center, and
telecommunications. The key is to have imaginative promotion. In Guangzhou,
beauty actually holds bait with tourism, it is I did not think of who might be more
bold, to the extent of production. According to Guangzhou Daily report: a number of
tours to Guangdong Panyu guests brought a beauty salon, a low price really low
discount buy smuggled foreign brands cover product sales. In addition, Guangdong is
also the emergence of a new sales model, called the five packets of marketing services
companies through beauty salons, theaters, restaurants and other establishments to
integrate dozens of consumption, through certain incentives to attract members, to the
beauty salon with a customer form.
77. Inventory of new beauty salon chain interaction: a mini beauty salon: Guangzhou,
Shanghai and other places in the emergence of the young beauty-oriented fast-food
consumers, such as the Japanese school of the most characteristic trees, exchange U.S.
homes are also prominent. Qu layer's, Body Shop, Sen Linya homes,
thousands of colors shops, salsa, home-style parlors: the other many places in the
north, the family beauty salon has become a new employment channels and methods.
Several or dozens of activities to do with the cost of provinces, the atmosphere great
and good effect.
78. Beauty Managed linkage: the local provinces have gradually formed in the beauty
care services, through large-scale activities in the capital city to strengthen consumer
confidence customers to enhance awareness, to play the role of advertising.
79. Warmth SPA property inspection tour: with the city's most luxurious
real estate dealers, one more selling point for real estate, while opening the salon in
the event of pre-work and to attract beauty of the President, serve three purposes.
80. Great store brand monopoly promotion: beauty salons in the region could be
composed of a number of good relations between the alliance a small body by
different strengths, to do a regional or city tourist promotional activities, strive to
massive, wide coverage. There is also a region in the beauty salon beauty salon to do
with the nature of interaction of different promotions, such as a do care, a manicure.
In order to find beauty Union. Sometimes competition is not necessarily the enemy,
you can also make friends. Such promotions may also be initiated by agents within
the region, its stores do promotions, first highlight the brand, and second, promotion
of local beauty salons, combined with TV or other none other promotional activities
81. Two Kinds of shops with the promotion: many places in the north, the former is a
small beauty salon beauty shop in the backyard of the mainstream, also suggested that
the professional beauty salon owner set up shop in the back yard if the former
combination of beauty salons and professional, then to a large extent increase sales
82. Sponsor Promotions: To increase awareness of beauty salons, except in the
relevant software and hardware to do the media advertisement, it can also do with a
small homogeneous sponsorship funds, such as sponsorship in Guangzhou,
"the United States in the Flower City" and the like and the
United States-related activities. Another example of a well-known companies do,
"Loving Mother" activities, are a good way to do branding,
"Ru desire to study poetry, martial arts outside of poems."
83. Health Product Promotion: Oral and topical concept is a popular topic of the
industry, and health care products combined with greater profit margins and more
profitable channels.
84. Investment promotion: customers seek in a number of customers, asking whether
they are interested in a beauty salon, to attract hot money, to open a large store chain,
or do women's clubs to prepare.
85. Combination of manufacturers agent marketing: In fact, product selection needs to
select manufacturers and agents, the medium and small beauty parlor, the key is also
the main manufacturers and agents. Therefore, manufacturers and sales agents have
not, none other much, way how to combine the utmost importance.
86. Show Promotion: mainly from the perspective of attracting consumers, such as the
window of change, the adjustment of interior space, the color with the seasons of the
update, the careful arrangement of small accessories, often gives a fresh feeling. There
are business gifts, such as POP, hanging flags and display shelves. Booth can be
designed into several small internal type: if placed with a thicket of Daikin products
fish tank algae, sand and stone products for the display contrast, placing candles
coffee violin silk products, Tang Song Dynasty Celadon Ruyi edge display products,
red flowers green leaves placed side plaster products. Product is not much, but in
essence, from the finishing point, placed into a beautiful still life paintings.
87. Equipment sales: use of the current advanced instruments and equipment such as
cosmetic skin conditions the skin detector to do customer records to reflect the
equipment and other graphic visual improvement in skin. Personal Image Design
(dress hair, etc.): Please stylists on-site according to customer's different
temperaments and set the image, while the introduction of computer design software
on the computer for customers to do the image of the virtual variety.
88. Remote diagnosis of skin experts Promotion: This is the main market of a
business method, mainly through the computer, the situation will be the guests of the
skin, scanned, and then E-MAIL Mail to the business, and then open the course by
experts sent back to the guests. This method is mainly for people personal services,
according to different people of different skin types to medical treatments. In fact, the
strength of beauty salons have also invited experts to diagnose the scene, but no such
move, "Hu" man. One through the computer, the second is
external and not good chanting.
89. Website Promotion: With the continuous development and popularization of
science and technology, the network has gradually entered the lives of ordinary people,
the Internet has become a new fashion promotion. Beauty salon can also set up its
own Web site, to come to a show of strength, promote themselves, other, online
booking, online seminars and skin detector apparatus and other equipment used, is
also a development and trends. Move faster, to get opportunities.
Human promotion: to meet human needs as the starting point to design a Ru desire to
study poetry, martial arts outside of poems in essence, to impress consumers.
90. Liquor thank the Feast: In Taiwan there is the first bud, tail bud of that, mainly in
the end of the year or the first time to eat dinner with several guests to eat, narration
situation of promotions.
91. Soup Promotion: Some beauty salon owner in Guangdong and Guangxi to do a
good job promotion, painstakingly, they burn through every morning in the form of
several old fire soup, relishes customers. Another herbal tea, soft fill is one of the
characteristics of Guangdong culture, may wish to use. A Chinese background, beauty
can also boil soup in the form of Chinese medicine to expand sales, by regulating the
heart function, improve blood circulation mechanism, to clean face, beautiful skin,
facial features, hair, remove facial defects, to maintain, repair, remodeling The
purpose of human body.
92. Matchmaker promotion: the importance of good customer service is a part. Build
customer data and help customers solve real problems, to communicate with guests,
guest matchmaker to help them lead, the guests moved from the human start. Also
start by domestic sales.
93. Regards to promotion: the use of computers and mobile phones send SMS to the
customer being, send care and greetings, and may notify the relevant promotional
information. Newspapers send Fu: New Year, influential in the local newspaper to do
an advertisement, to its guests a small page to a friend a message to the family
blessing, one good sign, first, to express emotion. Radio TV song: with the blessing of
the principles of the newspaper, to the song to thank a number of key customers, and
make the second year of planning and development program to open card. The two
approaches than the New Year just call, send a small gift to be much better.
94. Customer profile marketing: the establishment of good customer profiles, based
on customer profiles to determine the time customers do care, like outpatient books as
the client and the beauty of all save one.
95. Details of the promotion: If within the leisure area in the salon put random people
to eat several small snacks, put flowers on Valentine's Day coin is like a
number of guests take one and so on, and sending small gifts that are different from
the casual to do promotional marketing, there are 4 dial jin role.
96. Regular visits to personal services: personal services is for regular visits to key
customers, by phone, in person, beauty manager, my boss called stable customers, and
to formulate ways to visit the time table.
97. Shuttle car promotions: You can do the car shuttle guests to the beauty care and
invited guests also invited to go with several people.
98. To the shop birthday: a concept to the consumer is to shop birthday. Or important
guests in the restaurant birthday, and invited friends do care.
99. Rating Promotion: The Smile star beautician services, best customer, most
effective and feel most satisfied customer assessment activities, beauty salon Ten
spokesman, I mainly want to do publicity through the mouth of the guests, this
method is effective, influential. Through to the customers satisfaction survey,
combined with real skin improvement guests to select the set, and appropriate
incentives. Also allows customers to various circumstances, such as beauty services,
products, stores and other suggestions and opinions put forward some constructive
ideas on which to reward customers. On the guests list or employed as beauty is an
emotional investment promotion consultancy, major attention of the most important
guests, in addition to exclusive list, or hire outside consultants can also be used for
cosmetic acceptability daughter and her sisters and other methods, and prayer life
membership approach.
100. Quality promotion: the "three guarantees" five guarantees
"such as the guarantee period to ensure that the amount of such processes
and services to ensure the quality of the content. Can be the" three
guarantees "signs outside the shop put the form in order to beat the quality
of services, main card. At the same time combined sales of complaints do. to enhance
a grade of service, to dispel doubts about the guests on the cosmetic results. can
Returns promotions: customer commitment to make quality assurance, such as the
customers are not satisfied retreat after use, replacement.
No sales promotion: the need promotions to also have the awareness of consumers
and the kind of view: the beauty salon brand attractive to serve to win, never discount
gifts, from or promotion. Necessary to stress the latter point, while the or promotion
as a selling point.
Chain promotions:, or promotional mix. Is a combination of several integrated
marketing promotions. How to design a marketing mix: promotion mix should be
based on membership as the core, formed in the beauty salon's own
promotions on the basis of a year to cover the promotional series, just as American
movies, suspense, from students, climax continued. This combination of heavy
promotion by a few surprises, able to move consumers, and can choose to enable them
to really feel a great discount. 123456 McDonald's promotion is as good
transport method has been applied. Layers of the guests hitch. Promotional incentives
can be divided into several categories, from consumption according to different
customers can select one of a number of benefits, and increase the surprise.
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