Battlefield Snapshot by fdjerue7eeu


									Battlefield Snapshot
  "There are three at the beginning of the general story, of course, this is the
normal situation. 'Once upon a time''may be many
years later ... ... ... ...', or directly into an ongoing event. They are described
in the Three: past tense, future tense , and the present tense. our story has gone away
either, and then could not confirm; or will happen in the near future, then the virtual
context of fluttering; the other is that we live in the incident. In short, a story can
provide sufficient Let the poet was on the possibility of depression: If you know
everything is fake, and can only be false, and that of the more frustrating. 500 years
ago they had already started to feel sad for this event, five centuries later Poets will
also be given to waste. This is really awful, I can not go to write an adventure Trek,
but will point to use war to solve differences. Yes, they are fighting. the United States
can play in Iraq, philosophers also Chemical protective clothing can be worn. about
the causes of war, it briefly here, not what you do not see anything that I did not say
anything. most clearly is this: in the choice of sentence, the soldiers most likely to
lose, because They did not coin, can not accept the command does not exist.
 ?Squad marching in the forest. Dew from the leaves to drop down into the soldiers as
a golf coarse pores being. This thing is not as common. Forward, then forward, then
you will see the latest hurdle. 0333 map shop in the wet leaves on the north aligned
north, soft wet forest in the beginning of the invisible dotted line between welcome.
Captain said: "the shortest straight line distance between two
points." Law of the same geometry as accurate, precise and correct this
command does not allow for slack. Soldiers walking on the dotted line Step cat firmly
sprint to the fog. Shua Shuashua brush with the voice and birds flee in terror. 0333
stopped from time to time carefully the potential risk of detection in all directions.
2135, teams in the sharpshooter, was first discovered in the head to track the enemy.
Gunshots, the white clouds threw to fall down, paralyzed dead on the ground, into
water. At this time the sky cloudless.
 ?This is a secret action. War scenes is claimed to be good at grand narrative of the
author's good play, or we should be recycling a blind Homer, a hero for
every write elegy. As an independent journalist, I have not equipped with wide-angle
lens, can not see clearly the whole war. From this perspective, I am nothing. Because
there is no rent to the satellite, I will not further the battlefield, like a nervous
excitement as a qualified journalist; and CNN can not for the anti-war propaganda and
foreign independent journalists secondary sources. In such cases, teams of undercover
operations may be, it must be the focus of my report. Narrative proposal, reported the
secret operation was unknown to me has always been the purpose of reporting.
 ?Continue to report on the war. War Correspondents K004101204 successfully
entered in planning the war well in advance before the start of the interview is strictly
prohibited military, a media icon - who do not know how to break the sentence he was
heavy rhetoric, into the center of the theater. But, regrettably he has not had a good
camera. Japan's Ricoh machines produced in a hard rain left after filming
the aftermath of cure, regardless of when the film is heavy rain washed out the photos.
K is to use this camera to grab a squad of marching in the rain, civilians burst into
tears, the head of state leaders were always high (in the rain) and other valuable lens.
K became a civilian hero, but the final squad of the fire was accidental injury. This is
an inevitable result, K is also aware of this. K line from the last report we got the tape
record the fact. He was holding interviews machine, walk in the besieged cities of a
hotel entrance, is what they said, are as follows:
  ?Plato and Sparta, or 斯巴达达克 do not know today. Slave owners and slaves
have found the best route, to make things complicated and confusing. When the
philosopher thought to lose Reiki, thinking of civilians loaded to the data book
categories yellow bag, because we are actually able to fall into a doctrine arising from
war. Oh, I now live in a corner of the city, in the safe area. But I still feel the earth
shake, bombers dropped tenrai to fire, the liberation of a people's festival
fireworks. As more and more contrived performance art, from irony to become ugly in
itself, does not know who the same as the classical warrior willing to sacrifice, or to
use peaceful means to resolve disputes without peace. Now I was in the
hotel's luggage was opened in the past, it seems there will be new news
here. Continue. We live in a democratic and free country, but for some strange factors
that we often do not enjoy so much they look. Okay, now the local time 14:35, the
hottest time of the day is coming, I'm a reporter K004101204 now in the
forefront. The great building behind me is the original temple, but has now been
transformed into luxury hotel. Hope that God will bless me, City of God, or the City
of God, bless, Let us into today's "field snapshots>.
  ?Has more than 20 days of the siege of the city by the local 20 o'clock
yesterday from full power outage. So, now I took place in front of about 500 meters of
continuous explosion, and now I was enveloped in smoke, brown dust overwhelming,
all the scenery through the sunglasses are not strange and wonderful, like ... ... Oh,
now I saw armored personnel carriers equipped squad opened fire Oh oh oh they
opened fire to me I opened fire on unarmed oh oh oh oh oh I shot the ... ...
  ?... ... Oh oh I am going to broadcast due to technical failures are now over, all
Goodbye goodbye I was a frontline reporter K004101204 Welcome to my radio
program. Oh.
  ?These are the heroic martyrdom of injury and the war correspondent K program last
recording. Final K of the body was dead from the other hotel personnel recognizable.
Military spokesman said this is an accidental injury, or a contemptible media
conspiracy, the tape may be forged, K's identity should be further verified.
The voice of the military to the media elite anger, and even the entertainment press
also out of solidarity with the fist: the next day the newspaper published the original
size is not known for the variety of trivial K; has 78 major newspapers and on the
third day also published as "accidental injury? He died of
Three times the bullet! > For the title of the research review article. K
incident became a war of an episode, if not you really can not imagine being to
experience the anti-war voices, like the clouds cover the entire mainstream media,
second-rate critic entire body exudes a rainbow of light, little-known war
correspondent become the image of journalists spokesman, K alive through the coat to
become a hot item. Everything happened all like dreams, suddenly surrounded by all
the people who revel in all the bubble finally reluctantly dispersed generally
indifferent. It's a miracle.
   Speaking of bubbles, I had to stop about. Media language as a tension, like a bubble,
as a toughness to the rainbow. Words - language - right - to - be - life - power! Media
build strong human civilization's most famous monument fight! As a
reporter, I thank you for your share of the independent newspaper reading to provide
you with the most profound and all-round information. Merchants call ********,
Also, do not tell the truth I must admit that the newspaper will become a different
world, a depressed person may be unemployed might be suicide, but the newspaper
will provide you with customized customize the most unique perspective the most
appropriate values. Save the twisted mind of each. Yeah!
   Back to the topic. Newspaper had mentioned the 0333 soldiers of the detachment,
from the beginning of the war go out into the established military goal, and now
continues to move forward. Military command is a true proposition. No matter what
accident, teams must follow the direction on the map. For this reason they are over the
mountains, and even swimming across a strait. Here emerged a number of teams in
the heroic deeds. Such as the 8421 suicide into the enemy positions, killing the (quasi)
three hundred armed people; 3715 created a novel "Hero", keen
sense of smell is said to have been favored for film companies, is expected to cost at
the end of the year turned into a big epic large manufacturing , the film Nobel Prize,
and has reported a combined male and female film-related scandal; 0899 successfully
organized and effective attacks on enemy electronic jamming completely lost the
ability to communicate with electronic messages also could not send a cell phone;
break the last line of defense of the signal has been received hand, victory just around
the corner. Elite squad that was a must win this war - or else they will not retreat to.
Recently, I rode to the front-line reporting and the 0333 Chong made a
telecommunication links. 12:15, journalist (me) finally got through to the 0333 mobile
   - Hello! I'm a reporter.
   - Hello, Hello, 0333.
   - Battle hit now, what do you think?
   - Very good. Our mentality well as on the peace exercise. Now that we have too
many hurt. Only my friends 7654, he lost a leg. He forgot to bring lighter, let the old
one dressed in civilian clothes to help him lit fuse. In short, he and more than 4000
civilians were killed. At that time the sky is dyed red and gold, and then he flew. But I
think 7654's accident will not affect our determination to win.
   - So, what do you think the war is not, as some people say, "All of us are
losers," then?
   - No, absolutely not. I think we are definitely the winner. The scenery here is very
good, the weather is quite good, and there are many great historical and cultural
heritage, I learned a lot. You know my grandfather my father is right here, filled with
longing, but today I finally had this wish. Although the pressure of time I could not
careful Ferris, but I think it a worthwhile trip. In addition, the people will win in this
war of freedom they really need, they are winners. Of course, we are invincible, yeah!
   - ... ... Beep ... ... (phone disconnected. According to experts, this and the new one,
code-named 'Da Moke sword' of electronic attack on the.)
   - A war could bring us a lot of things. 0333 just 19 years old this year. Just last year
he joined the military age, a national next-generation super-soldiers of the coolest new
generation. We can see from the television program 0333 and his comrades dressed in
fashion have character, whenever and wherever needed music, unique and expressive
eyes. For them, war and computer games The biggest difference is realistic. Exposure
to sweat and destroy the enemy battlefield experience the feeling of a virtual life game
unmatched realism. 0333 became the young people were fed lies and fantasy idol
large generation is expected in our magazine, newspaper correspondent Special
 ?On the outcome of the war, I have set aside enough of the layout to the column,
where I start to say something. Squad last triumphant return, the whole army was the
hero medal. In addition, the 2135 and 8421,7654 and other special awards by. Home
the same day in 0333, a lonely female admirers and excitement from heaven, falling
80 story building, gently glide 0333's bedroom window to see the 0333 is
changing, given the well-being of the screaming, to 0333 with points to a big surprise.
Too complicated for you? Simple in the back, war correspondent in World News
K's funeral held, the only guest is the most favorite is called K lifetime
yellow cat. Fragmented in the ground like he knows everything is so able to rest after
the original time he was able to bridge the divided heart, Amen.
   Education Channel to start broadcasting "killing chamber",
and that the Department did not always end the series. Finally ratings climbed to a
new level, the public full confidence in the media again. Butterfly in the case of the
detection detective Zhuang, Dongjak spring locked two Ciorici missing mystery
answered, before the war began to be indifferent but not yet over. However, before the
end of the war real, no one can know it going to end. If the war is also loaded to cover
the story of yard, then it can only, like other stories, there are three possible outcomes:
good, bad, does not make sense. Of course things are always the same as the clouds
change, step by step, classification, permutations and combinations, what should be
an infinite analysts figure. Such a figure, results? I mean, a successful outcome of the
infinite nothingness?
   Import eating popcorn while watching the large, side Kegua Zi side of the
international situation, we will face what? Crazy people in real life, everyone in the
diversion of advertising downs. The day before, another missing in the war S has
found, he lost in the mountains in the direction of aesthetic has now become a
photographer to shoot beautiful scenery, looking for strange light. Have you ever seen
the sea sparkling morning, looked away from the hubbub of the holy city of it? Cry of
birds seen, seen sleeping in the mountains it? In all the hubbub, S of the album is so
quiet and charming, but also awaken our slumbering souls. This book is available now,
priced at 48.6 / this, a set of three volumes, on behalf of the social sciences mail,
telephone ********。 S will also sell books in person this week will be on-site book
signing, yeah!
Cloudless sky, yeah!

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