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					Basic computer questions and answers (2)
Basic computer questions and answers (b)
(1) Over the years, people are accustomed to from the host computer, the main
components used in the development of the computer sub-generation, 4th generation
computers use the so-called principal components is ________。
a) tube b) transistor
c) small and medium-scale integrated circuit d) large-scale and ultra large scale
integrated circuit Answer: d knowledge points: phases in the development of
computers: the first generation of computer use 4 main components are large and ultra
large scale integrated circuit.
(2) Suppose cd disc storage capacity of 600mb, the above digital image can store 25
images per second, and each piece of the screen is 360 × 240 × 65536 resolution color
l-hour broadcast, the digital image on cd disc The compression ratio is about
a) 25 times more b) 10 times c) 50 times d) 100 times
The answer: a knowledge-point: data compression technology assessment: 65536
16-bit color is the color, that is, 2 bytes per pixel. Now l frames have 360 × 240 =
86400 pixels point, need 172800 bytes of storage, 1 sec 25 requires 4,320,000 bytes of
storage, l hour is 3600 seconds need to 15.552 billion (about 15000mb) bytes storage
space. Now, that 15000mb data stored in the 600mb a disc, the compression ratio is
not hard to figure out: About 15000/600 = 25 times.
(3) internet mainly by ________, lines of communication, server and client, and
information resources in four parts.
a) Gateway b) router c) Bridge d) Hub
Answer: b knowledge points: internet services, the basic structure of the main
Analysis: internet key component of
① communication line; ② router: ③ server and client; ④ information resources.
(4) in the ip protocol used for multicast address ip address of ________.
a) a type b) c class c) d class d) e class
Answer: c knowledge points: tcp / ip Protocol Analysis: In the tcp / ip protocol, the ip
address into Category 5. Where a, b, c class address as a single project delivery
address. e class addresses reserved for future special uses, and d class address as a
multicast address.
(5) The file server has a time-sharing system, file management, all of the features that
can provide users with comprehensive information, documents and ________。
a) directory service b) video transmission services, c) database services d) switched
network services
Answer: a
Knowledge point: the functions of the operating system
Comment: time-sharing system, file server should have all the file management
features, it supports the concept of files and standard file operations, to provide
Internet users access to files, directories, concurrency control and security measures.
Therefore, the file server should have a sound document management capabilities to
network-wide unified document management, the workstation user can not participate
in document management. File server can provide a comprehensive data network
users, file and directory services.
(6) half a century, the stage of computer development have had a variety of
descriptions. The following statement in a more complete description is ________。
a) the computer through the four stages, tube stage, the transistor stage, the IC phase,
very large scale integrated circuit
b) the development of the computer through the Si Duan, ie mainframe, mid-sized
machines, minicomputers, microcomputers
c) the development of the computer through the three sections, namely, mainframes,
microcomputers, networking machine
d) the development of the computer through the five sections, namely, mainframes,
minicomputers, microcomputers, LAN, WAN
Answer: d
Knowledge Points: computer development stage
Comment: 50 years, the computer has experienced five major stages: mainframe,
minicomputer, microcomputer, client / server (LAN), Internet stage (WAN).
(7) the following options correctly describes the domain of conflict is ________。
a) send a network packet conflict areas
b) to bridges, routers, switches, network for the border region
c) Install a router and hub of the network area
d) application of the filter network of regional
Answer: a
Knowledge Points: LAN Classification and basic working principle
Analysis: Conflict is in the same segment, the same time only one signal is sent,
otherwise the two signals interfere with each other, that conflict. Conflict will prevent
the normal frames to send. Domain of conflict is conflict that can segment. Big field
of conflict, could lead to a series of conflicts, leading to signal transmission failure.
(8) resource management and user interface, the operating system's main
features include: processor management, storage management, device management
and _______。
a) time management b) document management c) Transaction Manager d) Database
Answer: b
Knowledge point: the functions of the operating system
Comment: In terms of resource management and user interface, operating system, the
main features include: ① processor management: key to solve the processor
allocation and scheduling; ② storage management: key is to manage the main
memory resources; ③ Device Manager: Responsible for the effective management
of various peripheral devices; ④ document management: support file access,
modification and other operations and to address the data storage, sharing,
confidentiality, and protection.
(9) unix system, input / output devices are as the following four documents _______。
a) a regular file b) List of documents c) index file d) special file
Answer: d
Knowledge Points: unix operating system
Comments: unix file system will treat as an external device, called a special file (or a
special file, device file), the unified management by the file system. This keeps the
input / output interface hardware interfaces consistent with the general file.
(10) An important function of the operating system process management. To this end,
the operating system must provide a mechanism to start the process. In the following
narrative, is not correct _______。
a) In dos, this mechanism is the exec function
b) start the process in windows function is createprocess
c) in the os / 2 to start the process function is createprocess
d) Start the process in dos function is createprocess
Answer: d
Knowledge point: the basic functions of the operating system
Comment: The operating system must provide a mechanism to launch the process. In
dos, this mechanism is the exec function. In windows and os / 2 to start the process
function is createprocess, its code is stored in the operating system kernel, in the
kernel32.dll file. When
createprocess to accept an executable file name, it can load the file and begin. But
exec is different createprocess almost immediately after the call to return, so that more
programs can be started. Because the windows and os / 2 is a multitasking operating
system, which allows multiple programs running simultaneously.
(11) In the following, a computer network of three main components of _______。
1, a number of database 2, a communication subnet
3, a communication protocol 4, a number of host
5, the telephone network 6, a large number of terminals
a) 1,2,3 b) 2,3,4 c) 3,4,5 d) 2,4,6
Answer: b
Knowledge Points: computer network composed of
Comment: A computer network includes three main components: ① a number of
hosts (host), it can be all types of computers used to provide services to users; ② a
communication subnet, which consists of a number of communications circuits and
nodes switches, used for data communication; ③ a communication agreements,
which is the host and the host, the host and communications subnet or subnets in
communication between each node communications, the agreement is good
communication both prior agreement and must comply with the rules, it is an integral
part of computer networks.
(12) strands synthesized by the two mutually insulated stranded wire thread-like
composition. The following narrative on the twisted pair, the right is _______。
l, It can transmit analog signals, digital signals can be transmitted
2, easy, cheap
3, less susceptible to external interference, bit error rate
4, normally used only for building the local network communication medium
a) 1,2,3 b) 1,2,4 c) 2,3,4 d) All
Answer: b
Knowledge Points: network transmission medium
Comments: twisted-pair synthesis by the two mutually insulated stranded wire
composed of thread-like, its advantages: not only can transmit analog signals, when
the transmission distance can not transmit digital signals, cheap, easy to install.
Disadvantages are: vulnerable to external high frequency electromagnetic interference,
while the line itself would generate some noise, error rate is high, a larger
long-distance transmission signal attenuation. Given these characteristics, twisted pair
usually used only for building the local network communication medium.
(13) the so-called information highway in the national information infrastructure is
composed of five parts, in addition to information and applications and development
information officers, the other three components of _______。
l, 2 computers and other hardware devices, digital communication network
3, the database 4, high-speed information network
5, software, 6, www repository
a) 1,4,5 b) 1,2,3 c) 2,5,6 d) 1,3,5
Answer: a
Knowledge point: the composition of the National Information Infrastructure
Comment: September 15, 1993, the U.S. government formally nii (national
information infrastructure) projects, namely the national information infrastructure,
the plan: the National Information Infrastructure consists of 5 parts: ① computers
and other hardware devices; ② high-speed information network ; ③ software; ④
information and applications; ⑤ development of information personnel.
(14) Frame Relay (frame relay) exchange is exchanged in units of frames, which is
conducted in the _______.
a) physical layer b) data link layer c) network layer d) transport layer
Answer: b
Knowledge Point: Data communications technology
Assessment Analysis: common data transmission mode:
Packet switching: the message as a unit, the network layer;
Packet switching: The group as a unit, the network layer;
Frame Relay Exchange: by frame, in the data link layer;
Asynchronous Transfer Mode (atm): to cell as a unit, the data link layer.
(15) the merits of the network topology design will directly affect the network
performance, reliability and _______。
a) network protocol b) communication costs c) types of equipment d) Host type
Answer: b
Knowledge Points: network topology and characteristics of
Analysis: computer network topology by the network nodes and communication lines,
said geometric relationship between the network structure, reflecting the network
structure of relations between the entities. Topology design is the first step in building
a computer network is the foundation to achieve a variety of network protocols, its
network performance, system reliability and communication costs have a significant
(16) tcp / ip ip protocol interconnect layer, which is equivalent to osi reference model
network layer _______。
a) No connection-oriented network service b) connection-oriented network service
c) Transmission Control Protocol d) x. 25 Agreement
Answer: a
Knowledge Points: network architecture and protocol
Comments: tcp / ip reference model osi reference model Internet layer is equivalent to
the network layer connectionless network services.
(17) netware network users can be divided into network administrators, network
operators, ordinary Internet users and _______。
a) system administrator b) the server administrator c) file manager d) Section
Answer: b
Knowledge point: The basic function of network operating systems
Comments: netware network users can be divided into network administrators,
network operators, ordinary Internet users and server administrator.
(18) lines of communication with point point subnet has four kinds of basic
topological structure, they are _______。
a) star, ring, tree and mesh-type b) bus type, ring, tree and mesh-type
c) star, bus type, tree and mesh-type d) star, ring, tree and bus-type
Answer: a
Knowledge Points: network topology
Comment: star, ring, tree and mesh-type point is used. Point of the basic line of
communication subnet topology.
(19) in the osi reference model of each layer, to provide a reliable end to end
(end-to-end) services, transparent transmission of messages is ________。
a) the application layer b) data link layer c) transport layer d) network layer
Answer: c
Knowledge Points: osi transport layer features
Comment: In the osi reference model of each layer, transport layer's main
task is to provide a reliable end to end (end-to-end) services, transparent transmission
of messages. It is the uncovering of the lower level details of data communications,
computer communications architecture which is the most critical layer.
(20) The main purpose of computer networks is to achieve a shared computer
resources, computer resources, mainly referring to the computer ________。
a) software and database b) servers, workstations and software
c) hardware, software and data d) communication subnet and subnet Resources
Answer: c
Knowledge point: the characteristics of computer networks
Comment: The main purpose of computer networks is to achieve a shared computer
resources, computer resources are mainly refers to computer hardware, software and
data. Internet users can use the local computer resources, network access via a remote
networked computer resources, you can also call the Internet a few different
computers together to complete a task.
(21) in the concept of e-business model, not the elements of e-commerce is
a) Internet b) Transactions subject c) Transactions Services d) electronic market
Answer: a
Knowledge point: the basic concepts of Electronic Business and System Structure
Comment: The concept of e-commerce model, the main trading and electronic trading
services market and the three elements of e-commerce, electronic market, includes the
concept of the Internet.
(22) computer network is composed of multiple interconnected nodes, the nodes
should be between the orderly exchange of data, each node must comply with certain
pre-agreed principles of good. These rules, conventions and standards known as
Internet Protocol (protoc01). Network protocol mainly consists of the following three
elements ________。
a) syntax, grammar, and Architecture b) hardware, software and data
c) syntax, grammar, and the timing d) architecture, levels and grammar
Answer: c
Knowledge point: the basic concepts of network protocols
Comment: network protocol mainly consists of the following three elements: ①
syntax: user data and control information that the structure and format; ② semantics:
the need to control the issue of what kind of information, and the completion of the
action and make the response; ③ Timing: that the order of events to achieve a
detailed description.
(23) for connection to the computer network computer ________。
a) follow their own network protocol b) allocation of work by the network operating
c) an integral part of a logical d) all computer users need to understand what resources
Answer: d
Knowledge point: the characteristics of computer networks
Comment: A computer network is a shared resource on the secondary objective is to
build       communication          systems.      The       computer        network     is
"self-computer", "autonomy" means that
you can work independently from the network. They can not follow their own
protocols, but to follow a unified whole network network protocol. Unlike a
distributed computer network system, distributed system is a single logical entity, its
internal structure transparent to the user, the system can be dynamically allocated to
each computer work. Computer network is a geographically distributed
"autonomous computers," the consortium, not by the system of
work allocation. Therefore, the user wants to use network resources, it must know
which computer on resources.
(24) in the osi seven agreements, provide a connection and orderly method of
transferring data layer is ________。
a) transport layer b) said layer c) session layer d) the application layer
Answer: c
Knowledge Points: osi model layers function
Comments: osi reference model while not a true industry standard, but the model
agreement for the actual function of the underlying great reference value. Understand
the various layers in the transmission of data unit, and for understanding the role of
hierarchical layers of functional help. iso of the osi reference model, the role of all
levels generally more than one, the session layer provides the connection and orderly
transfer data.
(25) in the computer network architecture, the reason to use hierarchical structure is
a) can simplify the implementation of computer network
b) functions of each independent, each layer due to technological progress and the
changes do not affect other layers, thereby maintaining the stability of the architecture
c) better than the module structure.
d) only allows each layer and its upper and lower adjacent layers into contact
Answer: b
Knowledge Points: Computer Network Architecture
Comments: hierarchical structure and module structure, the different characteristics.
Computer software makes the software for the module structure can be achieved
relatively independent modules; as long as the external function unchanged, the
changes within the module does not affect other modules; but modules can call each
other, the module structure is not determined only allowed on each floor and its ,
contact occurs between adjacent layers. The stratified structure of the advantages of
both a module structure, but also ensure that only allows each layer and its upper and
lower adjacent layers into contact, or that the hierarchy is a special kind of modular
structure, the core content is the layer between relative independence.
(26) aims to establish computer network ________。
a) sharing of resources b) the establishment of communication system
c) the establishment of automated office systems d) the establishment of reliable
management information system
Answer: a
Knowledge point: the functions of computer network
Comment: The purpose of the establishment of computer networks to share resources,
the secondary purpose is to build communication systems.
(27) connected to the computer on the network computer is ________。
a) high-performance computers b) a computer with communications capability
c) autonomous computer d) master from the computer
Answer: c
Knowledge point: a computer connected to the network characteristics
Comment:         The     computer        network      is     "self-government
computer", "autonomy" means that you can work
independently from the network.
(28) to decide several key characteristics of LAN technology, the most important
thing is ________。
a) transmission medium b) medium access control method
c) topology d) lan protocol
Answer: b
Knowledge Points: LAN features
Comment: The main technical characteristics of the decision is local area network
transmission medium, topology and media access control method, the most important
is the media access control method.
(29) in the choice of LAN topology, the abundance should be considered to be factors
do not include ________。
a) Low cost b) reliability c) flexibility d) real-time
Answer: d
Knowledge Points: LAN topology
Comment: in the choice of topology should be taken into account three main factors:
low cost, flexibility and reliability.
(30) 10base-5-type lan running speed and the maximum length supported is
________。 Culan
a) lombps, 100m b) 10mbps, 200m
c) 10mbps, 500m d) 16mbps, 500m
Answer: c
Knowledge Points: 10base-5-type lan properties
Comments: 10base-5, 10, said data rate 10mbps, base is the base-band transmission,
500m is the maximum transmission distance. 10base-5 network cable and use rg-8
clamp terminals. Clamp terminals can be directly fixed to the cable, the cable
connection into the linear bus to provide 10mbps transfer rate possible.
(31) fddi adopt a new coding technology that is ________。
a) Manchester encoding b) 4b/5b encoding
c) zero coding d) non-zero coding
Answer: b
Knowledge Points: fddi the main features of
Comment: In this code in each of the four data coding, data encoded in four of five
symbols. Differential Manchester encoding is a change to the median time to use the
encoding scheme. Data through the data bits to represent the beginning of change,
Token Ring LAN is to use differential Manchester encoding scheme.
(32) the threat of Trojan horse attack type is _______。
a) authorize the violation of a threat b) implantation of a threat c) penetration threat d)
pass control threat
Answer: b
Knowledge Points: Network Security Technology
Comment: The main computer network threats can be realized are:
① infiltration threat: fake, bypass control, authorization violation.
② implantation threats: Trojan horses, trap doors.
(33) ieee802.5 standards, by _______ to control the use of free tokens each node to
send data frames with different priorities occupied time.
a) single-token protocol b) priority bits c) monitoring stations d) Appointment
Answer: d
Knowledge Points: ieee802.5 protocol standards
Comments: ieee802.5 standards, is by appointment indicator to control the use of free
tokens each node to send data frames with different priorities occupied time.
(34) Broadband Integrated Services Digital Network b-isdn data communication
services mainly _______。
a) Frame Relay technology b) atm Technology
c) switched telephone network technology d) x. 25 Network Technology
Answer: b
Knowledge Point: b-isdn data communications technology
Comments: Integrated Services Digital Network (isdn), there are two: Broadband
Integrated Services Digital Network (b-isdn) and narrowband integrated services
digital network (n-isdn). N-isdn traditional synchronous time division multiplexing
different, b-isdn is used in asynchronous transmission technology (atm technology).
(35) to Internal LAN access to internet (Internet) access equipment is required to use
a) Firewall b) hub c) router d) relay transponder
Answer: c
Knowledge Points: Network Interconnection Devices
Review: routers work on the network layer in the network, when the data package to
the different protocols, different network architecture between the network equipment,
routers can be routed not only to choose can also be used packet format conversion Yi
meet this transmit .
(36) If Culan to connect two hubs, build 10base-t Ethernet, the two machines can
reach the most remote _______
a) 500m b) 100m c) 700m d) 300m
Answer: c
Knowledge Points: LAN features
Comment: According to 10base-t Ethernet protocol provides for the use of twisted
pair as a communication medium, the computer connected to the maximum length of
twisted pair hub 100m. If you are using twisted pair to connect two hubs. The two
machines can reach the most distance 300m. 10base-5 Ethernet protocol according to
the provisions of thick coaxial cable should be used as a communication medium, the
maximum length of each coaxial cable is 500m. The repeater is connected, the
distance between the two computers up to 2500m (up through the middle of the four
relay). If Culan to connect two hubs, build 10base-t Ethernet, the distance between
two hubs for the 500m, hub to the computer's cable length to comply with
the provisions of 100m, total length of 700m.
(37) The following criteria for 100mbps Fast Ethernet standard is _______。
a) 802.7 b) 802.8 c) 802.9 d) 802.3u
Answer: d
Knowledge Points: LAN Applications
Comment: 802.7 is the development of optical transmission technology standard lan.
802.8 is the time to slice the standards set by separating ring.
802.9 Ethernet, etc. is to develop standards.
802.3u Fast Ethernet is 100mbps formulate standards.
(38) relay run in _______。
a) physical layer b) Network layer c) data link layer d) transport layer
Answer: a
Knowledge Points: Network Interconnection Devices
Comments: repeater is the simplest extension of LAN equipment operating in the
physical layer, which osi the bottom.
(39) tcp / ip reference model, application layer protocol commonly used are _______。
a) telnet, Ftp, smtp and http b) telnet, ftp, smtp and tcp
c) ip, ftp, smtp and http d) ip, ftp, dns and http
Answer: a
Knowledge point: internet communication protocol --tcp/ip
Comments: tcp / ip reference model, application layer protocol commonly used are
telnet, ftp, smtp and http.
(40) The following statement on the wrong accounting management is _______。
a) accounting management can be better under the circumstances to provide users
with the necessary resources
b) in non-commercial networks do not need to billing management functions.
c) billing management to statistical network users use the network resources
d) enables users to check billing case
Answer: b
Knowledge Points: Network management
Comment: Billing Management is responsible for recording the use of network
resources, billing management, also known as accounting audit management,
including the collection and processing network accounting information.
① billing management purposes: to track individual and group users of network
resources usage, its charge reasonable fees; control and monitoring network
operations costs and costs.
② The main function of accounting management: measure and report on individuals
or groups based on the user's billing information, allocate resources and
calculate the user cost of transmitting data through the network, and then billed to the
③ accounting management functions include: establishing and maintaining billing
database, can Renyiyitai billing machine: the establishment and management of
appropriate billing strategy; to limit control of the designated address, when more
than use the limit of its blockade ; and allows the use of units or individuals according
to time, address and other information check the network usage.
(41) file transfer protocol is the use of the following _______.
a) smtp b) ftp c) udp d) telnet
Answer: b
Knowledge Point: File Transfer Protocol
Comments: smtp Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is the (simple mail transfer protocol),
ftp is file transfer protocol (file transfer protocol), udp is the User Datagram Protocol
(user datagram protocol), telnet is a remote terminal access protocol
(telecommunication network). Is to use the ftp file transfer protocol.
(42) network remote login protocol is _______。
a) http b) ftp c) pop3 d) telnet
Answer: d
Knowledge Points: Remote Login Service
Comment: http is the hypertext transfer protocol; ftp is file transfer protocol; pop3
protocol is to receive an e-mail; telnet remote login.
(43) Home computer users can use Internet technology is _______。
l, telephone line with modem 2, cable cable cable modem with
3, telephone line with ADSL 4, fiber to the home (ftth)
a) 1,3 b) 2,3 c) 2,3,4 d) 1,2,3,4
Answer: d
Knowledge point: internet access method
Comment: Home computer users can use a variety of Internet technologies, mainly in
the following categories:
① telephone line with modem; ② Cable TV cable with cable modem; ③ line with
adsl; ④ FTTH (ftth).
(44) modem (modem) its modulation can be divided into three categories, which are
l, 2 built-in modem, external modem
3, 4, baseband modem, audio, modem
5, 6, wireless modem, high-speed modem
7, low-speed modem
a) 1,2,3 b) 5,6,7 c) 3,4,5 d) 3,6,7
Answer: c
Knowledge point: the category Modem
Comment: Modem (modem) its modulation can be divided into the following three
categories: ① baseband modem; ② audio modem; ③ wireless modem.
(45) at the following URL ,________ four www www website URL does not comply
with written rules.
a) www. 163. com b) www. nk. cn. edu
c) www. 863. org. cn d) www. tj.
Answer: b
Knowledge point: internet based
Comment: www URL, used to represent the country's name should be on
the last part. Therefore, this issue of b do not meet the rules for writing web site www.
(46) ip address, ip address on the c class is right is ________。
a) can be used in medium-sized networks,
b) in a network can connect up to 256 devices
c) ip address of such transmission for multi-destination address
d) reserved for future use such addresses
Answer: b
Knowledge Points: ip address
Comment: c class ip address before the three binary number 110, said, with a 2l-bit
(No. 3 ~ 23-bit) binary number, said network address, host address with 8 bits in a
network can connect up to 256 equipment, therefore, suitable for smaller networks. b
class ip address can be used in the scale of the network; d class ip address for
multi-destination address to send; e class ip address is reserved for future use.
(47) www hyperlink location to locate information using a ________。
a) hypertext (hypertext) technology
b) uniform resource locator (url, uniform resource locators)
c) hypermedia (hypermedia) techniques
d) HTML html
Answer: b
Knowledge point: the use of the Internet
Review: Internet in a number of www servers, and then each server contains multiple
pages, the user how to specify a page to get it? This requires recourse to url (Uniform
Resource Locator, uniform resource locators), url by the following three parts:
protocol type, host name and path and file name.
(48) If the real-time requirements of data is relatively high, but relatively low
accuracy of the data requirements (such as online movie)
Generally used in the transport layer protocol ________.
a) udp b) tcp c) Ftp d) ip
Answer: a
Knowledge Points: tcp / ip protocol
Comments: udp protocol is a single work-oriented connectionless, unreliable transport
layer protocol. As the need to connect, in fact, than when the nature of tcp protocol,
but less reliable, generally used to transmit real-time strong, but the accuracy of the
less demanding situations. tcp and udp protocol of general use in the demanding
accuracy of the occasion. ftp for file transfer protocol, the protocol for the application
layer. ip for the network layer protocol that is used to achieve interconnection across
different subnets.
(49) ipv4 total ________ version of the Internet address of the network were a class.
a) 65000 b) 200 万 c) 126 d) 128
Answer: c
Knowledge Points: ip address format
Comment: a class of network address part of the network accounts for 8, including the
first 0, and then removed to retain all o and all l, 126 left.
(50) the following four ip address, the address is d class is ________。
a) b) c) d) 202.1 19.130.80
Answer: c
Knowledge Points: ip address Categories
Assessment Analysis: address is c class. is a class b address. is the address of d class. is a class A address.