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This carried over Yanyan Wen's BLOG
Yu no moral immunity
Yanyan Wen / Author
Recently, the cultural figures Yu's "contributions to
door", once again asking the public with news. "According to a
press survey, Sichuan Province Red Cross, Civil Affairs Bureau, Charity's
accounts, are not found in Yu or nine years studying human culture Shanghai
Industrial Co., Ltd. on behalf of the funds donated." "They call
the New People's Network Sichuan Red Cross, the propaganda department
Minister Liu said that all donations will have a donation certificate, such as receipts,
certificates and other honors. face the question, "Yu scholars
commissioned by nine years the company issued a statement in his blog, saying that
200,000 donation will be used to Dujiangyan, three new schools of library
construction. "Yu's assistant, said," It was donated by
the "Cultural Journey book" and "Autumn Rain
Collection" royalty income 200 000. "But at the moment, have
not seen Yu Qiuyu provide evidence of any contributions, donations door is still in
suspense. June 11 issue of the media response to Yu, the public voice of a more severe
challenge, only Sina News Comments on up to 8992.
It is worth pondering, the public questioned why Yu "donations
door" mean?
First of all, donations door reflects the public's moral beliefs and moral
supervision, celebrities should not have moral immunity.
As a citizen, Yu donations or not, is his personal freedom; donations how much is 200
000, is his personal freedom. However, Yu and his hand through newspapers,
television and other mass media and video, publicly stated that they
"one-time contribution 200 000", on the other hand pressed
repeatedly in public, this day is still no confirmed contributions to take strong
evidence This relates to the moral and cultural integrity of the celebrities.
Credibility is the most ancient Chinese moral tradition, but also the basic law of
modern civic virtue. A person can go beyond the secular, but not contempt Heaven. In
the Chinese mind, integrity, Heaven is a similar moral foundation of the bottom line
and personality. As early as 2000 years ago, Confucius laments: "People no
letter, I wonder if it could." Promises must be kept and action must be
resolute, the integrity of Chinese culture. If the contempt for moral integrity to give up,
regardless of weight or a bit Takana to Power, will be the public scorn. From this
perspective, public donations door queries Yu is the basic moral questioning of civil
society, but also the modern Chinese traditional virtues extolled, expressed the
Chinese people uphold the integrity of faith and virtue. This public moral supervision
of a harmonious society for the progress of spiritual strength, not "pour
over specialized households", or "old boy", or
"by the celebrity hype," celebrity "host"
like feeble reason, you can shelter. As answer the question and the current
"contributions to the door," presents the more Yu response, the
more angry the public, public opinion, the more boiling situation.
According to Mr. Yu Qiuyu's thinking, "I fall" is by
celebrity host, through the celebrity hype, then it can be said Yu Qiuyu taking on the
"5.12" earthquake relief to the whole nation for speculative
purposes? It can be said for the culture of celebrity with Professor Yu Dan, who is
famous by the ancient Confucius, Zhuang Zi, "host" mean? This
is plainly inappropriate. So, faced with the moral supervision of the public, Yu Qiuyu
How can a "down I specialized households" in a word?
"Pour over" is the guy, referred to, the public asked the public
morals, how can the two be confused?
Only from May 2008 until today only one year, Mr. Yu Qiuyu topic was questioned
by the public, there are "tears the door", "former
residence of the door," "Master Door,"
"insulting the door" and "false donated door
"... ... and so on. The public is increasingly unbearable so-called star
scholars, public figures had the moral bounds. The problem is not the only instances
of the same. Since October last year, just eight months, Professor Yu Dan first
"massive security escorting employees," and then in Nanjing,
"was provocative," in May this year, there are simmering in the
Dan "London boomed" ... ... once again the
"moral" bully real code, time and time again the negative news,
"drag racing" to challenge the public to bear with the bottom
line. Recurrence of this phenomenon has not but make people ask: Is it known to a
surrender of ethics? Is the so-called stars, celebrities, it has a moral immunity?
The door from the contributions of strong public reaction can be seen, since it is the
public media launch of Yu and enjoy the public space of celebrity culture, we must
accept the supervision of public culture. In modern society, public culture perspective,
celebrities no moral immunity. This has become the consensus of the citizens.
Second, the same as star sex scandal surrounding Mr. Yu Qiuyu negative news such as
cultural stars tend to be entertainment headlines, and photographed, circulation, news
and other business factors linked up hot spots. As a public figure, as long as the heart
is strong enough, you can continue to occupy the public space of culture, is neither
illegal nor frequently exposed himself to enjoy the public to track the media coverage,
keeping hot star. So, should belong to the Chinese public cultural space, it becomes
arbitrary kneading of individual celebrity, constantly being challenged to respond;
shelling to refute the melodrama stage. As a result, the benefit of a few stars, the
injured Chinese people, Chinese culture holds that public space.
Third, the door and around the various contributions, but also reveals some lag Yu
Qiuyu thinking and above all mortal beings on the right of the virtual endorsement. In
a sense, this is "donation door" at the heart. Users last month,
was widely questioned Yu Pok Man "no longer an insult to the Chinese
people," they reveal such a logic: Yu is an insult to insult the Chinese
government is an insult to the Chinese people, therefore, Yu = Chinese Government =
the entire Chinese people. Such a weird logic, people can not but surprise. Original,
Yu became an advocate of all the Chinese people's image. If the logical
deduction down, Yu is the Chinese fake fake donation donations, Yu questioned is the
Chinese people questioned, Yu bad faith is not faith of all the Chinese people ... ... this
absurd logic, embodies the deep inner Yu Qiuyu The value of Division dislocation: the
general public in China, positioning itself above the self-styled representative of the
whole nation to become the individual replacement of all Chinese. Thus, Yu and made
himself out to remove the moral questioning of a shield. If you dare to doubt Yu, is
offensive to all the Chinese people. The problem is that civil society of modern
rationality, follow the basic norms of equality. No one can on behalf of another, can
not represent all the Chinese people. Yu moral immunity, from the outset, committed a
logical error, of course, impossible.
Fortunately, there is a talisman Yu Qiuyu, that once the people questioned, it accused
him of "Internet mob", claiming it was by celebrity host, silly
speculation. Thus, the original definition of right and wrong in such a paradoxical
discourse is dissolved. In fact, Yu President, Professor Yu Dan refuses to admit the
words domineering, the public is the most difficult to accept. "Men make
mistakes too?" Celebrities are human beings, mistakes inevitable
shortcomings. With the failure is not terrible, as long as magnanimous to the public
the truth, profound reflection sincere apology, natural access to public tolerance and
understanding. If we blindly defend themselves on the grounds, even if friends said
"Fudge," the public, so citizens would not allow the wisdom
and rationality. Since last year, Yu President, Professor Yu Dan repeated question, and
even been accused of "hypocrisy", "Sapo",
etc., though not without extreme radical rhetoric, but also expressed a public mood.
Fourth, Yu Qiuyu and other celebrities, as the recognition that they are public figures,
it should strengthen the individual's moral self-discipline, focus on their
personality perfectly. Luo Jing, a famous broadcaster China Central Television, 20
years upholding moral self-discipline and ethics, as millions of Chinese viewers left a
lasting good image. Recently, the Chinese public for the pathos of his untimely death,
comrades of the Politburo Standing Committee member Li Changchun send
condolences in person: Luo Jing said that "our good announcer",
"smashing" the personality of this up and down the same
recognition embodies China's political civilization and civil society moral
reason. The so-called "fair mind", non-likes and dislikes, their
own people comment on. Experiences of embarrassment and Luo Yu Jing's
national mourning, that the reason today that the Chinese public. A positive and
negative feedback from two public shows that most Chinese people have not only not
a culture, "mob", the contrary is those who see and think clearly
the moral stick. The face of public moral supervision, were proud that people should
lower the head, effectively reflect on their behavior and character?
Advanced civilization in the information society, as public figures, from the public
platform to board the first day, you should pay attention to moral self-discipline,
always put themselves under the supervision of public morals, improve the conduct of
the individual personality, calm acceptance of the public moral questions and personal
questioning. If you can not stand the moral supervision of the public, or stick to their
moral immunity, they should opt out of the public arena, no longer possesses the
public cultural space.
In a mature and rational civil society, Yu and other cultural figures, and there is no
moral immunity.