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									Bank of China: the third is expected to usher in the most explosive section of the main
?Bank of China (601 988): Key Stand is one of China's stock market, if on
March 2 as the base closed, Bank of China, fluctuations in 0.10 yuan each, is expected
to affect about 5.80 point and hu. The company the first three quarters of 2006 net
profit reached 31.5 billion, equivalent to full-year 2005 level of 114.73%, Orient
Securities of the Bank's target price 5.94 yuan, while the current stock
price is only 4.70 yuan, to express the strength organization's emphasis on
the stock. The stock has been basically completed now down to adjust the
wave-shaped structure, especially companies involved in investment of 1.5 billion,
holds a 49% stake in Bank of China International Securities brokerage concept of
equity participation, a more attractive market focus concern.
   Highlights of a 1.5 billion investment company holding 49% stake in Bank of
China International Securities brokerage concept of equity participation
   Bank of China (601988): A current bank stock market value has become the largest
industry weight. As the New Year is only the first issue of the Industrial Bank IPO,
subject to market concern. According to statistics, online and offline a total of 1.1633
trillion yuan frozen funds, create online and offline A-share market to freeze funds of
the two highest on record. A freeze on funds for shares starting over 1 trillion,
triggering a capital market financial stocks in 2007, yet another
"hot." And determine the issue price of 15.98 yuan per share,
greatly expanding the market share price on the banking system, imagination,
movement, the recent oscillation in the broader market into deep drawing with the
development of cattle of the full daily limit, Minsheng Bank (market forum) 5 days of
continuous rally, up more than 30%, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and
Bank of China, the two leading spikes on January 4th down and sell into corrections
in the near future violent and lasted more than two weeks, 20% short-term adjustment,
so , the Industrial Bank is coming soon, Shenzhen Development Bank and the leading
variety after another has fallen the daily limit is too large, the internal atmosphere of a
strong rebound requirement under, we expect banks led the index species appears
possible outbreak quickly, included a list of business has been steadily to the good,
Form Adjustment place, at any time the Bank of China is expected to break through
heavy volume (601 988) should pay close attention.
   Highlights 2 the first three quarters reached 31.541 billion yuan net profit,
equivalent to annual levels of 05 114.73%
   Bank of China (601 988): 2006 3 quarterly disclosure, as of September 30, 2006,
the company's total assets reached 5.268846 trillion yuan, up 11.09 percent
over the end of 2005; total liabilities reached 4.862073 trillion yuan size, growth of
8.52% over the end of 2005 ; The total foreign currency loans to 2.441619 trillion
yuan, the total foreign currency deposits amounted to 4.050027 trillion yuan,
respectively increased 9.24% over the end of 2005, 9.35%; 1-9 months to achieve
pre-provision profit 61.396 billion yuan, net profit of 31.541 billion yuan , earnings
per share 0.12 yuan, of which three quarters of earnings per share of 0.05 yuan in the
first three quarters of annualized 11.12% return on equity. Bank's asset
quality continued to improve in the third quarter, nine at the end of Bank of China, the
balance of 98.599 billion yuan of bad loans, compared with six at the end of down
2.189 billion yuan, non-performing loan rate of 4.19% in late fall 6 to 9 at the end of
the 4.04% loan loss reserve balance of 90.89 billion yuan, coverage provision in late
87.44 percent from 6 up to 92.18%. Non-performing loans and a decline in the ratio of
pressure to reduce the provision, third quarter spending Bank of China impairment of
assets 2.222 billion yuan, accounting for the same period the proportion of
pre-provision profit 10.95%, while in the first half of this proportion is 12.54%. Bank
of China 06 years ago, third quarter net profit had reached 31.541 billion yuan,
equivalent to the level of 05 114.73% throughout the year, the company earnings
growth trend has exploded
   ?Highlights three "Bank of China" is one of the top ten global
   Bank of China (601 988): British "Banker" magazine
published in 2006 ranked the world's 1,000 largest banks report, by a sort
of capital, to 30.4 billion U.S. dollars Bank of China ranked 17th. In the U.S.
"Fortune" Global 500 in 2006 ranked No. 255. SAIC was
awarded "China Famous Brand." "Bank of
China" is one of the top ten global brands. Has also been designated as the
Beijing 2008 Olympic Games banking partners. As the largest international business,
Bank of China was founded in 1912. Before 1994, Bank of China Bank of
China's foreign exchange professionals, first in China to operate foreign
currency loans, foreign currency transfer loans, international syndicated loans, project
financing and export credit. Because of this long-term foreign professional status, the
number of Bank of China overseas branches, the proportion of overseas assets and the
profit contribution of overseas assets and other indicators are listed first in all the
domestic banks. 2005 Bank of China's foreign currency loans, foreign
currency deposits market share were 43.3% and 40.9%, according to business volume
terms, its international trade transactions of about 32.6% market share. The company
has global business networks: the company in 27 countries and regions with more
than 600 branches, subsidiaries and representative offices. Covering New York,
London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Frankfurt and Singapore and other major international
financial center. The company has a sound network of overseas branches, with
domestic agencies to realize the customers within the territory based on the same
platform, outside the financial services. The resources of the company's
internal quality customers to attract an important weight is compared with the same
industry, the most characteristic and most significant competitive advantage. Level in
the country has 32 branches, 288 branches and 10,698 secondary branches, 11,600
auto service equipment, more than 580 self-service banking, including 45%
concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Bohai Sea area, 63.9%
of the domestic branch offices located in urban areas. At the same time the Bank of
China foreign exchange operations of domestic banks is the absolute leader in the
closing 05 at the end, the Group's foreign currency loans 757.187 billion
yuan (accounting for 33.9% of total loans, of which USD 358.289 billion yuan), the
balance of 1.171899 trillion yuan in foreign currency deposits (total deposits 31.6%,
U.S. dollar 440.252 billion yuan). Foreign exchange loans and deposits market share
was 43.3% and 40.9%. Bank of China initial orientation focused on foreign exchange
operations, so compared to other state-owned banks, Bank of China's
foreign exchange business is relatively prominent.
   Highlights 4 show profit growth BOC
   Bank of China (601 988): presented at the Bank of China profit growth has been
vigorous pursuit of domestic and foreign capital financial assets under the
company's shares have been the focus of domestic and foreign main body
configuration, the three 2006 quarterly disclosure, the top ten shareholders of
circulation A total positions 48,534 shares of 11.21% of total float caps, of which New
QFII-CITIGROUP shares held by 7345 as the first large flow of A shareholders,
sending shares Strategy Selection Fund position 5131, China Life Insurance Group
holds 47,150,000 shares were held by Pacific Life 2 accounts 3806 shares, 3517
shares. 06 shows the third quarter fund portfolio, the fund holds a total of 39,731.78
million shares, representing 11.50% circulating A shares. 2006 fourth quarter fund
portfolio shows that the funds together hold 26196.9037 million shares outstanding,
representing circulating A shares 6.048%.
   Highlights five are expected to usher in the most explosive section of the third
   Bank of China (601 988): the secondary market, the stock shot up in the January 4
to 5.97 yuan after the fall, has come out of adjustment, a flag-type form, which lasted
one and half months, adjustments are very full, from 60 minutes time-sharing plan has
been basically built to see a very clear w bottom of the form, the current investors in
the 4.80 yuan less bold intervention, increased target located in the 5.50 yuan to the
relevant weight 5.90 yuan. If the stock can break through the 5.97 yuan, the stock will
rise the most explosive of the third main section, if not effectively break through 5.97
yuan in the resistance, then the unit will enter the third paragraph of gaining
Ascending stage, regardless of whether the stock rose the third main section.
Currently in stock are the best opportunity for long-term Jiancang, therefore, investors
may 4.80 yuan less bold intervention, stop bits can be placed in the bottom half of line
4.28 yuan. As long as the stock does not fall below 4.28 yuan, then the shares can be
medium to long term.

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