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?Gerstner these days is reading the <Who says Elephants Can not
Dance> watch would read the book, but also so few remember the plot, and
that several circumstances, before reading this book, it has been guessed.
?I think the core competitiveness of an enterprise is the cost and efficiency. The cost
of lower efficiency of the higher enterprise is competitive. While a CEO, you will
need the deterrent Ren's prestige.
?Gerstner has made bold reforms. He was laid off first, followed by the various
agencies is compressed, reducing shareholder dividends, and even sell the
company's assets, thus saving a lot of money for the IBM.
?Second, that Gerstner's a few words. The phrase "for any
decision-making places to timely decision-making." The other one is
"our actions must be quick, even make mistakes because of their actions
should be fast, and not caused by too slow. "There is a" what
you and no employees, all Du is IBM. "entire book, the original so I can
remember is the point, while, these are some of the previous basic view argument
?In fact, in the subconscious where almost all the problems we have has been
answered. 对于 either way, you think that the right is really just found the problem
you Duigai Ben Lai and inherent answers; you think is wrong, but also This is
contrary to your inherent in the original answer to the question, even if you do not
know, in fact, you still have a tendency to question.
?We are in the context of some is based on the original of the accumulations of the
step by step. Womenzuichu the saw, heard, and came to realize, and form part of our
habit of thinking background Zheng Ge, Ye almost had we been aware of this most
basic of understanding of the world, the activities in the future, we are in the proof,
our inherent in the development of the Yishibaliao.
?After school finished microeconomics, but also read the public policy side of things.
First read it, remember that almost all those in economics, the concept has been
formed, is not consistent with, and that is contrary to it, in short those knowledge
inherent in the original linked.
In the example: like to listen to those songs often heard even hum a few lines, and a la
carte also tend to like those who like to eat and so on.
More with less background knowledge, often determine a person's deep
level. Reading, especially the first reading is actually a collision with the original
background with the process. You may think after reading, you do not know much,
but increase the credibility of your existing knowledge to increase the extent of his
argument for.