Babel by fdjerue7eeu


Zhang Toyama <Babel> witty
Really as if, as if the truth; as really as fake, King City Wangcun; not after, the blind
see again; White Horse, Princes non-subclass; Babel, into hell; spokesman, scapegoat;
Miao people's girl children Ni, smelly little grandchildren, arrogant
<Babel> in my mortal it is too esoteric, is read, the structure can not
grasp. Read several times in front of the back of forgot, so anti-turn and penetrate, it
would be this set of bizarre, intense, dance dawdle, confusion, separate features loudly
read, just read it.
So based on that, in this crazy virtual Babel country, I have no comment on the power,
there is no match with the language, but I want to say, <Babel> Let
my soul, the soul of an ordinary person been washed and shock.
Inside, some of the original feature, but is to play into people's extreme
I can not find the real in this maze of export, as stated in the text "will be
the last of Babel to plug the exports." Mr. Wang were not in the
sun's chi strange the tower, end down, destroy them.
I can not tell my shock, this world, there will be such a language, to tell the soul and
Here, there is no common sense, not regulated, not by common sense out of all cards
is common sense.
What is more, with God all things dominate the sick, the human can only rely on
self-help, or no way.
Life and death is the moment of equality, there must give birth to death, life and death
is at the same time, the king boss dead, another Ming Xuan birth.
Let me see, can not be boundless Buddha, the Buddha will reach the heart!

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