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Autodesk ("Autodesk" or "Autodesk") is
the world's largest two-dimensional, three-dimensional design and
engineering software company, for the manufacturing, construction industry,
infrastructure, industry and media to provide superior digital entertainment design and
engineering software services and solutions. Since the official market in 1982,
AutoCAD, Autodesk has the broadest applications for the development of a variety of
design and engineering solutions that help customers design into a finished product
prior to experience their own creativity. "Fortune" ranking
among the top 1000 companies rely on Autodesk software solutions for design,
visualization and simulation analysis, and product and project performance in real
world performance simulation analysis to improve production efficiently and
effectively streamline the project and to maximize profits, turn ideas into competitive
[Edit this paragraph] business
Autodesk is the world's leading design software and digital content
creation company for architectural design, land development, manufacturing, utilities,
communications, media and entertainment. Founded in 1982, Autodesk provides
design software, Internet portal services, wireless application development platform
and targeted to help more than 150 countries of the four million users to drive
business, to remain competitive. Web and business companies to help users combine
the competitive advantage of using design information. Now, the design data not only
in the graphic design department, but also in sales, production, marketing and the
entire supply chain are becoming increasingly important. Autodesk design
information to ensure smooth flow of in-house key business partners. In the digital
design market, no company in product variety and market share, and Autodesk match.
Discreet is a division of Autodesk, the Kinetix ? acquired Discreet Logic Inc. and
merged to develop and provide for visual effects, 3D animation, special effects editing,
broadcast graphics and movie special effects systems and software. As the
world's largest software companies, Autodesk's customers more
than 150 countries. Details about Autodesk, please visit their Web site:
[Edit this paragraph] About
Autodesk ("Autodesk" or "Autodesk") is
the world's largest two-dimensional, three-dimensional design and
engineering software company, for the manufacturing, construction industry,
infrastructure, industry and media to provide superior digital entertainment design and
engineering software services and solutions. AutoCAD 1982 full, Autodesk has the
broadest applications for the development of a variety of design and engineering
solutions that help customers design into a finished product prior to experience their
own creativity. "Fortune" ranking among the top 1000
companies rely on Autodesk software solutions for design, visualization and
simulation analysis, and product and project performance in real world performance
simulation analysis to improve production efficiently and effectively streamline the
project and to maximize profits, turn ideas into competitive advantage.
Design software company in the world, with the longest and most extensive product
line covers the Autodesk industry in recent years to maintain annual growth of nearly
20% of the performance. Fiscal 2009, Autodesk global revenue reached 2.315 billion
U.S. dollars. Autodesk is always focused on technology innovation, including design,
visualization and simulation analysis, which aims to provide the best users of design
and engineering software, solutions and services. Meanwhile, as the industry leader,
Autodesk is actively promoting the concept of sustainable design and application, to
help architects, engineers and designers to create a more sustainable world and work.
Autodesk has 16 R & D centers, more than 3000 research and development
personnel. Which is located in Shanghai, China, Chinese Academy of Autodesk is the
world's largest R & D institutions Autodesk has more than 1,500
R & D personnel. Autodesk R & D each year remaining at 20% of
total global income ratio. Huge investment in R & D and tireless pursuit of
Autodesk given strong innovation ability, and through superior ideas, technologies
and solutions will give users this ability.
Autodesk is headquartered in San Rafael, California, in 111 countries and regions
worldwide have established branches and offices. Around the world, Autodesk has
more than 9 million more to provide genuine quality, and for its industry-specific
software products and technical advisory services to more than 3,300 software
developers worldwide to provide technical support.
* "Fortune" 100 companies all use Autodesk products and
* Autodesk has more than 9 million users
* Autodesk's legitimate users across 185 countries
* Autodesk's customers for 14 years Oscar for Best Visual Effects Award
* Product has 18 languages
* 1,700 channel partners worldwide
* More than 2,000 Autodesk Training Center
* More than 3,300 bit Autodesk Developer Network members
* More than 50,000 institutions worldwide use Autodesk software
* Each year more than 2 million students to receive training in Autodesk products
· DWF Viewer download more than 1,000 million
[Edit this paragraph] History
1982 Autodesk established
1985 Autodesk became the first company listed in the PC CAD (public offering of
160 shares at an issue price of 11 U.S. dollars)
1987 Autodesk sold 10 million units in AutoCAD
In the second board market successfully issued 250 million shares
1989, a total of 226.5 million shares of company founder
Company founder John Walker to the management over to Alvar Green
1990 Autodesk establishment of multi-media department, introduced the first
animation work - 3D Studio ? software
1992 Autodesk acquisition of Micro Engineering Solutions Inc.
1992 Carol Bartz was named chairman, president and CEO
1993 Autodesk, based in Woodbourne acquisition of Ithaca Software, Inc.
1994 Autodesk sold 100 million units in AutoCAD
1995 Autodesk for the market-oriented restructuring of the group
1996 Autodesk Kinetix division set up
1996 Autodesk sold 150 million units in AutoCAD
1997 Autodesk acquisition of Softdesk
1998 Autodesk acquisition of Genius CAD Software
1998 Autodesk different areas of the market, successfully developed a variety of
1999 Autodesk first 2 million units sold AutoCAD
1999 Autodesk acquired Discreet Logic Inc. and merged with the Kinetix New
Discreet Division
Ottawa, Canada 1999 Autodesk acquisition of Vision * Solutions Inc.
1999 Autodesk released Autodesk Inventor ?, a feature-based solid modeling system
1999 Autodesk isolated the first Internet companies - Buzzsaw. Com
2000 Autodesk set up a second Internet company - RedSpark
2001 Autodesk Location Services division was established
2001 Autodesk acquired company (now building collaboration services
2001Autodesk acquisition of Media 100 Inc.
2001Autodesk acquisition of Gentry Systems Inc.
2002Autodesk acquisition of Revit Technology Corporation
2002Autodesk acquisition CaiCE Software
2003Autodesk company acquired truEInnovations
2003Autodesk acquisition Linius Technologies Inc.
2003Autodesk acquisition of VIA Development Corporation
2004Autodesk acquisition MechSoft Technology Inc.
2004Autodesk acquisition of Unreal Pictures Inc.
2005Autodesk acquisition of COMPASS
2005Autodesk acquisition of Colorfront Ltd.
2005Autodesk acquire c-plan company
2005Autodesk acquisition of Solid Dynamics Inc.
2005Autodesk company acquired Engineering Intent
2006Autodesk acquisition of Alias Inc.
2006Autodesk company acquired Constructware
2007Autodesk acquisition of NavisWorks Inc.
2007Autodesk company acquired OpticoreAB
2007Autodesk company acquired PlassoTech
2007Autodesk company acquired SkyMatter
2007Autodesk acquisition of Hanna (Hanna Strategies) Inc.
2008Autodesk acquire Softimage
[Edit this paragraph] product solutions
Designers using AutoCAD ? 2008 to concentrate on, careful design, the design will
continue to push forward the draft day.
AutoCAD Civil 3D
AutoCAD ?-based functionality and comprehensive package. Can be widely used in
many types of civil engineering projects in the design, mapping and data
AutoCAD Electrical
AutoCAD ? product family member, especially for the design and document electrical
control systems with dominant software applications.
AutoCAD Map 3D
Spatial data creation and management of major engineering GIS platform. By using
the powerful AutoCAD ? tools to make work flow and improve working efficiency.
AutoCAD Mechanical
Application of 2D mechanical design and sketch-based parts library and catalog,
automated tools, and Autodesk ? Inventor ? models related to the details of the design
standards for the features.
AutoCAD Raster Design
Use Raster Design software can increase the scanned sketches, maps, aerial photos,
satellite imagery, digital elevation model value.
AutoCAD Revit Architecture Suite
For the protection of your software, training and design data of the existing
investment, and help you from the building information model to gain a competitive
AutoCAD Revit MEP Suite
Combination of AutoCAD ? MEP software and Revit ? MEP mapping capability
building information model as one of the equipment and pipeline solutions.
Autodesk 3ds Max
Can be highly customized, upgraded for the games, film, television and design display
3D animation, modeling and rendering platform.
Autodesk AliasStudio
Complete set of tools applicable to the design of innovative ways to help companies
achieve excellence in design standards, and bring in huge profits.
Autodesk Backdraft Conform
Flexible media management and background I / O solutions.
Autodesk Burn
Support for Linux-based Autodesk program the creation of network processing
Autodesk Buzzsaw
Latest simplification of project-related documents and information and centralized
management for decision-making based on timely and accurate information for the
successful completion of the project.
Autodesk Cleaner XL
For Windows, high-quality, flexible media format conversion and encoding solutions.
Autodesk Combustion
Applied to move the image, synthesis and comprehensive visual effects desktop
Autodesk Design Review
Does not require original design innovation software, all-digital way of browsing, tag,
revision 2D and 3D design.
Autodesk FBX
General three-dimensional resource exchange. Make your 3D data in any tools, team
and regional unimpeded, in the product cycle, saving valuable time.
Autodesk Fire
The best real-time, non-compressed, high-precision non-linear editing system
Autodesk Flame
Industry-leading real-time visual effects design and compositing system.
Autodesk Flint
For post-production and broadcast images of senior visual effects system.
Autodesk Inferno
Ultimate interactive design system for high-definition visual effects.
Autodesk Inventor
AutoCAD ? software users will get an opportunity to provide Autodesk 3D design of
manufacturing enterprises will be right, companies will need on the 2D design process
for additional investment.
Autodesk Lustre
Accelerated by the high-performance image processor, the best color grading tools,
used in color division face every day film and television projects.
Autodesk MapGuide Enterprise
Using Autodesk ? MapServer Enterprise coverage and the value of spatial information
in order to integrate data, develop new applications, and wide dissemination of spatial
Autodesk MapGuide Studio
Management of all the Internet to collect and organize geospatial data, and quickly
create space applications.
Autodesk Maya
Using 64-bit and multi-core technology design a new template tools, texture
enhancement and work processes can create exciting 3D effects to meet the product
Autodesk MotionBuilder
The most advanced generation of 3D character animation tool kit, including many
real-time tools to make your most challenging competent, extremely heavy animation
Autodesk Productstream
Through the organization, management, automation of key design and release
management processes to speed up the development cycle to optimize
company's investment in design data.
Autodesk Showcase
Expected to be achieved to promote the idea, the idea is to use 3D design data from
real images have both an introduction and re-visit the design environment.
Autodesk SketchBook Pro
For the use of Tablet PCs in any location or Wacom tablet to sketch, add notes or
visual display of what you think.
Autodesk Smoke
Integration for SD, HD, 2K and higher film editing system.
Autodesk Stone Direct
High-resolution real-time access to the media for high-speed Fibre Channel-based
storage solutions.
Autodesk Toxik
Used in film production, interactive collaborative process synthesis solutions.
Autodesk Wire
Through TCP / IP high-speed data transmission media network solutions.
Autodesk World of DWF (DWF Writer)
No matter what you use design tools, can be safe to share your DWF file format
two-dimensional and three-dimensional data.
mental ray
Autodesk 3D products can be used independently with the use of industry-leading
rendering tools.
Revit Architecture
Building information modeling software created for specific purposes, so that your
ideas a reality, you can easily create or design and effectively transfer files.
Revit MEP
Documentation for construction and building information modeling software for MEP
engineers a better idea of the presentation.
[Edit this section] Awards
Cadalyst Magazine awarded the 1999 All-Star Award
Cadence magazine's editor in 1999 won the Best Choice Award
China won the 1999 "Computer World" magazine Product of
the Year Award
Won the Czech media voted the best design software award
Invex'99 Diamond Eye Award
Cadence Magazine 1998 Product of the Year award award
1997 won the PC Magazine editor's choice award
Autodesk Inventor
1999 Cadence magazine won editor's choice award
In 1999 the center was awarded to the performance evaluation of the performance of
the design team to support award
flame, inferno, and edit
1999 won the Film Academy of Science and Engineering Award, in recognition of the
impact of the film industry and its role in promoting
1999 edit 5.0 DCC won the magazine's NAB99 Triad Award
Winners 1996-1998 Film Academy used flame and inferno won the award for Best
Visual Effects
3D Studio MAX
Animation Magazine Awards won in 1999
1999 won the "Internet Eye" magazine editor's
choice award
1999 won the Maximum PC Kick Ass Award
1999 won the British Computer Art Computer Art Star Award
1999 won the AV video and multimedia producer Platinum Award
3D Studio VIZ
Cadence magazine's editor in 1999 won the Best Choice Award
Cadalyst Magazine awarded 1998 Technology Leadership Award
Buzzsaw (now the construction collaboration services company)
2000 to included in its annual "Best of the
Web," Journal
2000 Upside magazine included "the most popular of 100
private companies"
2000 San Jose Mercury News to as the best-funded Bay Area, one of
the emerging
2000 commercial buildings to commercial contractors as the preferred site
2001 Engineering News-Record (ENR) as the Buzzsaw project management and
collaboration services leader company
2000 won the "Computer World" magazine's
"Best of the inaugural IT Company"
1999 won the "working mother" magazine's
"100 Best Companies office," one of the
In 1998 won the "happiness" magazine's
"Best of the inaugural IT Company"
[Edit this paragraph] body distribution
Headquarters: San Rafael, California
24 offices in the United States
66 international offices
15 R & D centers:
United States
California Alameda
San Diego, California
San Francisco, California
San Rafael, California
Tualatin Oregon
Miami Novi
Manchester, New Hampshire
Ithaca, New York
Neuchatel, Switzerland
Tokyo, Japan
Singapore Singapore City
Guildford United Kingdom
Montreal, Canada
Calgary, Canada
Ottawa, Canada
[Edit this paragraph] business
Design Solutions Division:
For engineers, mechanical engineers, architects, surveyors and civil officers of the
department of software development from the three sales AECAD, MCAD, and PSG
merged into a unified design tool sector, including low-end designs.
Discreet Division:
Five key digital content creation market services, that is visual effects and animation,
editing, production, game development and 3D design visualization.
Autodesk Building Collaboration Services Division:
Autodesk Building Collaboration Services to provide customers with data
management tools to further improve the efficiency of the building process. It offers
four flexible, easy to use project collaboration and print management solutions for
design, construction, asset management and print process to get in touch with the
project team to save valuable time and money.
Geographic Information Systems Division:
Expand the scope of services, focusing on development tools and asset management
business mapping applications for municipal, communications and public utilities
services, logistics and operations departments.
Autodesk Location Services Division:
Provide development platforms and point of location applications, mobile workers to
improve productivity and convenience. The department will use the Autodesk
geospatial data management expertise, to create a platform for location-based
Autodesk Ventures Division:
Actively develop the expertise of the Autodesk design derived significant new
business, and provide venture capital to bring into full play by the new Internet
business models and growth of the market.
[Edit this section] Autodesk Software Co., Ltd. 【China】
Autodesk Software (China) Co., Ltd. was established in 1994, is headquartered in
Currently, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan and Hong Kong offices.
In 2003, Autodesk Application Development Center (CADC) was established in
Shanghai; early in 2008, Autodesk completed the acquisition of Chinese
company's global strategy, and Hanna and CADC Chinese companies to
form the world's largest Autodesk R & D Center - Autodesk
China Research Institute (ACRD). Currently, Autodesk employs 1,600 people in
China, including the ACRD's 1500 R & D engineers.
Over the past ten years, Autodesk has not only spared no effort will be the most
advanced products, technologies and ideas into China, and help the development of
China's domestic software industry, also used the industry-leading insight
and complete software solutions to help China's construction ,
manufacturing, construction and media and entertainment industry customers to break
the stereotypes innovation.
Today, Autodesk's customers throughout the country, Autodesk are
working together with many local partners, helping all walks of life to achieve
business model transformation of Chinese users in the rapidly developing Chinese
market to gain competitive advantage.

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