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Spring Festival this year, costing 100 million U.S. dollars in the epic blockbuster
"Australia" shown in the Mainland. The film actor, 2008
"the world's sexiest man" Hugh. Jackman will be in
the February Academy Awards on the play over. The Australian actor who, the perfect
combination of low-key charm of the Australian and British stage actor in the noble
qualities, and he is likely to save the Oscar show's ratings have plummeted.
Oscar is no free dinner, give you some, will for certain. This is, in the rest. Jackman
who never apply.
The         director       Baz.       Grumman's           epic       blockbuster
"Australia", he told Nicole. Kidman partner across the entire
continent of Australia. Most recently, he was invited to the 81st Academy Awards
played host. These two identities, on the break. Jackman, the mixed. The joy is that he
will stage this year's Oscar brightest star; worry is that this chair is equal to
the task of declaring he is "Australia" in death-defying starred
in the role of the actor is not possible to get nominated. Of course, Sean. Pan, Mickey.
Locke, Brad. Pitt and Leonardo. DiCaprio, this is good news, because they did not
have less war opponents.
Oscar show producers of this decision, at first glance seems somewhat puzzled, after
all, Hugh. Jackman not only gave the comedian jokes constantly, not in the traditional
sense of the Hollywood star, or a foreigner. But if you know him, you will know only
use Jackman Academy Awards this year may be the most wonderful idea. Perhaps the
Australians really possible to save the Oscar show's ratings have
In Hollywood, Hugh. Jackman's "nice" reputation
carries far. In "source of true love" with him in the British
actress Rachel. Weisz generously in kind words to describe him, called him
"the god of sexy," "he so beautiful, but it is also a bit
less courteous gentleman. "To Buzz. Grumman's"
Australia ", he weight 91 pounds, became the film that travel-stained, dark,
waving cowboy whip. Next, he in turn put on muscular men dressed in
"X-Men" prequel to continue to play sexy in
Weekdays, the Jackman down to earth, not arrogant, big stars do not send in his body,
the perfect combination of a low-key charm of Australian and British stage actor in
the noble qualities. Spoke, He spoke quickly, often quoted Shakespeare's
famous, like self-reflection.
Who have given up Hollywood Broadway
As an actor, Jackman was amazing wealth of talent. General audiences know him as
"X-Men" in "Wolverine"; familiar with
his talent to know, from Australia to London speech, he the protagonist of the musical
stage, had starred in "Beauty and the Beast," "Date
off the road. " In 1998, he starred as the musical "Oklahoma!
"Won the Lawrence. Olivier Award nomination. Six years later, he was
with Broadway musical "The Boy from Oz" won a Tony Award
trophy, then, for three consecutive years he served as host of Tony Awards ceremony.
This is also the organizer for the future Oscar awards show host was selected as the
"A good many years, I have kind of a strange feeling that my career as an
actor is a force to be dragged along for." Interview, Jackman talked about
his acting way out of hand made One pulled the reins of the movement, "I
tried holding on, this feeling is very interesting, very exciting, and very hysterical, but
how to go down this road, it is not controlled by me." "from Oz
Boys "became the turning point in his career," because this is a
risky move, I am not hundred percent sure I'm qualified for this role
(Jackman portrayed a gay music singer-songwriter Peter Australia. Allen), But I
would like to play very well the role of the impulse, the result I was successful.
However, the musical starred occupied too much time, many people advised him not
worth giving up Hollywood to Broadway. "In the film industry the best of
times, suddenly left the big screen, to perform on stage for 18 months, the actor my
age is really asking too much. You know, just more than 30 years of age is the best
young actor , while a few years to maintain this good time. "Jackman said,
however, he decided to order a gambling Bo. Fortunately, the return is a huge bet. In
addition to Tony Award, several film directors are therefore saw his potential, he
dished out to the Hydrangea. The first one is "Requiem Dream"
director Darren. Elunnuofu Wieniawski, he invited Jackman replacement schedule
problems due to out of Brad. Pitt, starred in the sci-fi epic, large, "the
source of true love" "Darren looked at," the boy from
Oz ", then invited me to play the male lead in his new film. Woody. Ellen.
Later, it was Christopher. Nolan." Woody. Allen invited In his
"exclusive" in the beauty Scarlett partner. Johnson has a hidden
secret of the wealthy star son, from Britain to Hollywood Christopher. Nolan
("Batman 5,6") are invited to Jackman in " Prestige
"with Christian. Bell Biao play.
This series of dramas, let him become a darling of art theaters. Can truly Jackman red
up on the big screen, in fact, or "X-Men" in
"Wolverine" corner. However, in the Broadway stage, wearing
tight leather pants suddenly see Jackman and flower shirt, a new image of feminine
behavior, "X-Men" fans will certainly puzzled, but the gay
community was greatly respected. "I never thought to take care of what a
particular audience." Jackman said. He also revealed that the first round in
the play was over, "the boy from Oz", many people have started
to speculate that his sexual orientation, "This is my wife (actress Deborah.
Lee. Fuennisi) Tell me. she often heard a small group discussion, 'he in the
end is not (gay)?' encounter such a situation, she was always on the go and
cried, saying, 'He is not!' "Here, Jackman could not
help laughing, "I'd see this as a compliment to me - seems I play
Debu too!"
"Australia": the Butler added Eastwood
While Jackman to play gay music image has been recognized, but the senior was 20th
Century Fox to give him find a new big screen image positioning - wanted him to be
similar to the young Clint. Eastwood cowboy, as the British Gas , ride in the
Australian wilderness, like "Gone with the Wind," the Butler
did, macho conquest Nicole. Kidman.
"Australia" cost 100 million U.S. dollars, is the largest
investment in Australian film history, this shall be a generous, quickly re-Jackman on
the big screen to retrieve the status of the actor. Film, Jackman's
appearance is symbolic - Nicole. Kidman plays an English aristocrat who went to
Australia for a woman alone in the wilderness up the inheritance, she first met a face
Hu ballast, raunchy animal traffickers, side of the big mouth to drink, while casually
told her some of her luggage had been a calamity. "Welcome to
Australia!" Jackman threw a greeting.
Such a rough outline of the guy, man of few words, all ideas are expressed through
action - this may be the most bloody career Jackman's role, the Department
in which he had never had so many action films play yard. "Script that, at
this cattle traders may be of the greatest jockeys." Jackman said this, he
was in Texas with the most experienced local cowboy riding school. Nevertheless, the
movie started shooting, we should hurry to 1500 animals in Australia approached the
vast grassland in northwest line, to him, is still a huge challenge. In that environment,
just like leaving the earth, came to Mars. Temperatures as high as 40 degrees Celsius
during the day, rare floods destroyed Studios, leading to the repeated postponement of
filming. During filming, Jackman's car side of the river, actually a
crocodile infested. But worth the trouble, eventually, "Australia"
became the Australian film industry in 2008, the most important events. In the United
States, "talk show queen" Oprah. Winfrey to dedicate an entire
film on the program and the program said, "I am not so looking forward to
a long movie!"
Jackman's native Australia in the film's premiere is a big way,
Sydney or even a local critic wrote: "This is since the 2000 Sydney
Olympics, the city's largest events occurred." To this film,
Australia Tourism investment 10 million U.S. dollars, hoping thus to promote the
development of tourism in the country. More and more mission and meaning have
been given the film, Jackman is feeling the pressure?
"I have been very strict on their own, and I stress all from me. So, on this
issue, I can only give a negative answer. As an actor, the spirit of self-esteem brought
a lot of pressure, I think, What should be clear where they come from anxiety. Why
feel the pressure? I really was afraid of his performance live up to the Tourism
Australia or the Australian film industry's confidence, or fear of my
performance I am sorry I am? "he paused and said, Perhaps he was afraid
to live up to the director Baz. Grumman trust, of course, a more powerful, the actors
are anxious, he laughed and said, "I fear that people will eventually find
that I just came from Tuvalu Virginia's country baby! "
The countryside from Waluniya baby
Jackman grew up in Sydney's northern suburbs Waluniya of a middle class
family, he was the youngest of five children. His parents are British, the year before
his birth, his family emigrated to Australia. His father Chris on the ground when the
accounting, his mother Grace has been unable to adapt to new environments, giving
birth to Hugh. Jackman appeared in post-natal depression after only a child by his
godparents care. 8 years old, his mother finally could no longer endure life in
Australia returned to England, this young Hugh. Jackman is undoubtedly bolt from
the blue. Chris. Jackman said that Grace does not have any signs before walking, so
she suddenly gone, "leaving only a letter and five broken-hearted
"Later, many years, I firmly believe she will come back."
Jackman said here suddenly became very silent, "I am sure, those days
plastic has become my character in a lot of things now, but I do not want to stress my
childhood pain, or so I looked very sad childhood. "Now, he and his four
brothers and sisters live in London, and his mother had ironed out. 14 years old,
Jackman for the first time to England to visit her mother, that is, at that time, his love
of theater began to grow.
Throughout my youth, Jackman most objectionable is the mother of sympathy from
fellow students, his best hope is to live a normal life, try not to be particularly
heterogeneous. He read the best local Knox Grammar School, is all excellent students,
outstanding sports achievements, but also a small star in the school theater, and later
became head of the troupe. His father was his best spiritual growth process model,
"I heard him say bad things about any one person, including my mother. I
really admire him that."
Later, Jackman University of Technology Sydney study into journalism after
graduation, he decided to join the show business. That was in 1991, he came to Perth
in Western Australia Performing Arts Academy. "That may be the happiest
of my life for three years." He said, "We performed
Shakespeare and learn song and dance." Where he portrayed himself on
stage and be well versed in the versatile screen.
First few years, relied Jackman to play a clown at the birthday party to make money
to make a living so the living, sometimes in restaurants or gas stations working, until
he show his face on television. That was in 1995, he was 27 years old, in prison,
television drama, "Colelli" devoted his screen debut. Also
because of the drama, he met 13-year-old than he actress Deborah. Li. Fuennisi later
she became his wife. Deborah Jackman's talent is clear, in order to help his
career, gave up her own career.
"Debbie had a tough time." Jackman talking about his wife will
face sank, "When we first arrived in Hollywood, she is always ignored.
Female fans rushing to me when, with her by my side always be squeeze to open, and
knocked all the way. "He sighed softly," I is not easy to adapt to
Hollywood, I once could not understand why I attract so much attention to the eyes.
From 2000 to 2004, Jackman was named each year, "People"
magazine "50 most beautiful people in the world," the list.
However, now he still flow freely walk the streets of New York or London, even if it
is true in Sydney - his number one but the local star, yes the city are most concerned
about the paparazzi target. "But I am boring." He shrugged and
said, "no scandal to be tapped."
This is mainly the result of 12 years, he and Debbie rock-solid marriage. Jackman said
they fell in love is love at first sight, "as if struck by lightning. The first
second I knew that my wife Debbie." He said. Married, Debbie set the
so-called "two-week rule" - requiring them to separate more
than 14 days may not. "She had seen too many insiders of the marriage
shall not hospice, the main reason lies in the shooting outside year round."
He said, "In marriage, the 'distance' can not have
This provides for Jackman couple lived a "guerrilla"-like life.
They lived a few years later in Sydney, but also because of their work to move to
London and New York life, back to Sydney after living for two years, then moved
back to New York late last year. "Our rule is very simple life, marriage is
the prime consideration of all issues. On a good thing for our family, we do. Instead,
we will not do."
The couple's biggest regret is unable to have their own children. The screen
is "the god of sexy" in life, Jackman has had to face the reality
of his infertility. The couple tried many ways, in the United Kingdom and Australia
have received in vitro fertilization, but without success. He said that part of the
process is very painful, "Debbie also miscarried several times."
Then they decided to adopt, so clouds are cleared and see the blue sky of life. Now
they and a pair of adopted son daughter live together, were 8-year-old Oscar and
3-year-old Eva.
Jackman is a good father, he lives for the two children from his star aura to the effects
of worry. "I am a child has been very frank, I told Oscar, people like me
play the movie, so I want to know what it was like in everyday life, they do not really
love me. Love is between you and me This feeling will not change with the passage of
time. and my fans interested in me, is my reputation and those colorful magazines
interested in, those are bound to change, is not true. "
Jackman's weak attitude of the fame and fortune so that he kept a cool head.
He never imagine, "Australia" for his popularity can bring this
unit until 2009, so he had to focus on betting to the film - and that is
"X-Men" prequel "Wolverine," he not
only title role, but also myself as producer. For this film, every day, and fitness, get up
every morning run 4:00, eat every three hours time, effect is very significant - 1 meter
tall and 89 of Jackman, created a walk where they will help to Ms. crazy perfect body.
After a media interview, the photographer take a group for Jackman large.
Photographs, he not shy in front of a shirt button ready to change clothes, the moves,
even the stylists are all stunned and mouth open bus. A similar scene in
"Australia" has also appeared in one scene the play - may be the
scene of the film's most interesting play - says he showers naked upper
body, dark skin and strong muscles in the looming bubble in the lens immediately
switch to stand by and watch this scene of Nicole. Kidman's face, she
stared in astonishment. When the film screening, this scene could not help the
collective audience applauded.
"To block a cover curtains cover it?" Photographer looked ready
to take pictures in front row wearing head Jackman, asked. At this time a corner has
been stripping off shorts Jackman, very indifferent shook his head,
"Nothing, I casually where Trousers dropping all right, I'm a
former stage!"
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